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Rimmel London Fresher Skin Foundation

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Rimmel London Fresher Skin Foundation is a lightweight foundation that provides even and breathable coverage for a fresh and natural-looking finish. The formula is enriched with mineral powders, aloe vera, chamomile and sea algae to help absorb excess oils and even out the skin tone.

Available in eight shades.


Rimmel London Fresher Skin Foundation


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Definitely gives a "fresher skin" look

Firstly, the foundation is a liquid and smells like skincare – due to the natural ingredients such as aloe vera, sea algae and chamomile. I like that it doesn’t smell like typical foundation. It also has SPF 15 which is great! I really like the look and feel of this foundation, which provides a light to medium coverage and a beautiful dewy finish – perfect for a summer glow! I am surprised that such a light foundation evens out my skin tone and leaves my skin looking really natural, almost a no make-up look. I used my fingers to apply and found it easy to spread (almost like tinted moisturiser) and it blends well. I have oily to combination skin, so I set the foundation with a setting powder, and I found that this works well throughout the day although it doesn’t keep me shine free all day. However, the coverage stays put and it worked well to cover my imperfections throughout the day. One gripe is that it is not really buildable. If I add more, it starts to cake a bit and look blotchy. I would use this as an all over foundation and then go in with concealer. This foundation is perfect for winter, spring and autumn as I find it moisturising for my oily/combination skin. For summer, I’ll stick to my mineral powder foundation as it feels a lot lighter, however for a beautiful dewy look I will definitely turn to this wonderful foundation! I like that is provides a natural, dewy look. It is a great everyday foundation for work or weekends when you just need a quick pick me up foundation to even out your skin tone and provide a nice glow.
I purchased this in an online sale recently on a whim as the price was too good to pass up. I havent had any luck with Rimmel foundations in the past as they seem to be too orange for my pale skin so I didn't have high expectations of this. The Rimmel Fresher Skin foundation comes packaged in a sturdy glass jar with a metallic blue screw top lid. I like that it is a wide jar it is contained in as I can get all the product out at the end when it's running low. I was pleasantly surprised upon shade testing this on my wrist  (in the vanilla shade)  to find it matched perfectly! I have never had a drugstore foundation just disappear into my skin like that! It was exactly right. The texture of the product is somewhere between a liquid and a mousse and feels watery and cooling when applied to the skin. It is incredibly lightweight and has a nice sunscreen like scent. The foundation gives a light to medium coverage that leaves skin with a nice dewy glow . You really feel like you are wearing nothing at all with this foundation! My skin looked radiant and felt so soft and hydrated.  I have combination skin that gets oily in the tzones throughout the day. This foundation kept my skin balanced and oil free all day long whilst remaining in place and not needing reapplication. I love that this also contains spf protection and skin beneficial ingredients! Such great quality at such an affordable price. Definitely in my top 3 foundations EVER and I would recommend to anyone who is prone to oily skin as this works amazingly for that skin type!
While best suited for oilier skin types, this product leaves the skin looking dewy without the excess shine. While the product is quite lightweight I have found it easily blend-able and opt to use this as my every 'go-to' foundation rather than a full face everyday. I do find the product doesn't wear as long as other Rimmel products I've used but as it is marketed as a 'lightweight breathable foundation' I'd expect nothing less really. The only down side is the packaging, I feel there is a bit of product wastage as sometimes too much is put on my brush or blender.  Overall a great product and cost effective. 
Personally I found this foundation, light weigh yet heavy duty. It was easy to apply, with a consistency slightly runny. A little on the greasy side, though this would be due to the SPF15+ addition which is a great basis for the Aussie summer. The foundation lasted through my work day and gave me a natural looking coverage that didn't weight down my skin, allowing it to breathe.  This great little product comes in a compact little tub making it easy to transport without oozing through your handbag or luggage. It's available in 8 convenient shades to easily match your tone, without looking like two face.  This foundation is ideal for those who wish to wear make up, though are cautious of their skins breathability. It is an ideal day wear, light weight foundation.
