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Rimmel London Magnif'eyes Eyeshadow Palette

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Rimmel London Magnif'eyes Eyeshadow Palette is an eyeshadow palette featuring eight pressed powder shades with shimmer and matte finishes that can double as an eyeliner and highlighter. 

Available in two shades.


Rimmel London Magnif'eyes Eyeshadow Palette


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I love Rimmel London pallets, they're affordable and have a great range of colours. This one was no exception! The colours really pop, but I found that sometimes there was fallout after a few hours of wear.  My favourite was the purple colour, it's something I wouldn't normally wear but it was really pretty!
I found this was a little hit and miss for me.  Some of the eyshadows came up great on my skin tone however some of them were just terrible. This is a great starter pallet if you are just getting into makeup! I still continue to use the palette however will be repurchasing. Overall though still a great little palette.
PROS: -      Affordable -      Two colour options (suitable to either warm or cool toned skin) -      Convenient packaging -      Both shimmer and matte finish shadows -      Pigmented -      Minimal fall out -      Relatively longwearing -      Can use lighter shades as a highlighter   CONS: -      Nil     I managed to pick these palettes (yes both of them haha) up on sale at Priceline a couple months ago. I can’t remember exactly what I ended up paying, but they retail at $19.95 each so you really don’t have much to lose in trying them.   The two palette varieties are ‘Keep Calm Wear Gold’ which includes a range of warmer toned gold and brown shades, and ‘Grunge Glamour’ which includes cooler toned grey, brown, and burgundy shades. I purchased both palettes, however much prefer how the cool colours in the Grunge Glamour palette look on my fair skin. I have since given the other palette my sister who has olive skin as it suits her much better than myself. I find the shades in the palette are really good at creating the illusion of depth through the inclusion of both matte and shimmer shades. I have sunken hooded eyes, and I have found this palette really effective at minimising the appearance of this.   The packaging is simple yet effective, and contains a large mirror that makes application a breeze. The palette includes a dual-ended sponge style applicator, however I find the product applies and blends better with a shadow brush.   Each of the shadows are rather pigmented, the darker ones slightly more so than the lighter ones. The shadows apply and blend really well, and I have experienced no issues with product fall out or settling into creases. Although I wouldn’t say the quality of the shadows in this palette matches that of high-end shadows, it is definitely one of the best palettes I have ever tried in such an affordable price range. At this stage I probably won’t repurchase, but I definitely do not regret the (limited) money I spent on these palettes.
Like most of the other beauties on here, my makeup purchases are centred around the notion of value for money. Although I (unnecessarily) splurge on high end products, nothing puts me in a better mood than finding a beautiful product that doesn't break the bank. Because of this, I have been a big fan of Rimmel London for a while now, and this Magnif'Eyes Eye Contouring Palette is no exception. The palette is available in two varieties - Grunge Glamour and Keep Calm & Wear Gold. I am hopeless when it comes to impulse shopping, so of course I purchased both.. They each come in a simple black plastic case with a clear window to display the shadow colours contained within the palette. Each case also includes a large rectangular mirror, which is useful when applying the shadows, and a double ended sponge applicator which get the job done, although I much prefer to apply ad blend my eye shadow using makeup brushes. Both varieties have 8 shades inside, including both shimmer and matte finishes. I personally lean towards matte shadows, so was a little outnumbered in this palette (3 matte - 5 shimmers) but I have played around with the palettes and have since found myself using many more of the shimmer shadows more regularly. I have hooded eyes and have been trying different products to hide/emphasise different parts of my eyes and this palette is honestly perfect for that purpose! The eye shadows are pretty pigmented, but I find that using a primer beforehand increases the pigmentation and makes application much smoother and easier. There is limited fallout with these palettes, which is good considering shimmers can be a little touch and go. Longevity is as good as my Urban Decay and Lorac eye shadows, but definitely up there when compared to other similarly priced palettes. I love this Rimmel palette, I find it is perfect to keep in my handbag as it caters for both day and night makeup looks. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful eye shadow palette on a budget, as it retails for $19.95 from most big retailers (Kmart, Priceline, Target etc) as well as online.
For a long time, there weren't many options at Priceline for good eyeshadow palettes. Most brands only had quads and the pigmentation and lasting power was poor. Rimmel has completely hit it out of the park with their 2 new eyeshadow palettes. Firstly the packaging is really sleek and user friendly. I have both of them, so I like that I can see the colours in the palette without opening it. The clear panel makes it quick for me to see which palette I'm reaching for. When you open it, there's a small mirror inside. While I don't use it often as I prefer a larger mirror, I really like having it there for when I don't have a mirror in front of me. On the back of the packaging, there's instructions with illustrations on 3 different looks you can use with the palette. This is great for someone just getting into eyeshadow palettes or someone who doesn't know how to wear some of the colours.  