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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer is a lightweight concealer that helps even out skin tone. The liquid formula provides a medium buildable coverage for up to 25 hours and contains breathable skin technology that helps moisturise skin.
Available in six shades.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer


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I'm a fan of this Rimmel Lasting Concealer too. It does what it promises. Conceals to a light satin finish anywhere on the face and under eyes. I love the shade selection as it is not too pink in undertone, a problem I have had with a lot of concealers at this price point. This concealer blends beautifully and has a neutral scent that does not irritate sensitive eyes. I try a lot of products, but I keep coming back to this as my liquid concealer. Unlike some other reviewers, I like the sponge applicator but I do not apply it direct to my face. I squeeze the amount of product I need on my finger and apply, I use the cushion applicator to blend. This works particularly well under the eyes.
This is a nice, easy to blend, medium coverage concealer that is great for under the eyes. It fills in fine lines and doesn't look dry when you set it with setting powder or it works fine when baking under the eyes as well. I really great, affordable product from Rimmel that I would definitely recommend!
The Rimmel concealer is a sponge tip concealer that provides light to medium coverage for covering up dark circles under your eyes, brightening the area and concealing acne and redness.  I have been using this concealer for awhile now and I really enjoy using it.  I mostly use it for under my eyes, even though I don't really have dark circles, I find that my under eye area can look a bit dull and needs some brightness.  I apply the concealer by squeezing the tube and applying the concealer like an upside down triangle.  When you squeeze the product a lot may come out at once so be cautious and try to press the product gently.  It glides really easily onto the skin and I like that I can almost draw on the concealer on my face.  Being able to use it exactly where I want it makes it precise and much easier for me to use.  You can use the sponge tip to blend the product a bit but I use a concealer brush to blend the product out.  The concealer should normally be a shade lighter than your foundation and after I put it on I find that my eyes look more awake and it helps cover up the dullness so I don't look as tired.  I also like to use it when concealing pimples on my face.  I just dab a small amount of the concealer on top of my breakouts and then I top it off with foundation.  The concealer helps cover up the redness and makes the blemish unnoticeable! What I like the most about the concealer is that it's hydrating.  When you put it on it's creamy and it blends nicely without leaving any streaks behind.  Once it dries it doesn't settle into your lines or accentuate your wrinkles.  It also doesn't look caked on so you can create a natural look and  layer on more concealer should you need to!
Hands down best concealer ever. It’s so easy to apply and blend . You don’t need heaps of product to get good coverage. Once on, it doesn’t have that “ heavy / cakey “ feeling some other concealers have. It is long lasting and the soft applicator tip makes applying product where it’s needed is easy. Highly recommend.
Rimmel London 25 Hour Lasting Finishing Breathable Concealer comes in a little tube, making it very easy to carry in your purse for any touch ups required throughout your day. Personally, I have quite dark circles under my eyes, so I was quite eager to try this product. I found the concealer 3D foam applicator really handy when applying the concealer to my dark circles, little red blemishes and the little patch of dry skin I have currently have on my nose. This concealer allowed me to cover and build coverage on the areas and blemishes, I was trying to hide. It covered these areas quite well, it had a decent consistency, which allowed me to build on the flawless natural look, I was trying to achieve. The concealer did a great job in producing that blank canvas and still did not feel heavy. I found the concealer to last all day, even though we encountered wet, humid and truly miserable weather. This concealer is available in 6 shades, providing colour variation for lighter to medium tones and works perfectly with the Rimmel London 25 Hour Lasting Finishing Breathable Foundation. A great concealer to create a seamless look at a terrific price point.
