Rimmel London

Rimmel London Kate Mascara

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Rimmel London Kate Mascara is the first mascara by supermodel and icon Kate Moss. The unique brush is shaped like a broken heart to help create voluminous lashes. 


Rimmel London Kate Mascara


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I bought this mascara when it was on a good sale. I won't be buying it again. The packaging is nice and i like a mascara that is more chunky and easier to hold. The mascara isn't water proof and it smudges like crazy!! I found the consistency really thin so i need to apply a few layers. it takes ages to dry and it smudges nearly every time. I gave it a few tries and after wearing it for a whole day i would come home and there would be black under my eyes. The shape of the brush is a gimmick. I don't find any benefit having it that shape. I don't think it has made my lashes look any more voluminous. It was quite a disappointing product and i don't think i would recommend it to anyone.
I LOVE the packaging on the Rimmel Kate Mascara! the silver casing is so beautiful and belongs on my beauty desk at all times! it looks sleek, stunning and expensive (even though its a wonderfully LOW price point). i love that the tube isn't packed full of writing and just looks simple and lovely. there is nothing worse than a product that has so much writing on it, you dont know where to look. the simplicity of Kate's signature and the company logo is just wonderful.  The brush is one of my all-time favourite brushes on a mascara. the Broken Heart wand is unique and so easy to use. I love that it grabs every one of my lashes in one easy swipe and is curved to fit around my eyes. the smaller point works my inner lashes and the larger base works my otter lashes giving more length and volume on the other portion of my lashes. this gives a natural thickness and depth to my lashes. The heart shape of the wand also creates a little lift and curl to the lashes that are otherwise not generally there. I also always get compliments on the look of my lashes when i am wearing it. (the brush does look a little scary at first but application is so simple!!) The formula is super thickening and gives a great amount of length too. I have not had any issues with flaking, fallout or transfer with this mascara.  i have heard recently that they may be discontinuing this mascara and I am very sad about this. i hope they are going to bring out another one with the same brush.