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Rimmel London Multi Tasker Concealer

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Rimmel London Multi Tasker Concealer is a concealer that does it all. It conceals blemishes, brightens dark circles and covers the full face to even out the skin tone. The ultra-blendable, full coverage formula is easy to apply and goes a long way, thanks to its extra-large soft-touch wand. This concealer delivers long-lasting hydration for up to 24 hours. Suitable for all skin types. Available in shades: 10 Porcelain, 20 Fair, 30 Light, 40 Ivory, 50 Sand, 60 Nude, 70 Honey, 80 Tan, 90 Toffee, 100 Mocha, 110 Coconut and 120 Tiramisu.

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Rimmel London Multi Tasker Concealer


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Amazing concealer

I really love this concealer so much for so many reasons. It has great coverage and blends well thanks to the formula and applicator. It can on occasion dry out and crease depending on the weather but overall it blends seamlessly. The formulation feels smooth, lightweight and creamy. I love the wand/applicator as it is easy to apply, plus the amount of product that comes with this concealer is more than you would expect. It lasts me a very long time and is definitely something worth investing into.

Disguises imperfections perfectly

This is a great multi tasking concealer that is super easy to use and blends really well. I love rimmel because their products are so high quality and deliver great results and this concealer is no exception. The packaging is really pretty and the application brush is great to apply with then I simply blend it in with my fingers. It gives great coverage without going cakey and it doesn’t dry out skin, it’s quite hydrating. I use it to disguise dark circles when I’m tired, pigmentation and the odd breakout to give a nice flawless finish for under my foundation. It’s a great price and it lasts for ages, so it’s great value. Love it
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Great everyday concealer

I was glad to be given an opportunity to try Rimmel London Multi Tasker Concealer. I have been using this concealer for a while now and can’t get enough of it. The texture is a bit thick but smooth and glides effortlessly. Coverage is a bit too full for my liking but for ladies who like full coverage it is a good find. It absorbs easily without outlining wrinkles and stays all day. My undereye area is a bit dry but this concealer brightens up area around and under eyes and i would even say hydrates it a bit . Concealer's price is very appealing for this quality. Will definitely recommend this product!
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Give it a go!

Are you wanting a concealer that heavy, has good coverage and doesn't cake?? Look no further. Seriously. I was pleasantly surprised with this one! It is really easy to apply. Not too liquidy and not too dewy. It's not too thick either. It feels light and doesn't effect foundation. I really really like this concealer. I will be purchasing in the future. It doesn't smell. It looks fantastic. I am so white and it blends well and gives me the coverage I have been looking for and lasts the whole day. It doesn't seep into my smile wrinkles and doesn't look yukky after a gym session. I really recommend this one so check it out!
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Smooth and easy to use.

I've been using this Rimmel London Multi Tasker concealer for the past week or so and I absolutely love it! I've been using it primarily for things like covering up red blemishes/spots, using it under my eyes to hide those mid-week dark circles, and to even out my skin tone. I have been using it without foundation underneath/over the top - just with my usual skin care routine. I really like the larger 'brush' - it's soft and applies easily. I apply it with my fingers, and it smooths and blends beautifully. It doesn't feel cakey or unnatural at all!
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Great concealer for on the go

A fantastic concealer at a great price point. I firstly love the packaging in a thick bottle with a pretty silver lid and definitely makes you think there is more product then 10ml. I got the product in shade light, which is perfect for my skintone. The doe foot applicator is wide which I love and can spread the product super easily. The concealer is thick which is the type of concealer that I love, as it can easily cover my blemishses, red spots and under eye bags. The staying power is incredible, it honestly doesn't budge and for a girl on the go I dont have to do any touch ups throughout the day.
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Oooh She's Fancy!

