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Formulated with vitamin E and argan oil to keep lips soft and moisturised, Rimmel London’s Oh My Gloss! gives long-lasting, 3D shine for up to six hours.

Available in eight shades.


Rimmel London Oh My Gloss!


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Great price point at Priceline sales mean we have a few of these. My go-to is Snog. Like most lip glosses, the colour as seen on the shelf is really not indicative once the product is applied. Glosses tend to come out a bit neutralised due to their consistency by nature. This is also true of Snog, however, where a lot of glosses tend to be just that - a gloss - this retains some semblance of the colour we bought the tube for - a warm browny musk - one of those colours that can be worn all day every day, and makes your lips feel soothed and pretty at the same time.
This didn't turn out to be the gloss I expected but still ended up loving it.  It's definitely not the kind of gloss you want to apply on top of lipstick since all the oils in it would rather start moving it around and soon it will turn into a mess. But on it's own - this is an amazing product.  The shade I purchased is their most famous one - Snog - it looks almost nude with pinkish hue that provide 'your lips but shiny and better' kind of look. It smells nice - definitely not floral and not very strong but I can't quite figure out how to describe it better. All the oils in that provide a very nourishing feel while making the lips soft, shiny and slightly plump. While it may look very glittery, once applied it's not as loud as I had feared. The doe foot applicator makes it very easy to use and carry around. Since this doesn't last very long, you would want to carry it around for touch ups.  Overall, as I said, not a typical gloss I expected but such a pretty alternative to lip balms during cold days. 
These are the best lip glosses I've found at Priceline to date. I'm a lip gloss addict and I'm pretty picky with them. These have earned a permanent place in my makeup bag as a gloss I throw on when I need to run short errands or on days where I don't feel like being too made up. The formula is plush and slightly tacky, but not too thick. It has quite a strong scent so I'd be wary if you're sensitive to that. No strong taste though. The oils work to moisturise and soften lips while it's on, and my lips feel supple once it wears off. Snog is a really nice rose-gold shade that I can see flattering all skin tones. Love Bug is almost clear with pretty sparkle. It doesn't settle into lip lines or form a weird ring around the lips, just wears very gracefully and makes lips appear plump and healthy. Highly recommend!
Oh my it’s not sticky! Finally a gloss that my hair won’t get stuck on. The colours are great on there own or over another lippy to shine it up. Also leaves a moisturised and healthy looking lip, Overall a great affordable product, convenient and owning every colour is a must!
OMG - Oh My Gloss! What I love about makeup is that, like fashion, it goes in a loop and that trends go around, but when the products make a comeback, they are a better version of what it was the last time, it certainly applies to these glosses! Rimmel's Oh My Gloss! range will have you rethinking lip glosses. Gone are the days of the overly sticky and gloopy predecessors, replaced by their more lip friendly and somewhat more hair friendly counterparts, which also have argan oil and vitamin E in them. I have four shades, including Crystal Clear, Love Bug, Glossaholic and Ooh La La. There are eight colours in total, and I now really want to try Rebel Red! The applicator has a spongy tip at the end of a long wand, and is paddle-shaped, making it so that it picks up more product than a doe foot applicator. Quicker application, but conversely, just slightly more awkward getting around the edge. However, the tip of the applicator does a decent job of getting to the outlines. It has a great shine to it, almost jelly like, but it isn't very opaque. While Rimmel says that this is meant to have a wear time of around six hours, I find reapplication to be necessary after about three, and needed again after eating or drinking. What I really like about this gloss is that it doesn't feather quite like lipsticks, and instead, mostly just glosses - ha ha - over the lips, the refraction making my lips look a lot bigger than what they really are. An excellent optical illusion! I will be using some of these over lipstick for just that purpose. For $13.95, you will get 6.5ml of product. These are available where Rimmel can be found, including Priceline, Target, Chemist Warehouse and Big W.