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Rimmel London BB Cream SPF 25

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Rimmel London BB Cream SPF 25 is a daily face moisturiser that offers nine-in-one skin perfecting benefits. The BB cream helps prime, moisturise, conceal, minimise pores, brighten, mattify and improve skin complexion, and provide SPF 25 protection from sun damage. 

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London BB Cream SPF 25


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I was really excited when I first bought this BB cream, on first impressions I loved it so much that I raved to my best friend so much that she went out and bought it too. After a few more days of wear I was so confused how I came to love it so much in the beginning because it ended up performing pretty terrible for me. Just for reference I have dry skin. Rimmel London is great as it is produced in the UK, where alot of the target demographic is fair skinned ladies, so the shade 'light' was the perfect match for me, which I think was why my best friend and I loved it so much at the beginning. Its really affordable and easily accessible, with many chemists and stores stocking the brand in Australia. Another great aspect of this product is the SPF, which isn't a super high rating at 25, but it's high enough that its going to provide protection for me going about my daily activities. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make this work for me in the long term, it felt really thick on my skin and it applied really unevenly, which made my face look blotchy and patchy. I couldn't find a technique of application that didn't make me look streaky either, and I tried my fingers, beauty blender and brush. I don't expect too much coverage from a BB cream, but when I did attempt to layer it for extra coverage it took off the first layer as I applied the second, so it doesn't layer well either. At minimum BB creams should be able to give the illusion of a more evened out complexion and this product unfortunately did not meet even my most basic requirement. I didn't find that it lasted very well throughout the day and wore off unevenly. Needless to say I ended up throwing this product out about a month after I first purchased it, it just missed the mark for me. I much prefer my Garnier BB cream.
I fell in love with a BB Cream from another brand, but when I saw this one on a 40% off sale at Big W, I figured, what the heck?  Unfortunately, this BB cream was just completely mismatched to my skin type and my needs. My skin is as "combination" as they come. The skin around my nose is always dry, and sometime I have dry patches around my mouth and eyes too, and yet the rest if my t-zone, forehead and chin can almost provide enough oil and shine to help a friend touch up her lipstick in its reflection. Maybe the particular product I received was just a little dodgy, but even after shaking it with as much vigor as I do my Sunday pancake batter, when I squeezed out some product there was a clear separation of an oily like liquid and the colour foundation. I mixed the two different substances together and applied, and although I was at first quite happy with the application, in just a short while I could notice that the coverage was wearing quickly and I was left with odd patches of coverage here and there. Also, I found the particular tone, medium, far too yellow for me, even though I tend to prefer coverage with yellow undertones as it helps to minimise any redness. All things considered, I would not repurchase this for me, but I do believe that my skin was just a total mismatch for this product to work for me. I think it was the oiliness in my skin that caused the patchiness to occur, and so I think this could be suitable for someone with dry or normal skin to achieve better results.
The Rimmel London BB Cream is one of best, inexpensive BB creams I have used! I have combination-dry skin and this BB cream suited my skin perfectly without being too oily or matte. The medium shade suits my skin the most, even though I would usually pick a light shade with most other BB creams. I find the medium shade adds a nice natural glow, without looking too orange or ashy. I apply this product after my daily SPF moisturiser, especially on days when I just want a natural, no-makeup look or if I'm in a rush and want a quick yet effective all-in-one base. If I'm not in a hurry I prefer to apply this BB cream with a foundation brush, as I find it looks streak-free and provides more even, yet luminous coverage when applied with a good foundation brush. The texture is creamy, yet slightly mousse like and it' blends really well on my skin, without being too sheer or heavy like various BB creams I've tried. I find it provides just the right amount of natural coverage to cover my imperfections and dark spots, and lasts pretty well throughout the day. I don't find it dries matte on my complexion, but still looks a bit dewy, so I generally wouldn't recommend this BB cream for very oily or acne-prone skin types. I also really like the fact that it provides SPF protection which is always a bonus! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a quick, fuss-free base that creates a natural, no-makeup look yet helps hide imperfections reasonably well. PROS: - Inexpensive - Tube packaging, makes it great for travel  - Natural coverage; not too heavy or sheer - Added SPF protection  CONS: - Limited range or choice of shades available
Rimmel BB creme is a perfect lightweight creme worn alone or with foundation for more coverage. Used alone it is great for a natural finish whilst still giving you confidence of concealing blemishes or darkness beneath eyes. A small amount goes a long way,  for a long lasting and affordable product. Highly recommend.
This is a smooth to apply and very easy to blend BB cream. Its perfect for when I have no time in the mornings and I apply my moisturiser and then this BB cream and I'm ready to go. It blends well and doesn't dry or look cakey on my skin. It also doesn't go into my fine lines and doesn't make my fine lines look more prominent. It is SPF25 and I know that I am protected against the sun while this BB cream keeps my skin looking and feeling soft and supple. It gives my skin a soft glow and lasts all day long. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a light coverage BB cream for everyday use to keep your skin looking silky smooth and pretty.
I've been searching for a BB Cream for the days that I don't feel like putting too much time and effort into my make-up routine. My local pharmacy had this on sale for $5, so I had to give it a try. I've tried applying with my fingers, a beauty blender, and a foundation brush and the best result is with the foundation brush. It really does a lot for evening out my skin tone while still maintaining a natural look overall.  I have combination skin and this doesn't make me oily at all. To go for an all day/night look - I apply the BB Cream underneath my regular foundation that I apply with a beauty blender.   For the price and durability - I love this product and glad I took the chance on a brand I've never used before.
I bought this mainly because it has SPF 25 and was looking for a day to day base with sun protection. Unfortunately I found it didn't seem to sit well with some other skincare products I was using and would sometime "pill" or "ballup" on my skin which was not cool. On the days this didn't happen it was great as a light coverage foundation and actually a pretty good match to my skin tone. Not sure I would describe it as a super makeup though, and not really great for concealing if you have a bit to cover. If you want a basic, no fuss, light coverage with SPF then this will do the job as long as you're not using too much underneath it!