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Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lip Balm

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Hydrate and protect lips for up to eight hours with the Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lip Balm. The SPF 15 conditioning lip treatment can be worn alone or under lipstick for immediate relief from dry and sore lips.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lip Balm


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Great With Or Without Lipstick

I initially got this to use under lipstick as the description said it was created to work in harmony with lipstick. I love to wear a balm or something hydrating to keep my lips moisturised and looking good as some lipsticks can be very drying and end up looking awful. This stuff is way better than I expected, especially for the low price. I use it all the time now just as a lip balm without lipstick. It's very easy to apply, not at all messy like some balms can be, and it feels luxurious applying like a lipstick but it's just a balm. It doesn't really have a scent that I noticed which I like, and it lasts ages also.
I love my new best ever Rimmel balm, how perfect - a moisture balm that drenches my lips, soothing the flakes and rough patches that can come from the elements and matte lipsticks. There is nothing sexy about dry flakey lips and the bonus is the SPF15. I took this easy to use low fragrance buttery balm to Bali and applied liberally on its own and under my different lipsticks. This balm was also perfect to apply in the plane where the atmosphere just sucks the moisture from every pore including lips. A great product at a very affordable price.
It comes in a nice packing very similar to Rimmel lasting finis lipstick. l always have dry lips and lip balm is my must have beauty product. This lip conditioning balm is very moisturising and one swipe is enough to moisturise my lips. This product is almost fragrance free, which I really like. It instantly makes my lips soft and smooth while it is transparent lip balm and can not show any colour on your lips.  After using it my lipstick glides smoothly over it. I used it for few weeks, and my lips are soft and hydrated.  It is must have product in my beauty regime as I always have dry lips. I highly recommend it for everyone.