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Rimmel London Kind & Free™ Moisturising Skin Tint

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Rimmel London Kind & Free™ Moisturising Skin Tint is a skin tint with a lightweight, sheer formula that evens skin-tone and blurs away any unwanted imperfections while giving your skin the instant and lasting hydration it needs. Formulated with 77% ingredients of natural origin, and infused with an antioxidant vitamin complex (E and B5) and aloe vera, this nourishing tint delivers a fresh glow and a natural, healthy-looking finish. Choose from a diverse palette of 12 shades that have been carefully curated to match most skin tones.

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Rimmel London Kind & Free™ Moisturising Skin Tint


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Surprisingly decent!

I picked this up at Chemist Warehouse as it was really affordable and I am pleasantly surprised by it! It has a nice silky texture that isn't too thick or thin. If you enjoy using Bourjois's Gel Foundation, then this is definitely a great dupe. I also use Flower Beauty's Serum Foundation which is equally gorgeous. I can't really tell the difference between both but they are both fantastic and great. I'll never spend more than $30 on a foundation ever, after this! In terms of wear and coverage, I would say it does have a light/medium coverage. It may not be suitable for acne-prone skin as it has a satin/near to radiant finish. You can power this down but the shine will come up after. I have combination skin and I didn't mind that at all.

Light colour coverage, evens skin tone

I love rimmel london products and this tinted moisturiser is a great product. I like a nice light foundation for day so this is perfect for me. It has a light silky consistency and it’s easy to get a great colour match, it provides just enough colour to even skin tone and hide imperfections. I also have sensitive skin and this has never irritated my skin. It’s a great price considering the product is quite high quality and I love that there is no heavy cakey quality so I can get a nice natural look. This is a great product I would recommend and will buy again
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Perfect for everyday wear

This is my first product from Rimmel London and I am impressed. I have sensitive skin but this product did not give me breakouts. I like how light it is on the skin when applied, leaves my skin feeling hydrated. It does not have a strong scent in it too which I also liked. It provides a good light coverage which is perfect for everyday wear and I like this kind of product. Feels like it's barely there but provides a good feel and some coverage to the skin. Not to mention the other good things/ingredients is has, such as aloe, Vitamins B5 and E and it has SPF too. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family and of course purchase it for own use. :)
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Great Product

I was very happy to receive the Rimmel London Kind & Free Moisturising Skin Tint. I don’t wear a lot of foundation so tinted moisturiser is my go to. I loved the texture and it was easy to apply, works best when applying with fingers instead of a brush. It’s lightweight with a decent coverage and gave my skin a really nice glow. Lightly scented which was great. I found it lasted throughout the day and washed off easily at night. I’d be happy to recommend it anyone that prefers to use a tinted moisturiser.
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Great moisturiser, good skin tint.

To preface my experience with the Rimmel London Kind & Free Moisturising Skin Tint, my skin is combination with some pigmentation. The skin tint is a beautifully soft and silky texture and feels light on the skin. I applied with fingers and found that it provided a lovely 'my skin but better' finish. Coverage is not high, as you would expect from a skin tint although I did note that it's called a skin tint foundation on the tube which is a bit of a stretch. If you had perfect skin...possibly true. The skin tint is in a handy little tube. The product itself has no or minimal detectable fragrance and I experimented with this in place of moisturiser, after moisturiser and after sunscreen. Knowing the limitation of a skin tint with my skin, I had realistic expectations. This is a lovely product to wear around the house for the 'no makeup' days although I would apply it after sunscreen. When worn on it's own, it provides subtle coverage and skin perfecting. On my combination skin the longevity of the skin tint wasn't optimal, maybe only lasting a couple of hours and slightly longer if I set with powder. However I did find that it worked well as skin perfecting base for my foundation. This skin tint made my skin feel nice and hydrated and most importantly didn't break me out. If I view this as a moisturiser (rather than a skin tint first) this performed really well with the side benefit of making my skin look a bit better. This would be a really good skin tint option for a younger person (teen) with good skin. I'll continue to use this as my off duty moisturiser for coverage and as a primer base under foundation when I need higher coverage.
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Soft and natural

