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Rimmel London Finishing Touch Top Coat

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Rimmel London Finishing Touch Top Coat comes in two finishes to seal in your manicure. Both topcoats are formulated with Acti-gloss, which contains silicone and lycra to extend the life of nail polish and deliver chip-proof results. The Ultra Shine topcoat gives a brilliant, high-shine finish while the Glitter topcoat adds a sparkly shimmer.


Rimmel London Finishing Touch Top Coat


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This is the best way to get salon quality nails without the salon price tag! This polish makes my nails go from mediocre to wow in just a few minutes, no matter what state my nails are in, or even if I'm wearing poor quality nail polish. This polish in the "glitter" range will shimmer and dazzle, whether you want to wear it as a top coat, or on it's own to make your nails super shiny and strong, I have also used the "Ultra-shine" range which is more natural but will make your nails glisten for the world to see! I love to use a couple of coats, which comes out nice and thick, yet always speedy to dry. I find the polish comes out vey smooth and silky, never gluggy and sticky, so application is very easy and never messy. I love that the quality never changes, even though I've been using my botte for ages now the bottle hasn't dried out and has stayed as fresh as when I first bought it, I think it has a terrific shelf life so you can really get a great use out of it. The nail polish brush is a very ideal shape, it fits my nails so well and provides one stroke application, meaning the brush will coat your entire nail bed. Very fast and easy to use, even for everyone out there who just aren't quite confident applying nail polish (or just generally clumsy people like me!). After you apply a couple of coats, the formula is so terrific that it dries very fast so you don't have to be worried about dinting or smudging your polish! You can jut get on with your day right away! Rimmel promises that this nail polish is chip free and I definitely agree. I find the only time this polish will come off is when you take it off with a nail polish remover! It's wear-proof and water proof, no matter your occupation or hobbies! I love that it never discolours as well, I found some top coats go a nasty shade of yellow with extended wear, but rest assured, this polish will stay fresh and clear even with weeks of wear (perfect for travellers on the road and busy mums alike). By wearing this product as a topcoat, even very bad nail polish will not chip, its amazing! Totally transforms the appearance of some of my cheaper nail polishes that chip so easy that I thought I would have to throw away. Now I can wear any nail polish with confidence too! The top coat absolutely seals in your nails, so your nails will look perfect for ages and ages, free from dirt or stains. I do have to say however that this top coat may not be suitable for everyone, people who go o very strict schools/workplaces should stay away from the glitter range as it is quite obvious and bold, and not natural enough to get away with if there are any "no nail polish" policies in force, even the shine variety may to out there to get away with. This top coat will definitely get lots and lots of attention (a good and bad thing?). For best results I also recommend using a great quality base coat underneath your nail polish and this top coat, to really give your nails that wow factor! Although I personally can be pretty lazy and leave this top coat on for ages and ages, to stay super fresh I recommend removing and reapplying this product every week of so to really shine and dazzle! This incredible top coat not only makes your nails look fresh from a salon visit, but is actually a great form of protection for your nails, the formula dries on hard and quite thick and when I wear it my nails never bend/chip/split! I love how hard they feel, especially because my nails are usually quite brittle and thin. Overall I love this top coat, it makes my nails look so healthy (even though they are the opposite naturally) and gives them a shine like no other, its a great value product that you will get many uses out of and of course only the best quality! If you want "wow" nails these are for you!!!