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Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Finish Lipstick

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With a velvety, wearable texture, Rimmel London’s Kate Moss Matte Finish Lipstick delivers intense, shine-free colour without drying out lips.

Available in six shades.


Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Finish Lipstick


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One of the best budget lipsticks out there! I got the red shade (true red) in rose gold packaging a while ago now. Pigmentaion is insane, formula non drying and finish satin matte on my lips. Does not accentuate my lip lines and lasts as long as I need it to . I always take lip products off (even balms) before eating as do not like eating cosmetics with my food. So I wear also this lipstick until my next meal, then reapply. Colour glides on perfectly smooth, opaque on one swipe. And beats MAC rubi woo hands down (as MAC one is drying and irritates my lips. Just RW, not satin ones)!
Rimmel London produce some of the best budget cosmetics on the current market if you ask me, so when I was looking for a new matte lipstick I simply had to try Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss from Rimmel. I have this lipstick in the #103 shade which is a beautiful pink shade. This matte lipstick is fantastic to wear - it glides on very easily onto my lips, is highly pigmented, not drying and lasts for ages even through meals and drinks. I love the cute red tube with Kate Moss' signature and heart too. This lipstick does have a strong sweet and fruity scent, which I personally find delicious! Pros: - highly pigmented - non-drying - long-lasting - very affordable Cons: None :) I would recommend this lipstick to anyone looking for a good daywear lippie that will not break the budget.
I am not rating this very high, as I chose the wrong colour for me and because of this I haven't actually worn it outside. I tried wearing around the house but everytime I caught a sight of myself, it looked wrong. Having said that, the lipstick is very reasonable priced and glides on easily. It did last a long time but I wasn't eating or drinking or talking, so maybe that is why, I bought #04 which is a deep plumby/purple. I am not inclined to try another colour as they are quite intense and if they all go on like this shade, they would be too much for my skin tone
I love the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipsticks, I've got quite a collection of them now and I would definitely purchase more in the future (especially when Priceline has 50% off and I can score them for $6.50 a pop). There are quite a few ranges of the Kate Moss lippys, and they keep coming out with more and more beautiful shades as time goes on. Out of the matte shades I have 103 a nice Rose Pink shade and 106 which is a bold berry pink. They are super pigmented colours and you need only go over the lips once for a full coverage finish. I personally don't think these shades have a matte finish even though that is what they are advertised to be, they look to be more of a creamy glossy finish. You can rub your lips together throughout the day with no issues, it feels super creamy and has a bit of 'slip' to it . It glides on like a dream, and does not skip on the lips or tug at all. It does have a 'lasting finish' and can last for quite a few hours without reapplying. It is not transfer proof and will definitely transfer onto whatever your lips touch, so you may need to give your lips a touch up after eating a drinking. It is with this formula of lipstick that I notice I sometimes get a line on my chin from where my bottom lip has touched if I move my lips around too much.. but I mean someone nice enough will usually tell me so it doesn't bother me too much, and I have full lips so this is kind of a common occurrence anyway. I don't notice that much of scent with these lipsticks, a little bit of a sweet scent but it usually disappears after a little while anyway so that wouldn't deter me at all. I really like the bold red lipstick tube and Kate's signature with a little loveheart next to it is cute. Would definitely buy more of these in the future.
Rimmel have been around for ever...anyone remember the lipstick shade "Coral in Gold" ? That was waaaay before Kate lent her name to the brand,and i have fond memories of it being among the first makeup i ever saw,....then later,used. It has been a marketing coup for Rimmel (not to mention , a breath of new life) to have gotten Kate M onboard,and i admit it did sway me to give them another look,all these years later. So,what is it about this lipstick that sets it apart from the literally THOUSANDS of them out there ? Well,the first thing is the pricepoint... at around a tiny $13,,everyone can afford to amass a collection of beautiful,richly hued lippys.Secondly,there is the range of finishes...from slickly sexy gloss-like finishes to THIS on trend,very chic matte. This matte offering is an extremely wearable (not always the case with mattes) texture that lasts for a decent 4-5 hrs with normal wear (so no heavy smooches) and comes in a range of ever expanding hues (my current fave is shade 109- coral/orange.It is perfect for the coming