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Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation is a lightweight liquid foundation that blends with the skin’s natural tone. The foundation helps create an invisible, soft-focus finish that minimises the appearance of pores and imperfections. 

Available in 8 shades.


Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation


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This has been my go to drug store foundation for as long as I can remember. It’s a light coverage but buildable foundation. It appears quite thick when you first pump it put of the bottle but once you blend it into your face, it evens out. It manages to last me a whole day and does not feel cakey in the slightest.
Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation gives me the perfect finish for summer. With an SPF20 it protects me from the sun and it doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky. This foundation gives me a medium coverage but is also buildable if I need full coverage. It is easy to apply and has a beautiful flexible dewy finish. If I didn’t know that it was a Rimmel foundation I would think it was high end because of the silkiness.
I would rank this in my top 3 foundations ever! I love it to the ends of the earth and back. For reference, I have dry skin - so take this into account if you have a different skin type! I am shade NC15 in MAC and I bought the lightest yellow-toned shade in the range and it's a perfect match. I apply it with a damp sponge and use 2-3 pumps for my whole face. It covers up my dark acne marks and under-eye circles with this count but doesn't look cake or heavy - it just looks natural. I would call the finish just a bit dewier than satin - it looks like skin. I do have to set it with a small amount of powder, but once I do, it doesn't move, cake, or go patchy throughout the day. It also doesn't crease under my eyes which is a feat for me. I have heard that it oxidises on some people, but I personally haven't experienced it. Such a great foundation!!
Paler skin tones will love this one.  It is one of the only foundations I can buy off the shelf and not have to use lightening drops for.  Shade #100 is perfect for me, it is one of the rare Ivory shades that are not pink toned.   Having a slightly warm undertone makes it a perfect match for me.  It blends easily and seamlessly, no matter what you use fingers, beauty blender, brush etc.  Coverage is medium to full and it is easy to layer to get high coverage without caking.  Great formula for the price, cannot find anything that beats it for price, performance and shade - a staple in my makeup bag.
I absolutely love this foundation, in fact I use this one regularly. Out of the 'Wake Me Up', 'Match Perfection' and 'Lasting Finish 25H Foundation With Comfort Serum' this would have to be my favourite.  I love the fact that it is SPF 20 because wearing sunscreen everyday is a must for me. It is really easy to blend out and doesn't take long at all.  If you're someone who like a full coverage foundation this probably isn't the best one for you however, I like a medium coverage so it is perfect. I prefer to not use a primer underneath because it lasts well without it and blends smoother without it.  I love the finish that it gives - quite natural and lasts super well without the need to reapply. 
I've never been a big fan of Rimmel foundations until a beauty blogger convinced me to try this one! This foundation is amazing! It stays on all day, I literally have not done any touch ups at work since using this! The formula glides on smoothly and has an airbrushed look. Another amazing thing about this foundation is the smell! Delicious! I use it with a beauty blender and set it with a powder for a natural look.
This is a great foundation. Hardly even looks like I'm wearing foundation when I have it on. I have noticed that if I apply too much it can come off a little bit darker/orange looking but overall it is amazing!
This is a really awesome drugstore foundation! It provides full coverage and a flawless base. I have oily skin and this lasts really well on my skin. The finish is more on the matte side, so more suitable for normal to oily skin types. The colour range is a bit disappointing but quite the norm for Rimmel bases.
Have used this foundation product for over 4 years now! Highly recommend! Lasts all day, no shine, perfect look easy to apply and blend of need be. Not thick or cakey at all, goes on perfectly, covers all my acne even my scars makes a full flawless face all day. I swear by this product and won't change any time soon.  Love the updated packaging how you can now see how much foundation is left and the new shape of the pump lid is perfect for my makeup pouch. 5 stars LOVE LOVE LOVE!
I have never tried a Rimmal foundation before even though majority of my foundations are low end. I was planning on trying another Rimmal foundation but after trying this one i am hesitant. I have combination skin and found it sat on my skin patchy instead of blending in, as the day went on it sat in fine lines and expression lines making my skin look dehydrated and very unflattering, it also wore away in my T-zone areas which doesn't happen very often with other low end foundations, their are better foundations for the same price so i would not recommend this foundation.  I do agree that it is lightweight on the skin, pump is fantastic, not as tacky on application as some other foundations so less powder to set, 1 layer for light - medium coverage, 2nd layer medium courage. Disappointing!
Light natural coverage and lightweight feel. Great shades available! Blends well, but does require touch ups if you're planning on wearing all day. But its a very light coverage anyway.
