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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nude Foundation is a long-wear medium coverage foundation that resists sweat, heat, humidity and transfer. The lightweight foundation blends into skin to help create a nude, pore-less look. 

Available in five shades.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nude Foundation


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Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation Rimmel London 25 Hour Lasting Finishing Breathable Foundation comes in a bottle with 3D product applicator. Available in 8 shades, providing colour variation for lighter to medium tones. The foundation provides perfect coverage. This is partially thanks to the handy little applicator, which allows you to evenly distribute the foundation over your face. Further more the applicator tool allows you to blend the product into your face, making it very quick and easy to achieve an optimum result in minimal time. The foundation feels quite comfortable, I don’t like heavy make up and I felt like I was in my own skin and it lasted all day. Although Sydney has been experiencing some cooler days, we have had some wet ones also and it has not rubbed off or washed away leaving me looking like a sad crying panda. Although I did not need to reapply the make up due to its long lasting application, it would have been easy to carry and reapply if necessary. The foundation for me, didn’t cake up and provided a great overall coverage. It provides a polished and seamless look and I would recommend it for medium to fuller coverage. So, don't get this if you want more of a BB cream. It's as good as a higher-end brand for a small price.
In the past it was pretty difficult to find a decent drugstore foundation, I had to opt for those high end as on my combination skin drugstore foundations looked dreadful. A lot must have changed over the last 10 years as I find myself grabbing for more and more drugstore bases and more often than not I am very pleased with the results they give. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Nude is the 2nd Rimmel foundation I have ever tried ( the 1st one was a quite good Recover some 8 years ago). What appealed to me was a lovely, very expensive looking glass bottle with the white lid. The bottle has got a pump - my favourite way to distribute foundation which means fuss free mess free application. What also made me buy this product was the promise of it being long lasting, providing medium coverage and having SPF 20 which is always a bonus. That was a theory, what about the practice? Well, to be honest, this foundation exceeded my expectations. The application is beautiful very easy because of foundation's creamy formula. The foundation cooperates with the skin in a gorgeous way, it sinks into the skin, blends with it seamlessly to such an extent that the skin looks very natural, NUDE. It does not "sit" on top of the skin, it does not accentuate dry patches or pores. It sets and stays put all day long, even in hot weather conditions. Upon touch it won't "move", it's not one of those foundations that disappear the moment we touch the face. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Nude has a lovely subtle fragrance, very Rimmel-like.  The finish I would say is semi matte with the perfect glow from within, a lovely foundation for combination skins. It smooths out the skin optically too, pores seems smaller, the texture of the skin seem more even. The medium coverage it provides is ideal for every day and it can be buildable if we need to.  My only wish is that there would be more shade options as most fall into that much hated pink-toned category. Some yellow based colours would be a dream and I am sure even more girls would be happy with this terrific foundation.
Right, here's a product I wish I liked but honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with it. This was the second foundation that I had ever purchased and I had high hopes after the lovely lady at the store gave me a rundown of all the fabulous things about it. However, i found that it stuck to my dry areas and clung to the slightest of imperfections. Here is what I think: PACKAGING: the glass bottle looks very nice and it actually has a pump!!The lid, however, does not stay on, so don't try to grab it from the lid otherwise gravity will play against you and your floor or dressing table will be covered in glass and foundation.  COLOUR RANGE: Hats off to Rimmel for creating a foundation pale enough for ghosts like me! This foundation was one of the few in Priceline that actually had a shade that matched my skin perfectly. That's why I had such high expectations for the product and was determined to make it work for me (unfortunately, it didn't). FORMULA: Rimmel got the silky smooth formula right for this foundation. When on your hand, it looks liquidy but not watery which is factastic. The product does stay in place for the majority of the day, but  I found that it emphasised my dry patches and  made my skin look cakey and gross. No matter how I applied it (fingers, brush, beauty blender), it would not blend out to a seamless finish.  Unfortunately, it's not great for people with dry skin, but it would be alright for people with more oily skin. 
For a fabulous long-lasting liquid foundation, you can't go past this affordable option. This wondrous foundation has a slighty dewy finish. It glides over skin and blends to perfection to create a lovely natural look that lasts for hours on end. I am really impressed with the long-lasting formula - I can apply Lasting Finish 25 HR Nude Foundation at 7am and it still looks flawless well into the evening. The medium coverage is most than substantial for most women as it really does cover flaws and makes skin appear more even. Lasting Finish 25 HR Nude Foundation is one of few foundations I can apply to skin and then apply a powder blush and bronzer directly to without a dash of powder in between and I love it! Lasting Finish 25 HR Nude Foundation is ideal to wear out by day, to work and even of an evening. With SPF 20 skin is moderately protected for a short time, but important none-the-less. The formula contains Vitamin E, leaving skin feeling soft. Ideal for all skin types, this foundation does not irritate skin. The glass bottle packaging is classy and professional, however it  might concern some consumers because knocking it off the bathroom vanity = disaster. The pump applicator is easy to use and the scent is much like every other foundation out there. Available in 5 shades, Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 HR Nude Foundation caters for fair to medium skin tones which leaves those with dark skin looking elsewhere.