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Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner

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Get defined eyes effortlessly with Rimmel London’s Magnif’Eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner. With a creamy eyeshadow crayon on one end and a kohl kajal eyeliner on the other, the waterproof duo is also crease- and transfer-resistant, and applies easily for all-day wear.

Available in four shades.


Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner


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I used the double ended shadow and liner in Back to Blacks and was so disappointed with my purchase. This is the worst combo I have ever used.  Liner and shadow both required a lot of blending, which made it so messy since I used my fingers to do that. Brushes just wouldn't work because the pigment in the product is so strong that I literally had to rub the shadow on my eyelid to make it more subtle.  Kudos for having two products in one, it makes it easy to carry around, but the black colour is just so intense and not worth using.
Oh Rimmel London Magniféyes double ended shadow liner where have you been all my life? I have fallen deeply in love with your beautiful creamy shadow that once it sets, doesn't budge all day. And lets not forget to mention your long lasting khol kajal eyeliner. My love affair started with the 002 Kissed by a Rose Gold as I was drawn in by the beautiful creamy rose gold shadow, but it was the dreamy brown khol which won my heart. I have fallen hard for using the brown khol as an alternative to my usual black and am loving the more natural look I can achieve with the brown khol. The dual colour combination is the perfect match for my baby blue eyes and I have worn it every day for the last 3 weeks. Feeling like I would be cheating on my favourite, I pushed these feeling aside and decided to invest in the other 3 colours and I have not one regret.  The only one I don't tend to use the shadow on as much is the 001 Back to Blacks as the gunmetal grey shadow is more dark than I am game to wear on my 47 year old hooded eyes. If I had one negative to mention is that like all kajal's once the point is worn down it is more difficult to get a defined line. I haven't attempted to try to sharpen it yet but will have to experiment to see whether it is possible or not. I will probably only worry about attempting this on the black one as I am happy to have a less defined line in the other three colours. I would definitely recommend this for everyone's makeup bag and have only reduced my review by one star due to the kajal sharpening issue.
First, let me tell you what it is. This little innovation houses a 24 hour kohl kajal eyeliner on one end, and on the other, it has a 2-in-1 stay true shadow. The kohl kajal liner is sharp and gets you a beautiful wing at the lash line. This winds up, so what you can see isn't all that is there. The flip side of this is that once it you work your way down a little bit, this gets a little blunt, so I'll have to sharpen this at some point. On the other end, the stay true shadow has a rounded tip and this makes it super easy to swipe over the lids. Just make sure that you're quick about it when you blend, because this will dry down and stay that way! This comes in 4 different shades, including: 1) 001 Back to Blacks - Liner: black; Shadow: gun metal grey 2) 002 Kissed by a Rose Gold - Liner: brown; Shadow: rose gold  3) 003 Queens of the Bronzed Age - Liner: gold; Shadow: bronze 4) 004 Dark Side of Blue - Liner: cobalt blue; Shadow: dark grey This is incredibly gorgeous and actually really, really hard to remove. After I  swatched them, I used a makeup wipe to try and remove it, and it wasn't until I broke out the micellar water that I could actually take it off! These have been living in my handbag for a while, because they are great for touch ups! You can pick this up for $16.95 at a lot of places that stock Rimmel, including Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W and major supermarkets. 
I recently purchased this in the shade #002 kissed by a rose gold and it's awesome. Creamy, smooth consistency. The eyeshadow end which is rose good with a light metallic sheen is so soft that you can apply straight from the applicator without it being abrasive on the delicate eye are. I must admit though I don't use the Kohl liner end every time as it is more of a chocolate brown and I tend to wear black for work. Pros: all day wear, soft texture, easy application, great colour, great price point Cons: work quickly to soften edges as can set quick, only 4 shades available and Everywhere I go I can only seem to find my shade and the black. Overall a definite winner I'll definitely re purchase