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Rimmel London Brow Pomade is a brow crayon that can be used to create full yet natural-looking brows. The creamy formula is fade-, transfer-, smudge- and waterproof and lasts for up to 24 hours. The crayon can be sharpened for a more precise application.
Available in three shades.


Rimmel London Brow Pomade


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Rimmel London Brow Pomade is an absolute;y fabulous product from Rimmel.   The product comes as a thick crayon and comes in 3 shades.  My shade is 001, Blonde.  It's the lightest shade and would suit people with fairer skins.  Although my brows are quite dark, if I use  the darker shades, they look too dark against my fair skin, so always choose a shade that matches your skin tone.   The crayon  is super easy to use, and provides the best colour and shape.  If you want more colour or deeper definition, keep reapplying the product until you get the intensity you want.    I find it best to brush your brows after you have applied the crayon, and this makes your brows look professional, well styled and well defined.  The crayon is super easy to use, and works better if you keep  it sharpened.   Look around at your pharmacy, and look for a larger sharpener, the normal sized one will not be big enough.    The colour lasts all day until you wash it off, and is super easy to remove with your cleanser.    The crayon fills in gaps if you a little sparse in areas and looks natural, and your brows will be very well groomed. PRO's Amazing price, this product is the bargain of the century Fabulous colour, defines and contours the brows Easy to use and build up to the desired level of colour intensity I love this crayon, if I had to choose one beauty product  alone to take on a deserted island, then this product would be it.  It makes your look great in seconds, and even if you don't have time to apply too many other makeup products, this product is my standout product because it gives your face definition immediately.
This is a great brow pencil for everyday use. It is a chunky size so it took me a few tries to get used to it. The formula is light and creamy and allows for easy application. The shade can be built upon for darker intensity. The colour lasts the entire day so I don't worry about smudging or fading. This brow pencil is a dependable staple in my makeup bag since it is works well to give me natural looking brows.  Pros: Low priced Good colour shades Doesn't smudge or rub off  Cons: Use a light hand to apply and then build up on the depth of colour Recommendation: This affordable brow pencil from Rimmel would suit anyone who wants an everyday brow pencil that works without fail. 
Love this product!!  The formula is super creamy and easy to apply ! The chunky style pencil makes it easy to do your brows quickly and evenly so great for beginners or people that are time shy. The product is long lasting and stays on all day !  Super natural look to this product but can be built up for a more bold effect. Only con is that it’s sometimes hard to sharpen!  A must have product in every makeup bag ! 
Rimmel London Brow Pomade 003 DARK is an efficient way to swiftly enhance my eyebrows with little room for error. The thickness of the crayon makes it easy to apply so there are no harsh definite lines. Being a crayon it can plaster your brows down which is not what I am after so I apply using feather like strokes going against the direction of the hair growth. This adds colour to my skin and fluffs my brows up perfectly. I am always happy with the end result.  Pros: *I wear glasses so the chubby end makes it easy to apply *Looks natural *Lasts all day but is easy to remove *Silky smooth CONS: *You need to sharpen I would recommend Rimmel London Brow Pomade 003 DARK to my family and friends.
This is a great brow product. I tend to have sparser brows and like a more defined look that is still natural. This chunky little crayon is great for filling in brows for a nice natural look and is so quick and easy to use. The consistency is so creamy and it lasts all day without smudging or coming off. In 3 shades it’s easy to find a match and I can sharpen it easily for a precise finish, the lid eliminates mess and it comes at a great price. Love Rimmel products and this brow pomade is a winner. Love this and highly recommend it