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Rimmel London Insta Fix & Go 2 In 1 Primer & Setting Spray

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Rimmel London Insta Fix & Go 2 In 1 Primer & Setting Spray is a multitasking makeup setting spray that can be applied both underneath and on top of makeup. The quick-drying formula works to lock makeup in place for eight hours, without leaving skin feeling sticky or tight.


Rimmel London Insta Fix & Go 2 In 1 Primer & Setting Spray


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I've been searching for a setting spray that helps my makeup last all day without shine. This one is very very affordable which is great! It helps my makeup last all day which is also great! But I found it allowed a bit of shine to come through. I didn't try it as a primer, but I imagine it wouldn't smooth my face out like I prefer in a primer. 
This is a really good option if you are looking for a setting spray at a budget price!  I use this product in 2 ways - I spray a few pumps onto my beauty blender to moisten the sponge before applying foundation and it really helps to blend and smooth the foundation onto the skin.  Then after finishing my makeup I spray directly onto my t-zone to blur and set any finishing powder that I have applied.  When used in this way I find that it is effective at keeping makeup looking nice throughout the day.  The applicator nozzle on my bottle isn't wonderful and unfortunately doesn't provide a really fine mist that I prefer when using a setting spray so I'm hoping that I just picked a dodgy bottle!  It does have a high alcohol content as well so bear this in mind and use sparingly if you have a dry skin type.  I recommend this for anyone else with ageing, combination skin to help makeup glide on and stay all day.
This is a really great setting spray that I use all the time and it helps my make-up last all day or last during a night out. I've never used it as a primer so I cant judge how well it does as one but as for its job as a setting spray I think it does such a good job. It sprays really nicely and smells nice as well, and it really does help your make-up last through the day. I really love this product from Rimmel and it is just so affordable that I don't think I'll be using a different setting spray anytime soon.
I've never used it as a primer but this works great as a setting spray. Blends in all of my powders and leaves my skin looking really nice and matte. The spray has a really nice fresh cucumber like smell is so refreshing in the morning to start your day.
This is a good, affordable setting spray. I have used it as a primer spray and don't think it really does anything for the application and longevity of my make-up. However, as a setting spray, it does a really good job at setting my make-up - it settles any powders on my face and helps all my make-up blend into one. It also helps to keep my make-up non greasy during the day and to keep it on my face. Definitely recommend this product - great price too!
The Instafix setting spray is a fabulous budget friendly setting and priming spray. I tend to only use it as a setting spray after I finish my makeup and also to refresh my look throughout the day. I find that it really helps to prolong the life of mt makeup, particularly foundation. It does not make anything slide on my face and has a really food spritz style spray that gives a nice dose of moisture without drenching my whole face.  My only issue with this spray is the smell, which I find rather chemically and I really don't enjoy. If it wasn't for the scent, it'd be 5/5 stars!
My holy grail drugstore setting spray I have been using the Insta fix and go ever since it came out! It was my first setting spray and I’ve been through about 4 bottles now. It’s super affordable at only $13.95 AUD and comes with 100ml of product! The nozzle sprays the perfect amount out and this turns into a cloud of fine mist. I use this every weekday! Monday- Friday and my makeup stays in place all day long, this never lets me down! I absolutely love Rimmel and this is one of my favourite products in their range! I absolutely adore the watermelon/ cucumber scent, it is super refreshing! It’s a must have in every makeup bag!
I love this as a setting spray, not so much as a primer! Smells amazing and is such a great price. I found that as a setting spray it really helps to keep my makeup on all day. I wasn't so much in love with it to as a primer.
I was not a massive fan of this setting spray- the nozzle sprays the product out strangely, so you have to hold it quite far from your face. It has a really nice smell and is good if you prefer a glowy/dewy look, however I would not recommend it for those with oily skin like mine as my makeup didn't hold for very long compared to other setting sprays I have used. I also tried to use it as a primer but it wasn't very effective.
