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Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora Nail Polish

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Formulated with 3-in-1 nail technology, Rimmel London’s 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora Nail Polish dries quickly and comes in fun, festival-themed shades. With a self-adapting base coat and glossy topcoat, the anti-chip polish applies in one stroke and dries within 60 seconds.

Available in 13 shades.


Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora Nail Polish


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I got this in blue and coral. Not to bad for an affordable nail polish. I always do 2 coats and they are enough for opacity. They last on average as all other nail polishes on me about 3 days without chipping.  I like them a lot  as they do not dry my nails out as most polishes do. So can wear them back to back for couple of weeks. I get them 1/2 price at CW. And really surprised that longevity and colour pay off is compatible with opi. No fromaldehyde in the formula either, so this is great! As that ing. makes my fingers break in ezcema. That is why I have to avoid some base coats (like from opi). I use this Rimmel polish without base coat.
I've got this nail polish in 905 Girl in grey shade and absolutely love it. It really just takes one coat to achieve great coverage and perfect pigment. Love the brush that provides easy streak free application and gotta love the finish of this polish - shiny and and superb without any top coat. It dries up much quicker than most polishes but not in 60 seconds, I feel - but no longer than 2 minutes either so that's good enough. Best part is, it really stay for days without starting to chip. Worth every penny spent on it.
I love the 60 Seconds By Rita Ora from Rimmel series of nail polishes for their great colour range and their affordability. I have these nail polishes in a number of shades and I tend to pick up new ones whenever there is a sale on Rimmel products. I find that they dry quickly and will not chip for 2-3 days at least and this is without a top coat. Add a top coat and their lasting power is extended up to one week, which is an amazing result considering how low the cost of these is. I really like the cute little bottle as I think I actually will use most of the polish before it starts to thicken and dry out. The brush in these nail polishes is a great shape and size for quick and precise application. I would recommend applying two coats of this polish as I do find them to be a bit on the runny side, but with two coats it colours will look bright and smooth.
i love this fun nail polish and bought it for a young niece as a treat. The colours are fantastic, the polish itself is good quality, it lasted well without chipping. Fun colours, a great price point so I could afford to buy several. I recommend applying two coats to make it last longer, it dries quickly, a great product I would recommend
I love these! I find the size of the bottle quite good because it is not too small but yet isn't such a huge bottle that it would go to waste because I can't finish it in time. I do wish that they have more shimmery colors because it is so lovely and smooth to apply. The color is not completely opaque so I can see my natural nail peaking through slightly but the finish is gorgeous! It drys down rather quickly and I can easily mix and match it with other nail products. They also stay on my nails for a long time, 7 days straight, without chipping. That, for me is why I love it so much so I can apply and not worry that it will chip after a day. The price is really affordable too.
Favorite nail polishes from Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine! Stick on nails for 7-10 days, especially when top top coat from Rimmel for gel nail polish step 2. Look beautiful on nails and Shine. The colors that I like: Naked Class, Chic in Chelsea, Ring a Ring O'Roses, Fit for a Princess, Let's Get Nude, White hot love
This nail polish is a lot smaller than other brands (OPI, Manicare, Sally Hansen), but I find ita good size because you're likely to finish it before it dries up or you need to throw it out. Because it is smaller, the brush applicator is smaller too. It claims to be a 3-in-1, a base, color and top coat. When applying one coat, the polish dries within 30 seconds but I don’t find enough pigment in one coat and I also find there is a need for a clear base coat for durability. I also use a separate top coat so it is less likely to chip. The idea of having 3-in-1 is great but they need to perfect the formula first.   But for the price point, I am very happy with this polish and don’t mind using other products before and after it to get better results.   By itself, it lasts approx 4 days before chipping, with a base and top coat, it lasts well over a week. I find that with the smaller application brush, you can also be more precise. I would purchase other colors and continue to use this.   Pros -nice shades -affordable   Cons -need to use other products in conjunction   I recommend this to everyone who likes to wear nail polish and it is especially great for beginners due to the small precise application brush. It is also very competitively priced.
I love nail polishes and I love collecting them. I've tried alot of different brands and Rimmel is my go to brand for cheap and cheerful nail polishes. They always have great quality nail polishes at an affordable price and lots of different and pretty shades for you to choose from. Rimmel's 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora nail polishes are really nice. The nail polishes come in a cute 8ml bottle with a nice standard brush that isn't too big or too small and makes applying the polish easy. I really like the colour range. They come in 13 different shades to suit everyone's different taste and the colours are really vibrant and gorgeous and perfect for brightening up your nails. They also have funny and cute names like 'roll in the grass' and 'rain rain go away'. My favourite shade is 'port-a-loo-blue'. I found the quality of the nail polish to be good. The consistency is thin so I apply 2 to 3 coats for a deep and rich colour. The nail polish glides on easily and smoothly and with practice you can get a professional look just like at the salon. The nail polish dries quickly, takes about 2 minutes and has a really nice shine to it. I usually apply a top coat to make the polish last longer without chipping. The nail polish contains argan oil to moisturise your nails and keep them from drying out and also is formulated with a base coat and top coat so would actually save you time. Before I apply the nail polish, I make sure my nails are clean. I apply a little nail polish remover on my nails, to remove any oil or dirt/dust and then wash and dry my hands. Another great tip is to roll the bottle in the palm of your hands instead of shaking it. Shaking can cause air bubbles which shows up when your nail polish is drying and ruin the finish. I would recommend this nail polish to anyone who likes fun and affordable nail polishes.
Whenever I wear this bright and glossy nail polish heads turn and I recieve countless compliments! The shade Bestival Blue is an incredibly unique shade, I've never found a more complimenting and wearable blue before. I can best describe it as a baby blue with hints of lylac, very complimentary on darker and fairer skin tones alike. For best results I recommend applying a good 2-3 coats, and once dry apply a high qaulity top coat to really prolong your nails beauty! The nail polish isn't the fastest drying, so be careful to let it dry, or it WILL smudge  (happens to me all the time). Give yourself plenty of time to apply this, so i recommend not putting it on right before you have to be somewhere. Beauty takes time! I found this nail polish will not chip for days and days, it really lasts even with lots of dishwashing and gardening. I'm guilty of even leaving this polish on for a week or two because it continues to look glossy and perfect! I initially purchased this polish because it was very cheap, and helped me stick to the budget, however despite the low price the qaulity is honestly on par with the top shelf nail polishes on the market. Whilst the nail polish bottle is quite small, it lasts and lasts even with frequent use, so dont be discouraged by the small size. It wont disappoint, perfect for beauty pro's and beginners alike.
I love giving myself manicures and this Rimmel (Rita Ora range) Bestival Blue is gorgeous. It adds a pop to any outfit, the pigment is strong and just such a fun colour! Of all my nail polishes I always come back to this one! I gave it 4 stars as although the product information suggests anti-chip etc I find you still need to add a clear coat and it does still chip, but for the price it's fantastic and it's an on trend colour!