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer is a fabulous concealer that comes in 6 amazing shades.    I have 2, one for under my eyes and another for the rest of my face.  The reason for this is the dark circles under my eyes are quite dark, and require a lighter concealer.  So I use the Light Ivory here for under my eyes and the colour fair on pimples, scars and anything else requiring covering.   The concealer is unique because of the sponge applicator.  This allows you to control the amount of concealer you apply, and also allows for buildable coverage, which is great because that means it does not cake onto your skin.    You use the sponge to pat the concealer on and blend it into your skin.   It is very good at concealing redness too, so if you have a spot, the redness is less intense.    It's great to have one of these in your bag as it is very quick and easy to do touch ups.    The product never flakes, or cakes and your skin can breathe too which is great, and this is great for pimples as it means the skin can still breathe and heal.    Even on days when I am not wearing much makeup, I will always wear a concealer as this covers aswell as illuminates and highlights areas. PRO's Terrific colours to choose from Great Value Easy to apply with the sponge Buildable coverage Light and hydrating, great for concealing and illuminating This concealer is wonderful and I love how light is is, which means it's perfect for under the eyes.  I recommend this concealer to anyone who wants to cover redness, spots, age spots or dark circles.  It's fabulous at both concealing and highlighting, and it is great for touch ups while you you are out and about.  A  great product to have in your makeup kit, I love it and have recommended it to many friends.
This Lasting Finish 25 Hour Breathable Concealer is a fabulous concealer if you are looking for a light to medium coverage concealer that will not feel heavily on the skin once applied. I have this concealer in the 200 Light shade, which is perfect for my fair, but not too pale skin. The concealer comes in a squeezable tube with a sponge applicator, which can be used as a blender as well. This makes it the perfect concealer to throw in the bag and use for touch ups while on the go throughout my busy days. The concealer blends easily and looks very natural and flawless once applied. I love that it feels light and weightless on my skin - like wearing nothing at all! It can be used on its own to cover blemishes or any acne spots, or over foundation for that extra bit of coverage. I find that it helps to sit it with a finishing powder as it will make it last longer and will prevent my skin from looking shiny. Pros: - Very affordable - Feels light on the skin - Provides flawless medium coverage - Will last all day long - Comes with its own blending sponge
This product is my beauty saviour! I love everything about it and after trying almost every concealer out there I am absolutely sure this is the best! The Rimmel London Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer is a lightweight concealer that helps even out skin tone. The liquid formula provides a medium buildable coverage for up to 25 hours and contains breathable skin technology that helps moisturise skin. I have found the perfect shade for my skin, from the six different shades  Light Ivory, Fair, Light, Medium, Medium Dark and Dark. People often think using a thick concealer is the way to go however for my eyes, I need lightweight, thin consistency and nice coverage that won't get into fine lines. The concealer, similar to the foundation, had an interesting applicator. It had a small round sponge sitting on top with a little hole where the concealer dispenses which is great for controlling the amount of concealer you want. I applied this mostly under my eyes and the centre of my face for a brightening effect and it worked extremely well. No cakiness and it didn't get into fine lines. I set this with a loose translucent powder and it didn't budge the whole day which is exactly what I need. The thing I love most about this concealer is the sponge applicator, it allows me to dispense product as well as blend without having to use a second makeup tool. I love this! It's really effective in covering blemishes, I really find this concealer does reduce any redness. Once applied to the skin it seems to just hide any discolouration almost instantly which in turn makes something that you should be paranoid about look similar in colour to the rest of your makeup look. There aren't even words to describe how much I love this lightweight and effective Rimmel Concealer.
This is a light concealer which manages to hide imperfections but also never looks cakey on my skin. I have been using this concealer for roughly 6 months now and has not let me down. I like applying directly onto my face then dabbing it gently with the applicator and blending fully with my fingers. I like the consistency of this product as it is light but not runny at all and has a very smooth and soft feel on the skin. However, I am not a massive fan of the cushion applicator, as it can distribute the product unevenly. I prefer the Match Perfection concealer with the brush and the way that felt. I would not recommend if you have large blemishes. 
I loved this Rimmel London concealer for covering imperfections and fine lines. The product is easy to apply and blends well with fingers for a natural finish. This liquid formula is a great consistency and it evens out my skin tone for a flawless smooth finish. I love that it is hydrating and not dry or cakey. I found it easy to match my skin tone and that the product is buildable if I need more coverage. It feels light to wear and looks amazing under my foundation. A great product that I would absolutely recommend.