I really enjoyed this product. It has such a nice velvety/satin feel to the application. I tried using a beauty blender and my fingers to apply, both worked well respectively. I liked that you could build up the coverage or leave it as natural as you liked. It gave a youthful dewy appearance. A bonus for my sensitive skin is that it is fragrance free and is SPF20 to protect my skin. It wore well throughout the day and didn’t leave me oily faced like other foundations . It has a lightweight feel to it but covers blemishes well
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Great Everyday Foundation

I really like this foundation! It’s perfect for everyday use as it’s not too thick and it has a light smooth consistency and coverage! The colour I chose (10 Rose Ivory) was close to my fair skinned colour and it blended in well with the rest of my makeup! I also like the size of the packaging as it’s easy to carry and perfect for travelling and the fact that it’s not made out of glass so I’m not too worried about dropping and breaking it! It also lasted well throughout the day without wearing off and found it moisturising on my skin!
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Great light coverage staple

Extremely satisfied with the Rimmel London Kind & Free™ Moisturising Skin Tint! The colour was easy to match to my skin tone and when used was a nice natural coverage. I used the product over a primer and found the product smooth and left a nice glowy finish, with my skin feeling soft and hydrated. The coverage is light and perfect for an everyday look when I don't want to wear heavy makeup. The coverage lasted fairly well throughout the day; using a mask tends to wear off anything on my lower half of the face. But on the days where I didn't wear a mask the coverage lasted for the whole day. Great option as it is vegan and the clean formula is skin friendly. I would recommend this product.
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Medium coverage hydrating skin tint

I really loved Rimmel’s Moisturising Skin Tint Foundation! It did exactly what the product says it does; it’s clean, hydrating, blurs imperfections. I personally prefer light to medium coverage foundations; make up is supposed to enhance our individual features, not change them. I use a lot of high end foundations and the Kind & Free skin tint certainly holds its own! I love the combination of antioxidants - Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. The tube is compact and easy to dispense the product. Overall it’s a great cost effective product providing medium coverage whilst also being kind and nourishing to your skin!
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Bright & Dewy!

I wasn’t expecting much from this to be completely honest but to my surprise I found it really nice to wear everyday! I really appreciated the fact that it felt so light and not much different than wearing my normal moisturiser however the glow that the tint gave me was fantastic. It really gave me that no-makeup feeling while also giving me the confidence boost with such a nice glow. The only problem is that by the end of the day I was shiny and in need of powder which to me I feel like I was putting powder over the top I could have just done my normal makeup routine and normal foundation. Due to this, it won’t substitute my foundation but for a quick everyday option I’d recommend!
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Great coverage

This product has great coverage - although I did find it took a little while to soak in. I found it simple to apply and great to use as a base. This product is great for zipping out the door knowing you have your face protected from the harmful rays. I love how they have a wide range of colours to match every skin tone as this can sometimes be a difficult task. I found using a setting powder over the top was the perfect way to deliver a flawless finish - I look forward to recommending this product to family and friends
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Light and easy coverage for day to day wear

I enjoyed this product for a light and easy skin tint. It complimented my skincare regime and provided light coverage without the heaviness of traditional foundation. It appears to be fragrance free also and complimented my skin tone quite nicely. I would probably liken it to a BB cream for coverage. Depending on price point I would recommend it to other people. I also found that it tended to stay on throughout the day, as I wore it mostly to work. I wouldn't wear it though if you were looking for anything other than a light coverage. Paired with a quick lash of mascara and cheek tint however, it gave a nice, fresh summer look.
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Lovely Skin Tint

Rimmel has been releasing some wonderful foundation options recently and this one is definitely no exception - with the added bonus of being vegan and cruelty free! The Skin Tint can be applied very sheer or can be layered for a fuller-coverage (medium at most). I've tried this product with mattifying SPF, with and without moisturiser and with and without primer and it works effectively without pilling or oxidising in all circumstances on my skin. It can be applied equally as well with your fingers, a sponge or a brush and after application behaves just like a moisturiser. When wearing a face mask I make sure to set the bottom half of my face with some very light translucent powder for extra staying power. If you are looking for something that will care for your skin, even up your skin tone and still look natural then this is the product for you!
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In more then one way... FLAWLESS

