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Rimmel London Fix & Protect Primer

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Rimmel London Fix & Protect Primer is a protective base before makeup that helps shield skin from daily stresses including pollution and UV rays. It offers SPF 25 sun protection and perfects skin for better makeup coverage.


Rimmel London Fix & Protect Primer


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A pretty good little primer at an affordable price! You don't need to use much to spread over your whole face, making it well worth the money! Not my favourite primer on the market but does the job fairly well! I just prefer a silicon based primer for a smoother finish.
The Rimmel London Fix & Protect Primer is a great primer that makes my skin smooth and ready for make up. This primer is white in colour but is high absorbent, although it leaves a light white cast on my face because of the sunscreen ingredient. I wear it without foundation, helping my skin to look healthy and vibrant. With foundation on, my make up looks fresh and flawless. Lasts all day It is perfect for sensitive skin and for those on a budget. 
I purchased this Rimmel primer as I wanted an inexpensive, travel friendly product. The product comes in a smallish squeezable tube. I was initially drawn to this primer as it claims to offer SPF25 protection, and added UV protection is always a bonus for me. The product itself is a white and runny in consistency, so it's really more like a day lotion than a primer. The formula is quite moisturising too and contains some good antioxidant and hydrating ingredients. It can be a bit tricky to apply as it doesn't apply like your regular silicon or dimethicone based primers, which are usually more thick and less runny. One of the main positives of this primer is that it does even out my skin tone slightly and gives you a more smooth, complexion but does also leave a bit of a white cast on my face. I do find that my foundation does glide on more easily after I apply this primer and I generally find I need to apply less foundation too. I wouldn't say this primer gives me great shine control throughout the day but I don't think it's designed for oily skin types anyway. The formula is actually quite hydrating and would be best for normal to drier skin types. I would recommend this primer to anyone who wants a hydrating and lightweight primer. It does give some colour correction and minimises the look of redness on my cheeks. I don't think this product would suit those with oily or combination skin types as it doesn't provide shine control and doesn't really minimise the look of pores either. However one major bonus is the added UV protection and the handy tube packaging. It is relatively inexpensive as I don't think you need to spend a lot on primers so I will most likely repurchase this product.
As mentioned this primer has more of a runny consistency than I am used to using. That being said because you only need the smallest amount, the longevity you get out of this product is fantastic. Especially if you are to use it everyday. The part I loved the most is the spf factor, living in Adelaide the more sunscreen I have on the better, as I'am pasty with freckles.  Everyone should wear a primer when they are wearing any form of makeup. Not only does it give your makeup longevity but it also creates a smooth base.. Even for eyeshadow. Maybe don't use this one over the eyes though (due to the spf).. I enjoyed this primer and would definitely recommend, especially to those who ant a primer with a cheaper price point.
This primer has it's pros and cons. The consistency is quite runny so you need to watch it as you squeeze it out. Also I learnt the hard way that a little goes a long way with this product! If you use too much you will just look too pale, like you have just applied sunscreen. However not a huge deal once you have applied your foundation, etc over the top. I find using around a pea size amount (MAX!) is enough to do the job. This primer works really great at making your makeup last throughout the day, however does not do much to smooth the skin or conceal pores. Love the SPF in it though, it gets big points from me for that. :)
Before you pop your base on, you need to lay down the foundation for your foundation. I'm a firm believer in priming (and that goes for the lids as well), and this primer not only has SPF 25 to protect the only skin that you're in, this also creates a matte layer for the shiny girls. This has a thin, watery formula which makes it easy to spread (and absorb) on the skin. This is also meant to perfect the complexion and blur blemishes. Have I noticed a difference? I've enjoyed using this underneath my foundation, and with any face cream I've wanted to during the day! While I'm not certain that it's battled any imperfections, I do feel like it's done a good job of holding my foundation in place, and keeping things matte. The downside is that this cannot be used at night, as the flash from cameras would cause the dreaded 'white face'. Aside from that, I do quite like this and can see myself finishing it off. 
Gives your skin a great tacky base for makeup application. Definitely makes your make-up last all day!