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Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Curved Brush Mascara

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Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Curved Brush Mascara is a mascara that helps build and define lashes. The anti-clumping, everyday mascara features a curved brush to help capture and coat lashes from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes for a wide-eyed look.


Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Curved Brush Mascara


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Good mascara for a Natural Lash Look

For a cheaper mascara, this is very good. It’s true what it says on the packaging that you can build a natural or a dramatic look. Although I found that you need many, many coats to build that dramatic look, and that is why I have given it, 4 stars. I find that this mascara is most effective when used with a primer. I think it’s marketed well because it definitely is a building mascara and I was super impressed that even when I apply many coats the lashes are separated. I would recommend this mascara to someone that likes a more Natural look on their lashes as you can achieve this quickly and effectively with this product. I also loved that this mascara does not smudge and washes off rather well at the end of the day.
This is one of my favourite mascaras, delivering the results I want time after time. The fact that it's so affordable is a very welcome bonus. I like to buy this one with the Curved Brush - it lifts up my lashes, coats with an ideal amount of product, seriously never clumps & is as buildable as I want it to be.  The perfect brush,along with a fantastic formula are a major winning combination here. It's also ideal for sensitive eyes, this has never irritated my eyes in any way. The great brush lets me keep it natural & defined for the day, or build up the intensity for night.  I have never had smudging issues with it, even in the hottest weather, nor found it difficult to remove either. It performs better than many other mascaras I've owned that cost 2 or 3 times as much! Rimmel has a winner with this mascara, it's been around for a long time for a reason - great formula, brush, product & results. Highly recommended
Hands down my no.1 fave for day time use.  The curved brush is amazing, it gives supreme lift and makes it easy to get that nice upwards fan to my lashes.  The formula is truly build-able and is flake and clump free and definitely no panda eyes, it stays put all day long in all conditions.  It is soft and flexible, no stiff or crunchy lashes.  What I love most is that I can achieve defined and lifted lashes without an overly black pigment which is so perfect for day time wear at work.  For the price this is such a gem and I have been asked so many times what I am using on my lashes.  Great performer and can't believe how cheap it is for the quality and results.
I brought this on sale at a recent phamarcy sale so it was even cheaper than its original price! I absolutely love it, I find it goes on evenly and not clumpy. I thought I had brought it in black but turns out I grabbed the brown black tone by mistake but immglad I did because I love the colour. Makes my lashes stand out and I find by adding a few layers you get a false lash effect. Would buy again for sure
This has been my all time favourite mascara for as long as I can remember! It gives the perfect length without being too clumpy. And it's affordable too. I www it every single day, absolutely love it!
It's such a great price you'd be forgiven thinking its a lower value product but it's not. Superb definition and length without clumping- perfect for daily use but definitely makes a statement. I always get complemented on how long my lashes are and how big and bright my eyes look- only whilst wearing this!
This is such an amazing mascara for being so cheap! I was very pleasant surprised that it lengthened my lashes and didn't clump them together. I thought it looked a little bit basic at first, however its so simple and works so well. It's a good mascara to use before applying fake lashes - darkens them and creates a natural look.