Flawless. I was a bit weary the 1st time I used this foundation, simply because, I had never used it before, AND because I was headed to a wedding as a guest and was doing my own make-up. The colour was exact to my tone. It spread on evenly and beautifully. I had no irratation to it, and of course, was easy to use. It felt great on. It did not feel oily, or dry, or even thick, liuke some foundations might have you feeling. It simply felt like I had nothing on... Once my make-up was done, I got some pics taken, and as I looked further into the camera screen, looking for something, I found nothing. Nothing except a perfectly made up face (or atleast as perfect as one can do on themselves). The foundation did not whiten, nor darken my skin in the photos. I can honestly say that the Rimmel London Kind & Free Moisturising Skin Tint was awesome. A product I will continue to use and recommend. Loved it!!
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Hydrating and Dewy Finish

The Rimmel London Kind & Free Moisturising Skin Tint is an everyday hydrating and lightweight foundation, and contains vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and aloe vera. It comes in a small and easy to use tube, which can easily be carried around for a touch up. The product is also vegan friendly. The formula provides great coverage without having to use full coverage foundation. It is easy to apply, and using a pea size amount of the skin tint foundation provides smooth coverage. It is also hydrating and leaves a nice dewy finish while still being lightweight. The product stayed on well for majority of the day. This is a great product that provides a hydrating skin tint coverage without having to use a full coverage foundation. I would recommend this for anything looking for a quick and easy moisturising skin tint.
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Natural and Glowing

This is a fantastic skin tint, with light coverage but gives the most natural glow to the face. Ever since the COVID pandemic started, I've slowly moved away from very full coverage foundations to more sheer and natural foundations. Recently, I've been trying a range of skin tints becuase not only are they the most comfortable on the skin, they give me such a nice glow to the skin. This skin tint it very light weight and has light coverage. I love to use this over the top of my sunscreen in the mornings to look more put together. For reference, I have medium skintone with golden/peachy undertones, usually a NC30 - NC35 so I find that Golden Beige is a really great match for my skintone. My skin naturally is quite dry so sometimes foundations can look cakey or accentuate my dry patches. I love that this skin tint gives a great blurring effect and an overall beautiful glow. It's infused with Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 so it feels really comfortable on the skin all day. I do find that given it's light coverage, it wears about 6 hours before it starts fading.
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Dewy but not long-wearing

I was excited to receive this Rimmel London Skin Tint. I used it every day for two weeks. Unfortunately, though, it did not live up to my expectations. I applied it with a brush, sponge and my fingers and found I got the best application with my fingers. It left my skin dewy, not skinny, which I loved! What let me down with this Skin Tint is that it just didn't last on my skin. I have combination skin. I found approx four hours into wearing this. It started to fade on my skin and lasted even shorted on hotter days. I tried setting it with my Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, and it only prolonged the wear for an hour or so more. It's unfortunate, as it's a fantastic product, but I would not recommend it as it just doesn't last.
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Blurred and brightened skin on “no makeup” days.

Firstly, I loved the simple packaging and that it had little to no fragrance. I found it easier to apply and blend when I used my fingers (not something I usually do). I’m not sure if this is because it’s my first time using a moisturising tint and I’m still figuring out the best application. It was great for those “no makeup” days, however I do suffer from redness which the tint couldn’t quite cover. But I loved how it’s blurred and brightened my skin for causal day. I can suffer from dryness in my u zone so it was great that this was a hydrating, dewy product. I also liked that it was obviously vegan, for ease of finding a suitable product if you’re vegan.
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Good Produce

I tried the Rimmel London Kind & Free Moisturising Skin Tint for 2 weeks, and I really enjoyed the light coverage it gave to even out my skin tone. I have red spots and acne scarring on my face and it was easily able to cover that. I found that the staying power of it on me wasn't the best as I have combination skin leaning towards oily which makes it hard if I don't use primers. Using it with a primer worked better but still had a little issue with it staying, but I don't fault the product for that. Great little product, will continue to use it to see if I can get it to work with my skin.
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Great for everyday use

This Rimmel London Kind & Free™ Moisturising Skin Tint was a surprise. I found it to be a thicker consistency than other tinted moisturisers but this gave it good coverage, it was still lightweight to wear and very moisturising. I usually use a Rimmel full coverage foundation but this is great for everyday wear giving my skin a healthy looking glow. The packaging is made from recycled materials and the product uses 100% vegan & kind to animals ingredients with no fragrance. Dermatologist tested and my skin can be sensitive at times but no problems at all. If your looking for an everyday wear tinted moisturiser that’s kind & free than give this a try, you won’t be disappointed