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Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner

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A matte lip pencil that lasts up to eight hours, Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner has been developed with mica particles to define and contour the lip without feathering or bleeding.

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner


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I have this lip pencil in wild clover and it’s been my pal for many years now. It’s the perfect shade for when I’m wearing a nude lip or any shade of lipstick in the pink spectrum. It glides on really well and blends well. Sometimes I use it all over the lip just on it’s on to give them some colour, or I use it to line my lips to allow a nice crisp edge. It definitely increases the longevity of the lip products I put on top. It does have that crayola scent but it’s not too off putting. It’s a great cheap option for everyone.
When you can pick these pencils up half price on sale it doesn't take much to be blown away, but they are great value at full price and I'll be happy to repurchase.  These pencils don't drag on your lips but are also not too soft and can be sharpened to a nice point that holds it shape for a good number of applications. Matte but not drying, I fill in my lips with the pencil before applying a lipstick or gloss and it has the staying power to last a coffee or two, and even lunch and a glass of bubbles if I'm careful.  To be honest this cheap and cheerful liner is a nicer consistency, less harsh on my lips and easier to apply than my latest more expensive purchase which was $30 from MAC!  Pros - price and performance is on point Cons -  The colour range is small but sufficient. 
Rimmel's London's Lasting Finish 1000 kisses lip liner is a fantastic liner & one I will buy again & again! It's a great bargain beauty buy & is great for stopping lipstick feathering into fine lines. I find it stays on well and feels good on!
If you are looking for a drugstore lip liner this is the ONE. I have it in the shade 014 Wild Clover and its the perfect shade for my lips but butter. It's also kinds of Kylie Jenner lip style, and all the 90's lip looks that are very trendy in the moment. The formula is fab, definitely long wearing but still not dry on the lips. It's not to creamy to smudge off but just the right amount of creaminess. It gives you control on lining your lips and the price is more than decent!  The only cons are that the shade range is very limited and the liner seems to run out quickly as you have to sharpen it quite often. 
This is an easy to wear and long lasting lip liner. I am sometimes lazy to not wear a lip liner, but after purchasing this liner, I am wearing my lip liner much more often and results are just fabulous. This lip liner comes in a limited range of colours and applies smoothly without dragging my skin or flaking off in pieces. It is creamy and slightly soft so it glides easily onto my lips. Once I apply this lip liner and fill it in with a lipstick, my lips look more plump and fuller. Pros: -easy to apply, doesn't irritate my lips, isn't drying Cons: -more colours would be nice Tips: -instead of drawing 1 continuous line on your lips, draw smaller more precise and softer lines to give a pretty natural lip line Recommendation: -this affordable lip liner would suit anyone who wants to give more definition and precision to their lips
This is an excellent lip liner, if you can get the right shade (there aren't that many to choose from).  It goes on easily because it's soft (no dragging it across your mouth or heating it up over a candle needed!) The softness does mean you need to be careful sharpening it. Take it easy or you will waste it.  It wears really well, although being married for some years I am not in a position to confirm that it will survive 1,000 kisses. I can testify that it will however survive a roast vegetable panini and a coffee, which matters to me!