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Rimmel London Brow This Way Fibre Pencil

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Rimmel London Brow This Way Fibre Pencil is an eyebrow pencil formulated with tiny integrated fibres that work to add definition and fullness to brows. The highly pigmented, creamy formula applies easily, leaving brows looking naturally defined and full.

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London Brow This Way Fibre Pencil


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I think the pencil itself is great, but I might just not be great at applying it. The colour suited well and when blurred it did look okay from afar, I was just worried that up close it would look a bit like paint. I think with practice (or natural skill) this would be a great product!
This eyebrow pencil delivers stunning results. I love Rommel London, I'm a big fan of their foundation. This is such a high quality brow pencil with divine results for filling sparse brows. The pigment is gorgeous and it comes in 3 shades to colour match to brows perfectly. This has tiny integrated fibres which add definition and fullness with light feathery strokes so it's super easy to use. It's super creamy and at under $11.00 this is great value for money as it works like a high end product. I use a dark brown which is rich and silky and the pencil is top quality so I don't need to drag it, it's super gentle. I adore this and highly recommend it. Great product.
I love this brow pencil by Rimmel London. Its so easy to use and apply. With a little little bit of blending, the blonde shade blends in, perfect for use with my strawberry blonde hair. It fills in really well, blends in well with a brow brush, and makes my brows look on fleek. I also find this pencil style brow application lasts a lot longer than the crayon versions on the market, so I have brows all day long, without need for touch ups.
I am of Asian origin with dark brown hair. I am always looking for a dark brown colour brow pencil. One of my difficulties is finding the right shade of brown to match my hair colour. A lot of dark brown brow pencils i have tried before have a reddish tone to the brown and i find that i have to use them in combination with a grey or black eye brow pencil to make the colour more natural for me. The Rimmel brow pencil in dark brown is one of the few that the brown is truely of an espresso brown nature with more black in it. I can use this brow pencil on its own without needing to mix it with other brow products. The colour definitely suits me.