I was a little hesitant of how well this product would perform considering its at the lower end of the market but I was very pleasantly surprised . I had True Ivory and after 1 minute of apply 1 pump to my face with my finger tips the colour blended perfectly to my skin tone . The coverage was medium with a semi-mat finish and covered all my imperfections well . I did add my normal concealer under my eyes but that's all was required .  I found it held throughout the day and still looked fresh 8 hours later. I have normal to slightly oily skin on my t-zone and the formula seemed to work well.  All in all impressed with this product , did exactly what it promised to do all at a decent price point . 
I'm extremely pale so I find it quite hard to find a foundation that truly matches my skin but this foundation matches PERFECTLY. I use the colour 100 Ivory and not only is light, but it has a subtle yellow undertone which is perfect for my skin. I do sometimes find that it makes my skin look oily, especially in my T-zone but if I powder my face, it's fine. I do find that this foundation is too thick and full coverage for everyday use however, it is my go-to foundation for weekends and special events. I highly recommend this foundation for anyone who is looking for a good quality yet affordable foundation!
The Rimmel match perfection is a great foundation. If you’re looking for something natural and lightweight, this is the foundation for you. The foundation blended well with my skin and it looked like it minimised my pores.  I found that the foundation did not last throughout the whole day. I was also able to see dry patches on my skin wearing this foundation. If you have dry skin, this product probably isn't for you. 
I found this foundation reasonable overall. I really liked the pump action dispenser, which gives you great control over how much foundation you want to dispense (from a super-small amount to a lot). The foundation went on smoothly, and felt relatively light on my skin, even though its consistency indicated it would be heavier on the face. I was a little disappointed at the coverage - I thought it could have covered pigmentation, scars etc a little better, but I did only use the one coat and applied with my fingers, so perhaps when using a brush or sponge it would heed a better result. It blended in quite well on my combination skin, and didn't flake. It felt good on my face all day, and I actually found my lippy stayed well when applying it on top of the foundation on my lips. I'm impressed with this product given its decent price point.
This product really surprised me! When looking at it in the bottle it didn't look my colour at all but once applied was a perfect match! On application (using my fingers) , it went on smoothly and has a pleasant smell to it. It is a light but buildable coverage, i found gave a nice natural cover. By the end of day i do need to give a little touch up. It feels nice on my skin but think it would probably best suit someone a little younger.
The Rimmel Perfect Match foundation contains SPF 20, so if you're using this separately to a primer without SPF, or a face cream that doesn't have any, you will still be protected partially (I do tend to prefer stronger SPF) from the sun's friendly but harmful rays. I tend to use high SPF no matter what, though! This spreads easily and blends well, and has a nice, reassuringly firm pump. It has a matte finish and while it lasts on my skin for most of the day, there is a little creasing around the brow/eye area by the time I get home. You can pick this up for $19.95.
This was my first time using a Rimmel foundation. I normally wear foundation daily and have my favourites, like everyone does. I was impressed using this Rimmel foundation, found it to have a lightweight feel and smooth texture. I had shade 100 ivory, which matched me perfectly. I normally wear shade ivory in most foundations. I am a male and have normal to combo skin. The foundation left my skin looking healthy and fresh. It also felt lightweight on the face, didn't feel heavy or like a mask. I did find i was able to build the coverage up if i needed it. I wore this foundation for a 4 days with no primer and 3 days with a primer. The primer i decided to use was the Rimmel Fix & Protect makeup primer. The days i wore the primer i noticed the foundation looked only a little better, less oil breakouts by the end of a 10 hours plus day. I have enlarged pores in my t-zone, and found the pore blurring effect of this foundation did help smooth out my pores and didn't require me to do as much buffing as i would normally with my foundation brush to "blur" my pores. Also having the SPF 20 in this foundation is always a plus. i didn't get the chance to take a flash photo to see if there was any white cast. At the end of the day my skin did still feel well hydrated after being out all day. This foundation does claim to have 24hr moisture hydration. Overall i would use this foundation again and recommend it. I give it 4 stars.
Affordability, full coverage, lightweight, widely available........what more could a woman want from a foundation?! I tried Rimmel for the first time when my regular foundation was out of stock.......what a blessing in disguise! I can't be happier. I normally find cheaper foundations either cause irritation or I badly breakout, but thanks to the lightweight formula my skin shines naturally. Coverage even lasts all day without turning dewy. I would absolutely recommend this foundation for any woman looking for natural finish without the excessive price.
I use my fingers to apply this foundation, it goes on smoothly and spreads evenly and gives me medium coverage. It also keeps me shine free for the entire day and does the job of more expensive foundations. It gives me confidence and all day flawless coverage. Excellent results!