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Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder

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Rimmel Match perfection loose powder transparent is lightweight, smooth and soft face translucent foundation setting powder, which matches skin’s texture for a flawless and natural-looking finish.


Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder


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This definitely lasts a long time and leaves a beautiful silky finish on the skin. Price wise it is a great drugstore option but I do prefer my Laura Mercier setting powder. I found that this powder really stuck to the hairs on my face which made them more noticeable for me but not for others.
This has got to be my favorite drugstore loose powder. It comes in a round plastic case with a blue lid and contains a powder puff for application (which I find to be of no use). The powder is fine and appears to have the faintest tinge of pink but actually applies neutral. What I love: It has zero flashback so doesn't make me look like a vampire in photos. It is pretty versatile and functions nicely when I use it to set my makeup overall, or spot set concealer and even as a baking powder. It is my go to baking powder. When used in this way, I can get my makeup to last all day at work from applying at 7:30 in the morning and till 3:30 in the afternoon without needing retouches. I have oily skin so this is a saviour for me!! What I don't like: The casing is poor quality. The writing on the packaging faded very early on after buying and I noticed a crack appear on the side though I don't recall dropping it. The powder puff applicator is of no use and it just sits there annoyingly. I do find it hard to release the powder through the holes inside and have to tip it over into the lid for best results. All in all a perfect buy in not so perfect packaging.
This is hands down my favourite loose setting powder! I use it to set my whole face especially under my eyes, my smile lines and my forehead wrinkles. When going for a full coverage look I’ll also bake with it under my eyes! There is no flashback and it’s super lightweight on my dry skin! It is also super affordable which is always a plus! It looks flawless on the skin!
This is a lovely translucent powder that is finely milled and easy to use. It's great for setting concealer and foundation and helps them stay in place for longer while controlling shine. The powder itself looks like it's a very light pink. As my complexion has yellow tones, I was worried that it would leave me looking ashy or unnatural but it didn't, though I only ever use it with a light hand.  Face products can oxidise on my combination skin over time but it didn't do that either. Very happy with this given that it's so affordable. You can even find it at half price occasionally at Woolworths or Coles.
I have this powder in the shade translucent. I generally use it to set my concealer under the eyes so it doesn’t crease and to set foundation on the bridge of my nose to stop transfer onto glasses. For this I use a damp beauty blender and it does a great job of melting it into my skin without looking overly powdery. I don’t think it’s completely translucent as I feel it adds an almost pinky look but I don’t really mind that. It feels incredibly silky to the touch, but it also doesn’t make my skin feel dry where I’ve used it. It doesn’t add much coverage but does a great job of making sure my base products don’t move.
I use translucent in this powder and i LOVE it. Its the perfect affordable loose powder you need! Goes on very easy, does on patch and cake in one spot. Does not leave white film over your face. I have oily/combination skin and I find it doesn't completely stop the oil throughout the day but does control it. Great product, would keep repurchasing it!
This lives up to the description of being a silky powder. Others powders can take a bit of working in, but this powder just melts into my skin. I use the transparent colour as a setting powder and it controls the oil for hours. I usually need only one touch up half way through the day, and when I do it absorbs all that oil and keeps me looking matte and fresh. It’s quite fine, not heavy at all, and has a delicious vanilla scent. I know a lot of transparent powders can leave the dreaded white cast, but I have only experienced it once. That being said I can be heavy handed with my setting powders and it was a dark room with a bright flash. I find using a setting spray can help avoid the white flashback. I know some people don’t have any luck with this method because the white cast is still there once the setting spray has dried. However, this powder has a soft feel that works harmoniously with setting sprays that together blend all layers underneath for soft and matte complexion. Pros: Sets makeup for hours of wear Cons: May leave a white cast if you use too much
Great translucent powder. There is plenty in the container so it will last a long time. Best to use a small amount otherwise it can lighten your look. Helps keep make up in place for several hours.
A really good loose powder. I have the 001 Transparent (not sure whether it comes in other colours) It’s very finely milled. I wouldn’t say it’s totally transparent – it’s quite light and will maybe slightly lighten your look but quickly adjust. I have dry skin so don’t tend to go overboard with powder, but this doesn’t make me feel dehydrated. I wish the holes in the sifter were slightly finer because it’s hard not to get too much powder on your brush (also, I’m a clutz when I’m in a hurry and live in eternal fear of tipping it all over myself just as I’m putting the finishing touches on my makeup). I’ve had far more expensive powders and have decided that this does the job for a third of the price.
I love the elegant and feminine appeal of a loose powder foundation. It takes me back to when I started using makeup and I love the familiarity of loose foundation. This Rimmel London loose foundation is silky and smooth. I apply using my foundation brush and then blend easily with light strokes. If necessary, I use my finger tips to blend over my fine lines and blemishes. It feels light on my skin, but doesn't clog my pores or dry my skin. It provides a natural and smooth dewy coverage. This foundation lasts the entire day for me, through running around and being stressed at work. It stays put and leaves me oil free and non streaky. I love how it gives me confidence as I know my skin looks flawless and smooth and even radiant! I cannot praise this foundation enough. I recommend it for anyone who wants an affordable loose powder foundation which provides lasting and even tone coverage.