Oh she's fancy without the fancy price tag! I really got a lot of benefits from using the Rimmel London Multi Tasker Concealer. First of all, who doesn't love a bit of multitasking!? I went with the 030 Light shade (as I tend to go a little pale over the cooler months) and I found it matched well with my skin but also blended fantastically with my foundation. It's nicely packaged and there is a large, slanted applicator so I will say, a little goes a long way. If you're looking to cover minor blemishes and spots, then you'll only need a little touch. I found it also worked really well to cover dark circles which is a huge problem area for me! It was smooth, creamy and has great staying power. I applied and then used a beauty blender. I would certainly recommend this product and will continue to use it!
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Smooth & Easy to Blend

I was lucky enough to receive this product as part of the ReviewCrew. I chose the shade Light. I found the size of the concealer to be very generous. The packaging was cute. I think the shade i chose was too light, but the actual concealer was easy to apply. The concealer tended to be on the thicker side but this is something i prefer. It was easy to blend and blended well. The coverage was great. Able to be used under make up and on top of make up. It lasted all day. The applicator was on the larger side so it suited more larger areas rather than small pin point areas that require concealing. I've always been a fan of the Rimmel brand and i would recommend this product to others.
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Quick Drying Long Lasting

Great product. Lasts all day, without creasing. Quick drying leaving skin feel smooth. Matte finish. The packaging allows easy transport in purse or hand bag, not bulky. The coverage is full but blends easily into a soft thin finish. I have fair skin and choose the lightest colour which suits my skin tone perfectly. The tip applicator allows for hard to reach spots such as corner of eyes without leaving mess. Highly recommend. For someone on a budget this product suits most - I have bought more expensive products in the past but none that give such lasting coverage. At the end of the day the concealer still looks fresh.
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Creamy concealer goodness!!

The Rimmel London Multi Tasker Concealer is my new drugstore fave I love that it is super creamy and that the concealer is in a fatter and bigger tube than what I'm used to. I'd liken it to a Tarte Shape Tape dupe, as there is plenty of it, but at a reasonable price. I love the creamyness of it and found that a little bit went a long way- application with a fluffy dense brush was my favourite method of working it around my eyes. I found it to provide good coverage and the colour was a great match for my skin tone, however I do wish that it opened up the choices to be more inclusive for all complexions. I found the warm undertones in the concealer worked well to counteract my dark circles as well as providing build able coverage. It further worked well as a spot concealer to cover dark marks or pimples. I found it to be long lasting and non creasing, even without powder! Thanks BC and Rimmel for letting me trial this product!
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Creamy but creases

I was thrilled to be able to trial the Rimmel multitasker concealer in light as part of review crew. I love the simplicity of the packaging although I had a love hate relationship with the product. The product itself is very creamy and thick which is great for covering dark circles but it can be a challenge to blend and has a habit of settling into fine lines. This is why I gave it 3 stars. The key is that less is more with this product I’ve found and setting it with powder helps. I’m not sure if I would purchase again but I’m definitely looking forward to using this more. I’d recommend it to those who only have small areas to conceal
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Conceals, brightens but 020 was very fair

I have tested the Rimmel London Multi Tasker Concealer for the past week as a Beauty Crew member and was pleasantly surprised that it matched my current concealer's performance. I tested it by itself as a spot corrector, with foundation, and with sunscreen for a hint of colour. I have rosacea flare ups from time to time, my skin is fair but does have a fair amount of redness. It did as promised, concealing (blemishes and signs of tiredness), brightening, providing coverage and comfortable skin and a matte finish throughout my 12 plus hour day. The applicator was easy to use and I found that it blended easily with my fingers. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this concealer, but would definitely suggest testing the colour as I usually wear the lightest foundation and concealer, but the Rimmel 020 was quite fair. Although I'm unsure about the cost of this product, I'd imagine it would be $20 ball park, which is less than half the cost of my current concealer, and it performs just as well and would represent good value for money.
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A great everyday concealer

I enjoyed trying this Rimmel London Multitasker Concealer, mainly because I have visible dark circles and I love a multitasking beauty product. This concealer is jumbo sized, making it great value for money and long lasting. The soft sponge tip applicator makes it ideal for applying the concealer directly on small imperfections and around the delicate eye area. This concealer has a non-drying, creamy texture that is quick and easy to blend with a concealer brush or makeup sponge. It instantly brightens my eye area, so my dark circles pretty much disappear. I am pleased that it doesn't accentuate the look of my visible lines, and adds a touch of hydration. The coverage lasts relatively well the whole day, however it works best when you apply a light dusting of powder on top to help set it in place. It also provides full coverage and you don't need to apply a lot to get great, even and smooth coverage.
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Great coverage

Great sized product - although you only need a small amount to cover spots and dark circles. I used the shade 040 Ivory, which is a perfect match to the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in 100 Ivory. The packaging is pretty with silver details on the lid. The applicator is larger than my other concealers, which allows for a more even spread of product. The concealer covered my spots and dark circles well and lasted all day without touch ups. It didn’t settle into my wrinkles or shift under my under eye area.
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Great for people who like a heavy coverage!