Whilst this foundation isn't a Holy Grail product for me by any means it did the job it claimed to do. It didn't clog up my pores and made my skin feel fresh and like I wasn't wearing foundation. It applied beautifully and covered up most of my redness, and lasted for about 8 hours before I noticed it starting to come off, around my mouth and my nose in particular. It loses a star because of the jar it’s in, it makes it a bit of a pain to use. 
Rimmel's Fresher Skin Foundation* represents a breakthrough in light-coverage foundation. Using Japanese raw ingredients, the water-gel texture blends into a refreshing cream. Designed for combination and normal skin types, it claims to be sweat and humidity resistant, or settle into pores or fine lines I've been wearing this foundation for about a week now. I have found that it is quite difficult to blend in. But if you nail the blending, it creates a glowy finish without a super shiny finish. This foundation is the perfect every day foundation - it isn't thick, nor is it a full coverage. It is enough to even out skin tone and cover blemishes, but without that full, thick feeling or look. When it worked, this foundation made my skin look amazing! I was in love after the first use. However, with further attempts I have found it harder and harder to wear. It can oxidise on the skin, becoming patchy and cakey - I've heard a lot of people comment that this has happened and I have started to notice this the more I use it. I think it does depend on the moisturiser and the primer that you use underneath. I am yet to work out which ones don't work. I'll report back if I do though. Because of this I don't think it would work for drier skin types. I find it really does sit and cake in my drier patches. If I'm having a particularly bad skin day, I find the coverage of this foundation isn't enough for me. It's not too much of a con, much more of an easy fix - but if you're not one for a light coverage you might want to give this one a miss. As for the packaging...I hate it. The jar is hard to use. I much prefer foundations that have a pump, so I can apply it to my sponge or the back of my hand with precision and ease. Look, it's not going to be my new holy grail foundation. I do really like how it looks on the skin and the finish it has. I find it great for the days where I don't need to look to glammed up (i.e. I'm not working, or going out). A mix between a BB cream and a foundation, it gives you finish of a BB cream, with the coverage of a lightweight foundation. It isn't perfect though. I do find it to be temperamental - use the wrong moisturiser or primer and you're for sure going to look like a mess within 20 minutes. However, use a primer that works and it will definitely work. Also, if you have dry skin it probably wouldn't work so well. I find it oxidises over the drier parts of my face as well. In saying that, if you're after a natural finish foundation, this definitely does a great job for a price tag that is definitely not excessive. It won't be my go to foundation, but it will use it when I don't need a full face.
This foundation was a bit of a miss for me unfortunately. I have normal skin and this foundation was marketed more toward people with combanation skin but I can usually get away with most foundations.  The issue I had with this foundation was that it was quite difficult to get an even coverage and went very patchy even when my skin was prepped correctly it just didn't want to sit nicely.  If you get water or sweat on your face it will run and just melt away. It looks best when I use a buffing brush as opposed to fingers or a sponge. It does have a nice, very light coverage finish but just doesn't last or look very good for long unfortunately.
Absolutely in love with this product. Really good for oily skin. Gives a fresh look instead of a cakey look.
This foundation would suit people with oily skin. While my skin isn't dry, when I used this I found that it would show up dry patches that I never knew that I had. It's incredibly light weight both in consistency and coverage. I have heard in some reviews of the foundation that people have been able to successfully build it up to medium coverage, but in my experience it just made the dry patches worse. I found for my skin, it worked best when I applied it with my fingers, followed by a sponge. When I tried to apply it with a buffing brush I found that it showed up more dry patches. To make this foundation work for me, I really need to invest the time in skin prep. To get the best results I need to make sure that I've exfoliated that morning. I also then use a face oil instead of a cream serum. Surprisingly, I found that this works best when I don't use a primer at all. Because it has light coverage, I can still see my uneven skintone and redness. If you have good skin and want a light coverage similar to a BB or CC cream then you'll love this. While I really like the foundation now, it took a while to work out what application and methods worked best for me. If you're interested in buying it, just be prepared that you might need to do some trialling to find out what works with your skin type, especially if your skin is on the normal to dry side. 
