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Rimmel London Ink Me Metallic Temporary Tattoos

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Rimmel London Ink Me Metallic Temporary Tattoos are temporary tattoos that last up to four days. They are quick and easy to apply, and easy to remove. The metallic gold finish is highly reflective for creating a statement look.


Rimmel London Ink Me Metallic Temporary Tattoos


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These are really cute temporary tattoos when you want to add a bit fun to your look. I associate these temporary tattoos with music festivals and concerts during the summer and I think the designs are really nice.  The pack contains gold coloured tattoos with different shapes and patterns.  You just have to cut the one that you want, place it onto the body part, for example your arm, and then place a wet towel on top for around 1 minute and then peel it off.  The tattoo will last for 2-3 days before it starts to crack and fade.  They are easy to remove as well, you can scrub it off in the shower or I found that nail polish remover helped take it off.
I love these tattoos!  I actually love all the designs so it's a bit hard to choose, but they're all super easy to apply and look really effective. For such an affordable price these are my go-to's for parties or fancy dress because the metallic look is just so eye-catching. Unlike some other tempory tattoos, these Rimmel London ones are really easy to remove. Rimmel London Ink Me Metallic Temporary Tattoos are super great because they last up to four days. I would highly recommend these cheap and eye-catching tempory tattoos for a fun and extravagant party look.
For those attending festivals this year, this little bit of fun will add that extra shot of pizzazz to your look! I know that DIY tattoos have been around for ages, and that they come and go with fashion trends, but I don't often see them as bands, and more often as solitary tattoos that can be placed, say, on the back. I like that this one can be cut according to how you'd like to wear it, and also on the arms and ankles, going around certain spots.  It's easy to use, and does stay put quite well. I found this to crack around day 3, which then was easy enough to remove using rubbing alcohol. Voila! Get it on the skin, have a great festival, then take it off, and no one would be the wiser! It only get a 4 because I found it hard to cut some of them to the size I wanted, but that may be more of a me thing!