Unfortunately i didn't love this concealer. I have pretty clear skin, but this product settled into fine lines. I tried it under my eyes and had to remove it as the makeup didn't blend easy and looked super noticeable. I also tried it on some acne scars but it didn't blend super easy. This could be due to my dry skin not liking the matte finish. This product would suit someone who likes heavy coverage. Definitely not for those who like a natural look. Despite the formula, I did like the large doe foot applicator as it was easy to use.
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Thick and creamy but not always easy to blend

I am fair skinned so I selected the shade Light for the Rimmel Multi Tasker Concealer. However I found the shade way too light and made me look washed out and pasty. The product tube is shorter and wider than most concealers. The applicator is a a doe foot and larger than average compared to other concealers. This is good for large areas but does take some getting used to as it does pick up and deposit a lot of product. The first time I used it I had way too much product for concealer and blending it out made me look so washed out. The concealer is quite thick in consistency and very creamy so it is good for heavy coverage. As it was so thick, I did find it more difficult to blend in. A little goes a very long way. This would be good for evening wear and found it a bit heavy for everyday wear. If I wanted a very natural look, it was good for applying to conceal light pigmentation areas only and did find it was sufficient and effective. I found it lasted a good 8 hours of wear.
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I really enjoyed this product. I opted for a lighter shade so I could use it for highlighting and contour. It was a yellow undertone concealer which was perfect for my skin tone. The concealer is lightweight and brightening, however it does set quite quickly. I really enjoyed the large dofut applicator. It is a hydrating formula and it didn’t dry out my under eyes. I did find that when paired with foundation is did seperate slightly by the end of the day. Overall, I believe this product does the job and I would recommended it to others.
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Drugstore winner

Rimmel London Multi Tasker Concealer Thank you to beauty crew for the opportunity to review this product. Unfortunately I chose a shade slightly too light. So I would recommend seeing the shades before purchasing. Having said that I still really liked it. It had decent coverage lasted all day and didn’t crease or settle into my fine and not so fine lines. It was easy to apply and blended nicely with a sponge ( my preferred method). The sponge tip is a little bigger than regular but I found no problem in applying the right amount. If I had chosen the correct shade I think the covering of dark circles would have been better but it still did an ok job. My concealers of choice have all been high end lately and i think this comparable for what will be a much more affordable price. I would definitely purchase this one.
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Super blendable, high coverage, skin-like finish

I’m really impressed with this multi-tasking concealer. It blends seamlessly and a small amount offers significant coverage that can either be blended out to even skin tone or built up to conceal. It offers a nice amount of time to blend before it sets, and when it does set it doesn’t budge. I tried applying both with a brush and fingers and could achieve a skin-like finish with both. Under my eyes where I usually have creasing issues, this concealer stayed smooth all day and that’s without powder over top too. One star removed because it didn't live up to the promise to hydrate skin. I found on drier areas of my face it highlighted flaky skin and (unrelated) it pilled over one of my sunscreens (a matte, waterproof one). However over a freshly moisturised face, it sinks in beautifully to mimic the texture of skin and is neither too matte or too dewy. There was no perceptible scent either which is a big plus for me. I will be recommending this product to friends and family.
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Great concealer

I liked this product quite a lot. It is easy to apply and spreads smooth and blends well. I use it as concealer for my dark circles everyday and it looks natural. I was looking for a product that I could use everyday to wear for work and this seems to be it. The thing I love most about this product is its light weight and seamless texture. A little goes a long way and it stayed for about 8 - 10 hours. Will definitely buy again. Very effective and useful for its price. Rimmel never fails to amaze me!!