I have been using Fresher Skin for the past month or so, and found it to be a great everyday foundation. It's perfect for someone looking for light coverage that evens out skin tone, and gives more luminous, yet natural look. I have combination skin, and have found that this has been a quick and easy option for me in the mornings. My skin can be quite sensitive, so I was glad to see that this product did not irritate my skin, cause redness, clog pores, or cause any breakouts! It comes in a glass jar, which is generally not my preference. I would have preferred a pump bottle, because I find that keeps the product cleaner and less oxidised. However, all in all, the product is still really good quality.  I love the consistency of the foundation, it's super light and creamy and applies very smoothly to my skin. I was actually really pleasantly surprised that it smells as good as it does! It doesn't smell like chemicals or "paint" at all, which is what I have found with other drugstore foundations in the past.  The product lasts all day, especially if I apply a primer underneath. It looks super natural, whilst also stopping me from looking oily by the end of the day. Not cakey at all! I initially thought that the shade might be a little too pink-toned for my skin, however it was actually quite a good match (Light Nude).  I'm super impressed with the product overall, and would definitely recommend to those wanting a light coverage foundation. I would suggest however that if you're looking for more coverage, to go with a different product. My skin is fairly clear at the moment so I will continue using this as an every foundation, however I will stick to more medium-heavy coverage foundations for going out or events. 
Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation comes in a glass Jar which is bulky and not very easy to use but it do look cute because of it's colour scheme. It comes in 8 shades which are suitable for light to medium skin tone.  I am using True Ivory which is lighter than my skin tone, normally i use beige or sand colours. But still it perfectly blended into my natural colour, I think it does oxidize on my skin. The foundation has light weight texture which is between liquid and cream. It applied and blended easily with out any extra effort. I used it with brush, sponge and finger but the results are same for me. It provides light to medium coverage and those who have dark spots, pigmentation, acne or very dark circle, they need to use a good concealer with it. I have dark circles, slight redness and faded acne marks but it do covers them well when I used finishing powder over it.   The best part is it's finish, it gives you naturally matte fresh skin, looks like you are not wearing any make up. It does not look cacky, does not cling to dry patches and does not enhance pores or fine line. It do last for up to 6+  hours on my skin which is decent time of wear.    Overall, I like Rimmel Fresher Skin foundation, it is great for everyday no make up looks. This foundation is ideal for those who want natural looking foundation with matte finish and light coverage. Those who need full coverage, they can use a good concealer over it. In Australia, summer is just there and I think this foundation is great for this upcoming season.
A fabulously light and long-lasting foundation. Perfect coverage. With one layer you could still see my freckles, which I love, but if I wanted a "night-time" look all it took was just one more layer, and even then it still felt super light. I have a tendency to have an oily t-zone and I didn't feel like that was an issue at all while I was wearing this. I also generally wear as little foundation as possible as after a few days of wearing it I break out with a few small bumps, I've been wearing this every day for 2 weeks and I've had no adverse reaction! Lovely work, Rimmel!
I tried this Rimmel foundation in 303 True Nude and thought it was really great. During the day and on weekends I really prefer to have a lighter coverage and only wear full coverage for special events. This is super light-weight and feels like wearing nothing at all - just evening out my skin tone. It left my skin feeling velvety soft with a mattifying effect, which was great for my combination skin. It comes in a pot with a screw lid - which i'm not sure about as I prefer pump foundations for less mess and hygiene reasons (don't like the idea dipping of fingers, brushes or sponges into the pot for application). It also has quite a strong floral scent which is pleasant but would prefer fragrance free. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a light coverage foundation and at $18.95 this is a great buy!
I found this foundation great for my combination skin. At first the foundation appears to be a little bit watery but once I put it on it blends so well, becoming mattifying which I love. It had great buildable coverage and was easy to apply. I think it is a great everyday foundation as it is long lasting and doesn't show signs of oiliness through the day. I would definitely recommend to a friend and re purchase! I was honestly quite impressed for a pharmacy foundation. It will be part of my beauty case from now on!