As for the eyeshadows themselves, there's a mix of matte, shimmers and glitters. I like that there's enough colours (8) to create a lot of different looks, but not too many colours that it's overwhelming. I find that I reach for the "Keep Calm & Wear Gold" palette the most, especially when I'm running late and need easy and wearable shades. Like most palettes, the shimmer are more pigmented and smoother than the mattes. Although if you use a cream base or primer before you apply the shadows, then they work amazingly.  It comes with a double sided sponge tip applicator. These are great to use in a pinch when I don't have any clean eyeshadow brushes or when i really want to pack on the pigment as I find that the sponge makes it easy to build up the colour.  The palette is great for a beginner, someone on a budget or anyone that loves a new eyeshadow palette. It's affordable and has a great mix of shades. This is the palette that I reach for when I'm travelling. It's lightweight, has a great mix of colours, contains a mirror and is also inexpensive to replace if it gets broken. 
The nude eyeshadow palette is amazing! Love the mix of shimmers and mattes. The pigmentation is not amazing but buildable. No fall out and easy to blend. Great drugstore eyeshadow palette.
Rimmel is one of my favourite brands and I was so exciting when they released these eyeshadow palettes. In Australia , two palettes are available keep calm  & wear gold and Grunge Glamour. I got  in Grunge Glamour which is neutral greys and browns. Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Eyeshadow Palette comes in a strong plastics compact and contains 8 different eyeshadows. The palette is small and also suitable for travelling. It has sponge applicator and small mirror, I use my own brush to use the shadows. The shades selection of Grunge Glamour is good for this party season but not suitable for everyday wear.  The formula of these shadows vary in terms of pigmentation and application. The first 4 shades from left are not pigmented, difficult to apply and blend. In the above swatches, I needed to apply many time to see the actual colours. The number 4 shade is matte and it is least pigmented in this palette. Now come to the good ones, the last 4 shades are highly pigmented, easy to apply and blend. They are creamy, buttery and one swipe is enough to show intense colour. The case is same with the longevity, pigmented shades last for longer time while others faded quickly. All the shades have very little fall out which is Ok for me. My favourite shades are number 5 and 6 from left, both are wearable and highly pigmented. Overall, I am not over excited with this eyeshadow palette,  I can only use 4 colours, as others are just a miss for me. I think that other palette “keep calm and wear gold” will be better than this one. I also feel that this is overpriced product as we only got 8 colour for 20$.
I love the colours in this pallete, the mix of shimmer and matt is great for blending, the colour is rich in pigmentation and made my eyes looks amazing. The colour looked quite natural which is great for me as I dont like overpowering colour and it doesn't crease which is an added bonus. The price is great as are most Rimmel products so I would buy this again as it delivers excellent results
I'm in two minds about this palette. I love it, but only HALF of it, and I'll explain why.  Firstly, Rimmel has always been a long standing affordable makeup brand in that they always seem to release really high quality products in amazing shade ranges.  I was incredibly excited to try this palette because number 1, I wanted an everyday cool toned palette with both matte and shimmery shades, and number 2 because of its compact size and pretty packaging. The shades look so beautiful in this palette and I love that they've taken a step outside the norm and included a sultry deep red/burgundy shade. I don't really experiment with reds so it was more a reason to try this palette out. What I love about this palette is the versatility that comes from a palette with such limited shades. It can create everything from deep, seductive smokey eye looks to incredibly natural, every day makeup. It offers a day-to-nifht practicality both in the shade range and it's compact size for ease of travelling and having it on the go.  Now, the deeper, darker half of this palette is freaking beautiful. The shades are insanely gorgeous and unique and super pigmented. The feel of these eyeshadows are really smooth and buttery and they apply and blend really easily. It doesn't take too much work with these eyeshadows.  However, the other half of the palette with lighter shades could do with some improvement. I feel like they aren't anywhere near as pigmented as the darker shades. I mean I know you can expect that from light shades but I felt like I had to apply a fair bit of it to reach the colour payoff and opacity I desired. I also feel like this is missing a neutral light to mid tone brown that would act well as a transition shade.  So that's why I am in two minds. I love half of this palette in the deeper shades, but I feel it lacks in the light shades. Overall I still think this is a great palette, it just takes a little longer to work with the light shades.  
I honestly feel the Magnif 'Eyes by Rimmel London case is a great compact palette it feels light on the skin, the contrast of the colours are shimmery but not over powering and smells great. The colours are easy to blend, Rich, Intense and long lasting colours. They are also crease proof, can be used wet to give eyes definition - they highlights in the colors really POP my eyes right open they are stunning, I use this on a everyday basis its one of the best on the market basis on selection of variety of colours and on value for money.                                                                                                                                               PROS- I love the size of the palette it's a great size to fit into a smaller handbag, the mirror is practical, I liked you can view the colours without having to open, in terms of the durability of the packaging it's fits well within the value and price - I'm very happy!                                                                                               CONS - I couldn't fault it in any way it exceeded my expectations