summer,but there is everything from the softest nudes to the deepest of berries).It is a matte finish (well duuh),but it is decidedly more comfortable to wear than the matte lips we have been used to and with fantastic colour payoff....no more cracked looking lips,no more looking for a balm to apply over the top (just to feel some form of moisture) and definitely NO harsh rubbing to remove (or special removers) required.This,my dear beauties,is matte done velvety. So, i have sold you on the feel,but what of the presentation ? Well,this IS Rimmel London,so London bus / phone booth red is the order of the day here...rich and strong (so Kate Moss to a "T" then haha) ,and undeniably chic,the case is a sturdy plastic with black accents and lettering (Kate's moniker on the tube adds a special little touch of "Kate was here" to the almost "rock star girl" feel of the packaging) and has the unmistakable Rimmel crown on the top of the lid....all very show worthy for a cheap and cheerful lippy.And if all THAT isn't enough to pique your interest,let me remind you about the delicious scent....it is a delicious,fruity,very olfactory sense pleasing aroma that is evident on opening the tube (by no means overpowering,but definitely there,and definitely makes for a pleasant experience every single swipe of the bullet).I love that scent,and truly, (between you and i ) ,i have gone to the tube and opened it just to catch a hint of it...is that wrong ???. Lastly,do i recommend it ? Ummmm,YES.....just as surely as i had hoped to somehow morph into the Queen of Boho herself (i am NOT the only one...surely not) i do.It is a little touch of pleasure that you can treat yourself to every payday with no guilt,and it can make a drastic change to how you feel about yourself (lipstick is a magic thing...a stroke of red lippy can seriously take you from down in the doldrums to "life is OK" again in an instant.Surely that itself is worth the equivalent of a couple of lattes and a muffin? ). TIP:Mix and play with the variety of hues Rimmel has to offer....take a soft,creamy nude matte and add a twist of berry -ish satin finish.You get a unique texture that both lasts AND has a very delicate sheen,plus a bespoke hue that is "just bitten" sexy for either just playing up lips during the day,OR adding a little spice to a smokey eye at night (neutral lips,just better)
This lipstick gives a nice and rich matte red colour on my lips. When I do not want any heavy makeup on my face for a nice dinner, I just put on some concealer and add this sharp red colour on my lips makes the whole look already pretty glam. As a drugstore makeup, the price is very reasonable for such a nice product. I highly recommend this lipstick to everyone like matte lipsticks!
I have shade #103 which is a lovely pinky-berry red.  It looks much lighter in the tube, almost like a barbie pink but thankfully the colour is different on the lips.  It has a strong fake berry flavour and smell, not so keen on it, much prefer the vanilla in their nude range.  The tube is classy and minimalist red and the lid stays on securely so no problems losing it in your handbag.  The formula does transfer but this can be easily minimized by applying and blotting x 2.  It wears for a few hours without eating before I need to reapply.  For the price range I can't really complain about much other than the fake berry smell and taste, the colour is lovely, it wears evenly and leaves a nice stain to the lips.  Well worth having a few in your makeup kit.
A fantastic range of colours and nourishing lipsticks which are highly pigmented and look fantastic. With someone as gorgeous as Kate Moss promoting this range, I knew I wanted to try it out. The tube is pretty and looks great in my makeup bag and when I take it out for touch ups. The lipstick glides on and is a true matte finish which gives me an incredible colour stain without drying or flaking off. When I wear it in the mornings, it lasts me for about 4-5 hours including meals and drinks, so this is the same as other lipsticks. Pros: a great looking tube of lipstick which does what its supposed to do, gives colour and matte finish Cons: I thought I would look like Kate Moss after wearing it, surprisingly, no, that didn't happen Tip: apply a hint of lip balm underneath and then apply this lipstick for longer staying power Recommendation: I suggest this lipstick would suit anyone who wants a low price affordable lipstick which gives long lasting colour and still keeps your lips feeling soft.
This is a great lipstick for turning up the glamour (although sadly, it didn’t turn me into Kate Moss!) It’s not too drying,considering its velvety finish and lasting power. The colours are excellent. I’ve got three of them and they all work with my skin tone (warm, fair). Ten years ago you would have had to pay $40 for a lipstick like this. 
Very 'in' colours, creamy, smooth, with a pop of colour that looks good and feels good. Kate here I come!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipstick! glides on like a dream and has amazing pigment! The red lipstick is very similar to mac's but it doesnt have that weird smell that mac's lipsticks have :) also the blue undertones of the red lipstick helps give the illusion of whiter teeth... couldn't ask for more :)