I really love the finish of this foundation on my skin. I have quite an oily t-zone, with dry cheeks, so this gave me that refreshed, even skin complexion and glow. I Iove how lightweight it is and that it's got an SPF in it - which is perfect for protecting from those UV rays. I also liked the packaging - I'm so used to having foundation in a pump dispenser but the pot packaging works amazingly well on a foundation brush or beauty blender. Would definitely recommend this to anyone after a natural finish foundation that feels hydrating.
I was pleasantly surprised by this foundation! I'm normally hesitant to use 'drugstore' foundations but I found the coverage to be easily build-able and it stayed on quite well throughout the day with the use of some translucent powder. You could use this foundation for both an everyday light coverage or build a heavier coverage for night. I also love the pot it comes in because it allows you to get every last bit of product!
Great foundation for every day wear. I have combination skin and i found that it didn't clog my pores but had enough moisture that i didnt look dry and flaky. The foundation  had a great texture and was very easy to apply, whilst offering great coverage. Most definitely recommend  this foundation.
I picked up this foundation from my local pharmacy a couple of weeks ago, and I hate to say it (because I find Rimmel a particularly good affordable brand whom has some products I LOVE).....but, this one just doesn't do it for me. Now, as I said I've been wearing it for quite a few weeks on and off trying to make it work but sadly for me I just don't think it works overly well. However, that being said, it's not all bad and there are some pros to this product that I'll run through but I'll also give my (honest) thoughts and recommendations... PRO'S - Okay, so starting on a good note, I do find that this product is rather moisturising on my skin. If you have rather dry skin this is great because it means that the product does not cling to and emphasise dry patches or look cakey and drying. - Pleasantly, I also find that the formula (as it is rather moisturising), it also tends to be very lightweight. Which is nice if you do not like the feeling of heavy foundation on your skin. - This product does not offer much coverage so if you prefer a natural looking (and dewy) finish then this will suit your foundation needs- especially for everyday use. I also find that applying this product with a synthetic (densely packed brush or kabuki brush) works the best as it helps to add a little extra coverage and stops the foundation from completely sinking into the skin and looking like absolutely nothing. - I also find the colour match and selection to not be the best. They have 6 shades (I have 201 classic beige and I'm only light/medium skin tone) and I find the colour to be slightly orange on me and not as yellow-toned as I would prefer. -  Rimmel also claims that the foundation contains certain ingredients which have "oil absorbing" properties. However I find that throughout the day when this pigment eventually disappears it leaves a rather greasy looking finish behind. As I mentioned before I have quite dry, dehydrated skin and it goes rather oily-looking on me.... so, I think if you have quite oily/combination skin you may want to avoid this one- or perhaps get a tester of the product to try out for yourself before committing  yourself to the full-size product. Overall, I wasn't majorly impressed by this foundation from Rimmel (I actually much prefer their liquid Rimmel Match Perfection makeup foundation which provides more coverage, blendability and longevity). However, it still remains a rather inexpensive product and there is some pros to it that I have mentioned but I think the cons unfortunately outweigh them...  
Rimmel Fresher Skin is a Great lightweight foundation, my skin did definitely feel fresh and not caked in product. The texture of this is very different to other Rimmel foundations kinda of like a gel/mousse consistency. I found the foundation will oxidise 1/2 shades darker once applied which wasn't a problem for myself but could be for others and trying to find the correct shade. Another great thing is this foundation is perfect for combination skin types it didn't cling to any dry patches nor did I get an oily t-zone like other foundations I have tried. I think this will be a great foundation for the warmer weather coming up too.
This foundation felt light-weight on my skin, great as an everyday make-up! I'm not a huge fan of foundations that are cakey, so this was a perfect product for me as it gave me a natural finish. Trialed it with and without a primer, with my personal preference being with a primer. Would definitely recommend this to friends.