This is definitely my favourite drugstore setting spray! Not only does it smell amazing, I use it both as a primer and setting spray. If I use this as a primer, I spray a clean sponge until damp and bounce it all over my face. It's definitely not a blurring primer however it does allow my foundation and concealer to sit nicely on top. As for the setting spray functionality, it does a great job of locking in the makeup and makes it look beautiful and flawless. Definitely a drugstore favourite!
As a fixer, this fixes. I really love this product, especially for its price. I find that my make up lasts almost all day after using this, without leaving me feeling like I’ve plastered a product on to my skin. It’s not a primer, and it won’t smooth out any pores. But it will extend the look of your makeup- which, let’s be honest, is what it’s supposed to do. Highly recommended!
A great cheap buy as a setting spray. Loved the smell & is super easy to apply. As a primer this product is a bit of a miss for me, more of an average performer. Not sure if its just the bottle i bought but the spray nozzle did tend to spray out large droplets so best to hold the spray at arms length. Definitely a great cheap setting spray to help your make up last all day!
This is a decent drugstore option to a setting spray, but this is in no way a primer. If you enjoy a slightly more dewy finish this is a good final step to a routine but overall I was not that impressed. This smells lovely, like a sweet cucumber drink, it is very fresh and drys down very quickly on this skin. My major issue is that it stings my eyes, and nothing stings my eyes, I am not sure what the ingredient is that I find irritating because I very rarely have any reaction to products. I don't believe I would purchase this again.
I now use this spray every time I put a full face of makeup on! I recently saw this on sale at my local priceline and wanted to see what the fuss was all about and boy am I pleased I did, its the best setting spray from the drugstore side of the market. It doesn't have a yucky smell and feels so silky and refreshing on my skin, when applying the only down side is the sprayer nozzle its best to spray a little away from face and a few spots over face to get the best coverage but for the price this is certainly something I can live with. It makes my makeup look fresh and healthy which I love. I initially thought it was too good to be true regarding instagram but it does help give you a flawless look when it comes to the camera and who doesn't want that right. After using it a few days ive found that it usually gives me a around 2-3 hours extra with my foundation and it also help my skin feel breathable when wearing makeup for long periods of time. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone whos after an affordable setting spray as this one is a gem. Pros: - leaves skin feeling fresh and looking healthy - affordable - extend the length of your makeup Cons: - spray nozzle can be a little tricky to work out
This spray was one of the best products that I have ever bought - especially because of how affordable it is. Not only does this spray keep my whole face of makeup in tact all day, it also freshens up my whole look after a few spritzes throughout the day. Before finding this product my makeup would often look quite blotchy straight after putting it on, however this spray primes my face so well and gives my makeup a smooth, matte finish. Could not recommend this enough.
This smells great! It is a great product and at a great price point too. I only like this product as a finishing spray and don't use it as a primer. For priming I didn't notice any difference however setting my make up works like a treat! As I use mineral make up this is great to spray after and removes the 'powdery' look. My make up stays all day!
This spray comes in a white bottle with a clear cap, and it contains 100 ml of product. This can be used as both a primer and a setting spray, which is definitely handy if you're looking to streamline so that you don't have to pack a primer as well, particularly if you're looking to go away. It has a very mild, forest fresh/aloe type of scent to me, and this dries down quickly, and is oil free, for those who are concerned about what they are spritzing on the face. As a way to lock in your makeup so that it stays in place, I quite like this spray! I will say that the nozzle is not as 'misty' as I'd like for it to be, but it also isn't spitty, kind of more like an in between.  For $13.95, this spray is an excellent addition to the already excellent range of goodies by Rimmel, and it's definitely one that I'd spend money on! This can be found at places that sell Rimmel, including Priceline.
This setting spray is fantastic! I find it does keep my makeup in place throughout the day and can be used anytime to freshen up due to it being a fine mist. Unlike other setting sprays, it dries very quickly and doesn't leave the little wet spots on your face.
This is a great setting spray and very affordable! I would only recommend this for the setting spray because the primer didn't really work for me. Because the primer is a spray and doesn't have a silicone base that other primers have, it doesn't fill out the pores or sink into the face very well and doesn't create a flawless base a spray other primers do. But the setting spray works superb