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Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection

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As part of Kate Moss’ collaboration with the brand, Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection features a range of nude lipsticks in a long-wear formula that lasts up to eight hours.

Available in five shades.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection


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I have a long history with Rimmel...the lipstick shade "coral in gold" is etched into my memory like a hug,and to be honest,i didn't get back into Rimmel anything for ages due to the fact that i associated it with a more "Nanna" demographic,and i am certainly nowhere near that stage.But then came along Kate Moss....a style icon if ever there was one,and in particular,one i love and channel during the summer,and with that,and my addiction to a nude lip,i HAD to try these shades. So,Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection is a range of 5 "nudes for everyone" lipsticks that caters to every skintone,from the quintessential English rose to the bronzed Brazillian Goddess type with ease...and at less than tenner at many places.Now that all sounds great,but what is this lipstick actually like ? Well,let me tell you. The formula is a rich,creamy type that has a hybrid "cream / balm"  feel to it,which makes this amazing to apply and a joy to feel on,but this also makes it a lot less "wearer friendly" as far as longevity goes (i can tell you right now, that unless you refuse to speak / drink / eat / kiss,you aren't going to get 8 hours out of this....not even close),but this feels (and i cannot lie,SMELLS...like so darn gorgeous and sweet),so beautiful that you won't mind re-applying constantly.And what about the bullet it comes in ? It is a gorgeous "nude" toned peach / pink plastic that complements the nude theme to a "T",and is topped with a cap that is adorned with Kate's moniker in white...so it is a pretty cool to look at,and so far i haven't had one break in the bottom of my bag yet,so it is pretty resilient to a few knocks.And what of the shades themselves ? Well,i have tried 3 so far (#42...an apricot nude,suitable for a more yellow undertone..and a fave of mine,# 40,a pale nude that would be beautiful for the true alabaster / pink undertoned among us, #43,a deeper pink nude that would work for slightly warmer than alabaster skintone,# 45 rose nude...a "your lips but better" shade that works well with a slight tan,and #48...the deepest,richest caramel to give mahogany babes a hit of nude,OR fairer skinned beauties who aren't scared of embracing their nude side in winter. All in all,i won't say that you will love these if longwear is a must for you...but if a comfortable,budget friendly and gorgeously scented (i mean really,REALLY,yummy) lipstick is on your radar,i would suggest these as a brilliant choice. TIP:As we all know,a "one nude fits all" is not only insane to believe,but it is also a little insulting (i am a pale,yellow undertoned blonde who would never suggest to a deeper,richer skintoned sister with dark hair that "my nude" would suit her) to suggest,and that is why,whilst there IS a fairly good mix of nudes here,it may well be that a mix of two (or maybe more) may just be the ticket to getting that elusive shade of "my lips but better" shade for you....and they are certainly priced to go just that.
I have been wearing the rimmellondonau lasting finish by Kate Moss in shade 45 as an everyday item since I bought it! It is difficult to find a nude lipstick that compliments pale skin and lips and isn’t drying whatsoever! Its extremely affordable, you can pick this lippie up in priceline or chemist warehouseaus for $12.95! I need to purchase more from this collection to test out the other shades.
If you have had trouble finding the perfect nude lipstick look no further! The shades in the nude collection by Kate Moss cater for everyone. Whether your a light or dark nude kind of girl. I found the formula to be creamy and smell delicious. The packaging is cute and has a decent amount of product. All though I loved mine so much I used it all up pretty quick! Being affordable I didn't mind buying another one! The only thing that this lipstick could improve on is the wear time. I find I have to re-apply every few hours. If I had to pick my favourite drugstore lipstick this would be it!
I am not exaggerating when I say #42 is the perfect nude shade for me, but I know that wouldn’t be the case for most. And I have had the hardest time trying to find a nude colour that doesn’t look like you’ve applied beige zinc to your lips, but this colour compliments my skin tone and I can wear it with any makeup look.  It’s been around for a bit and I’m scared they’ll discontinue it because I love it s omuch!! It’s really creamy which feels quite moisturising on your lips, but that also means it doesn’t last long and you have to reapply it every time you eat and drink. 
I've never really found a nude lipstick that suited me until I found this range.  Shade 045 Rose Nude is the one I chose, after seeing them selling for 1/2 price at Coles. I couldn't test in the supermarket but at just $6.50 it was a great bargain, so I bought one hoping it wouldn't wash me out - a problem with nudes for my skin tone if they're too beige or pale. I was delighted to find that Rose Nude is so wearable, and I daresay suitable for most people with fair to light medium skin tones, especially those with neutral or warm undertones. It has a subtle but pretty hint of pink in it, to lift the nude from beige to a more wearable result.  It's really quite flattering, and goes with any eye makeup look I'm wearing, and nearly anything in my wardrobe. . The texture is ideal, it has a soft, creamy feel that is both hydrating and easy to wear. It is a 'Lasting Finish' lipstick, which I find on me doesn't last ages i.e. I definitely don't get anywhere near the 8 hours Rimmel claim these wear, but I don't mind reapplying as it's so creamy and comfortable. I highly recommended trying this range if you're looking for your perfect nude - there's a shade to suit anyone in the range.
I have shade #45 a lovely pinkish/mauve nude that would suit almost all skin tones.  I love the vanilla scent/taste, not overpowering and much better than the standard plastic-chemical taste of other lipsticks.  It is creamy and applies really smoothly but unfortunately it does have the tendency to transfer onto everything and doesn't last very long.  If it were longer lasting it would be one of my Holy Grail lipsticks, but I keep buying it because I love the shade so much!
I have the shade 45, I love this colour nude, I wear this shade so much as it's the perfect nude. $12.95 each they are a staple in any lipstick collection. While it's not the longest lasting lipstick, it does reapply easily, I keep one handy in my draw at work, and there is always 1 in my handbag. Definitely worth the buy, my only negative is the scent, but I only smell it as I'm applying it,  Great all round nude lipstick
My all time favourite lipstick is one of Kate Moss's nudes. I have already bought it twice and have recently purchased another nude in the range. I love the colour, i love the finish, i love the feel. One of the best lipsticks I have ever bought for everyday wear. When its on sale again I will be sure to snap another one up!
I love me a good nude! But who doesn't? Oh, right, perhaps I should expand on that - I love me a good nude lipstick! Sometimes, there's nothing better than a smoky eye with an understated lip. Quiet perfection. I really like the range that they have, and I can wear most of them, if not all of them, which is great, given that lipsticks generally aren't a one size fits all type deal. 40 is a little too cool and pale for my skin tone, while 42 is a darker shade which is also cool, but dark enough for me to wear. 43 is a bit of a my lips but better hue and 45 is the perfect shade of nude for me. 48, while no longer what I'd consider a nude on me, is a gorgeous dark shade that I adore. Wear time wise, I think they do as well as the typical Rimmel lipsticks, which is to say a couple of hours . However, I find some of these shades just that little bit drying on me, even though they are creamy to apply. I have taken to wearing lip balm beneath them, and it seems to work quite well like this. What I do like, though, is how pigmented they are, particularly for the lighter shades. These babies retail for $12.95 each, but you can often find Rimmel on sale. These can be obtained wherever Rimmel stands can be found, including Priceline, Target and Kmart.