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Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit

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Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit is a brow kit that helps groom brows and features a wax to shape and fix them and a powder to set brows. Also includes a professional quality brush.


Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit


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This brow kit is great as it comes with double ended angle brush and a spoolie. While I did find the spoolie handle a bit short, it is very handy to have as part of the kit when travelling or on the go.  I found it easy to apply the wax and powder and to fill and shape my brows. Close up, the colour was on the reddish brown side, but not as noticeable from far away. 
I recently purchased this brow product as the expensive brow powder and wax I used had been all used up. I purchased it as I had heard quite a few people saying how good it was and I didn’t want to cough up the money for an expensive product at the moment. This product is highly pigmented and comes in a perfect sized travel duo set with a powder on one side and a gel/wax on the other! The shade medium brown is perfect for my brow colour!
This is the PERFECT brow product! This is the only thing I use for my brows, every day. Its super simple to use, and is available (that I know of) in two shades - light and dark. I use the dark which still provides me with a lighter powder for days where I feel like lighter brows are the way to go. Great product, and great price for what it is!
This is the only product you need to do your eyebrows! The 'brow this way'  kit comes in a small, sleek palette, complete with mini tools and is light enough to carry around without being flimsy. It contains a wax and a powder, and comes in a dark brown or a lighter brown. I have naturally dark hair and very pale skin and use the dark brown shade. I find it matches perfectly whilst not being too conflicting with my pale skin. I disregard the brush that comes in this kit but I first use the spoolie to comb my brows through and into shape. Then I follow with the wax using a small, angular brush to line and fill in any gaps. I use the same brush to fill my brows with the powder to set, working from the outside in to avoid any excess product.  What I am left with is beautifully sculpted eyebrows that don't  feather or fade and last my full 10 hour work day. The kit is really affordable for how much you get out of it-has lasted me ages and I use it every day! If you want your own instagram-worthy brows then you need to invest in this product!
This comes in mid brown and dark brown. Given my colouring, I've been using the dark brown, which is actually not as dark a brown as I would have thought it would be.There is a pressed powder on one side, and wax to hold it together on the other side.  I use the wax to define my brows initially, like an outline, then the powder to fill in the gaps, followed by some brushing with the spoolie to give it a bit more of a natural look. While I find the wax to glide over my foundation and skin, even on very well moisturised skin, and actually stay on, I do still powder over it to hold things in place, and this seems to work quite well. This can also have the slightest bit of an auburn tinge to it as well This retails for $12.95 and you can find it where Rimmel is sold, at major pharmacies, Target and KMart.
I love how this product is half powder and half wax ! The wax works well to fill in the brow and hold the hairs in place. For a more subtle effect, I like to use the powder at the start of my brows and use the wax for the rest. The kit comes with a little angled brush and spool but I find them a little small and prefer to use my full-sized brush instead. You get quite a lot of use from such a small product and it doesn't break the bank either.
I use this product every day! sculpts my brows and defines my face, super easy to use and a perfect match for my hair colour and skin tone - fair'ish skin and brunette hair.
Ideal for that face-framing statement brow you dream of - both in terms of painstakingly filling in the gaps and amping up what's already there. Mine's mostly used up; this one's a keeper.