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Rimmel London BB Cream Radiance

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Rimmel London BB Cream Radiance is a daily face moisturiser that offers nine-in-one skin-perfecting benefits. It helps prime, conceal, minimise the appearance of pores, illuminate and keep skin hydrated throughout the day and is enriched with vitamin C complex to naturally brighten skin. Also provides SPF 20 sun protection. 

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London BB Cream Radiance


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This bb cream is great! I have been searching for a bb cream with sun protection that is lightweight for ages. It gives my skin a subtle, natural glow that is perfect for daytime wear. The only problem is that I have to mix in some moisturizer to lighten it as it the light colour is still to dark for my skin but that is regular problem for me.
I never would have purchased  Rimmel London BB Cream Radiance because over the years I have become a cosmetics brand snob. When it arrived in "The Parcel" I reluctantly used it  and I expected to get a rash.  Boy was I wrong, it is amazing! I've been wearing expensive foundation for years and I have been wasting my money . This BB cream gives me great coverage and I can reapply and it still has a beautiful consistency. It goes on like a dream, stays on all day , great coverage , SPF 20, still no rash and I am on my 4th tube ! This has changed my whole outlook on cosmetics and how much I have to spend to get a fabulous product!
Let me start by saying I generally love Rimmel products. High quality makeup at an affordable price.  This BB cream however was definitely not for me.  I had this in the medium shade which on application was a little dark but not too bad.  Comes in a little plastic tube with a screw off lid and is very very rich and creamy textured.  I found it quite heavy feeling on my skin and hard to blend and it never really absorbed properly.  After about an hour or two of wear it literally just started sliding off my skin! Not only that but the color had now gone orange-ish!  The idea is great and would be so time saving if this product works for you. Also has some fantastic beneficial ingredients. Shame it just does not work at all for me
I am usually a huge Rimmel fan (their eyeliners are absolutely top notch) but I was sorely disappointed with this offering. I am a huge BB cream fan as I find that they offer the concealing and moisturising benefits of a foundation, but are much lighter and easier to use on the go. This particular BB cream was advertised as having nine-in-one skin perfecting benefits, enriched with vit C as well as SPF, so I was keen to try it out! There wasn't any strong detectable scents, which was good, but it was very very thick, and it didn't go on my skin as smoothly as I had hoped. I also found that unlike many other BB creams, this one didn't blend into my skin very well, even though I had used it sparingly. Perhaps this was due to the fact that the Light shade was too light for my skin, and the Medium shade (which I used) was too dark, so there was a noticeable difference that made the BB cream stand out on my skin. The product actually started to pill as I tried to blend it out, which was very unattractive. It definately did not feel light weight, though it did do a good job of covering pores/blemishes (due to how thick the product is). I also found that the thickness of the product also made my skin super oily and greasy, after just a couple of hours. Really disappointed with Rimmel's offering on this one. I tossed out the tube straight away. Not recommended at all. 
I really struggle finding good BB creams as i find many end up being thick and heavy even though they area light coverage, it feels as though I am applying sunscreen with a lot of them, which is not what I'm after!   Unfortunately, this BB cream from Rimmel seemed to fit into this category as well. The formula seemed quite thick and gloopy when you apply it, though it does blend easily. It gives a very light coverage, which is fine for a BB cream, but it won't cover any blemishes and it is not buildable as it easily becomes cakey. Saying this it does seem to even out skin tone slightly. I did find that it brightened my skin tone after the product had set into my skin giving me healthier glowing skin. I will say that when applying this BB cream I found there to be quite a strong scent, which though it disappeared a while after application, may be offputting to some.   The wear time on this product is disappointing as I found it would only last 2-3 hours before fading and becoming patchy. Also my face would become shiny and greasy after wearing it for a while, even when I set it with a powder.   I definitely wouldn't recommend this BB cream as I feel it would not be good for oily skin as my own normal complexion felt greasy after only an hour or so after application and for dry skin I definitely feel there are better products which aren't as thick and cakey.  
Rimmel is one of my favourite cheaper makeup brands, and their products are really good quality and always seem to do what they say they will. I got this bb cream in the lightest shade, it wasn't a perfect match for my skin tone but as it's just a bb cream, not a foundation, I can get away with it. It blended fairly well, only slight coverage but enough without needing foundation, and it did give a luminous glow and sun protection as stated on the tube. It only gets 3 stars as the colour match isn't perfect, and if you have acne or anything that needs serious coverage, this is not the product for you. However, it's still a good brand, works and is cheap so I'm still happy.