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Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! Oil Lip Tint

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Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! Oil Lip Tint is a tint-in-oil sheer lip gloss with a non-greasy, non-sticky and non-drying formula that fuses to lips for a healthy look. The lip gloss contains moisturising and nourishing pomegranate, Abyssinian, radish seed and coconut oils that work to keep lips hydrated. 

Available in four shades.


Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! Oil Lip Tint


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Rimmel claim that their oil tint gloss blends four precious oils for nourishing care, comfort and give a glossy finish. The oil tint gloss has a range of colours available and come in a super cute unique packaging, including a unique shaped product holder and a standard rectangle doe foot applicator. The first thing that appealed to me was the name- 'oh my gloss' - it is the most cute creative name that sums up the product in an instant. The container holds 6.5mls of the product and is a very good size to carry around in your handbag or even in your pocket for application during the day. The doe foot is quite saturated with product and is quite soft. It applies the perfect amount to the lips without being excessive or wasteful and it's super smooth to apply over the lips. On application the gloss instantly feels smooth and soft and definitely not oily, sticky or tacky. I really like this. A gloss that doesn't feel instantly tacky or makes my lips stick together. Winner On application the soft oil sinks in to the lips- it appears not to just sit on the lips initially. The colours are very sheer on the lips. They look very natural and are very shinny. If your looking for a sheer glossy look or a natural look these are quite nice but the colours are sheer. Of course you can layer these over matte lipsticks or long wearing and they work well doing that too especially if you have drier lips. The gloss and shine last on your lips for about thirty minutes to an hour before completely coming off. It wears gradually and you can't really tell very much. While the gloss is gone the tint these provide tends to last A little bit longer. The tint left is like a natural lip colour and I like how they last on my lips. Personally I'd say at about two hours I'm left with a nice tint after that it wears off completely. I wouldn't expect more but rimmel state these will last six hours - this isn't the case. I've never got more than two hours at all. This is too much to claim. I really like the feel of these on the lips. You can really feel the softness and oils in this product. They are so hydrating and even after they wear off your lips feel soft and smooth. However, while they do contain some great hydrating oils they also contain alot of fragrance and irritating ingredients. The fragrance is strong and noticeable. I personally don't think that these ingredients are good for your lips long term. That said the feel and comfort is lovely. The gloss finish is lightweight and not sticky. Repurchase? I personally would buy these again. They are nice and hydrating with a tint. I wouldn't personally think of these as my first choice long term as I don't think I get ingredients that improve my lips and the fragrance could be damaging but over all if you like a gloss shinny finish they are good. Pros- hydrating, lightweight feel. Contain good oils. Sheer colour that leaves a nice tint Easy to carry in bag Very affordable and a good amount of product. Cons- irritating ingredients for lips Only lasts for max 2-3 hours on lips unlike promised 6 hours. High amounts of fragrances.
This has got a lot going for it:  the way it makes my lips feel really moist and hydrated and for quite some time, the lovely fruity-floral scent that keeps wafting up to my nose, the cool and unique shaped container that's easy-to-hold and the colour-change technology that changes this lip gloss from clear into coloured on impact with my lips. There is also an applicator which is easy to use and makes it easy to apply this formula neatly on my lips. The only thing I'm not quite sure of liking is the unpredictability of colour that comes this colour-change technology can give - it might be by chance that you actually like the colour it changes to.  I like nudes and this clear lip gloss changed to a brighter shade of pink than what I like on myself so I took a star off for that.  The colour I have, "Smart Pink", changes from clear to quite a vibrant pink on me but for those who like a medium coloured pink on their lips would probably love this colour.  
This formula claims that the product is non-sticky however it is quite sticky but I don't mind the feeling of a thicker gloss. I have the shade Glossaholic, its a light pink shade and adds a nice tint to the lips. Its really moisturising I love it for a quick on the go look with some mascara. The scent is so amazing and sweet, its addictive. Definitely recommend this for a girl who loves a good glossy lip. Its great as a topper over a lipstick as well.
Colour pigmentation is okay, however it is very very sticky! I personally don't wear lip glosses and I wanted to try so I bought these, it wasn't comfortable as it is sticky and smudges all over your lips. The reason I rate 3/5 is because of their pigmentation. Maybe if you like those super tacky sticky lip gloss this is a go for you.
Like the original RImmel Oh My Glosses, these oil tints have a beautiful and nourishing formula too. It's non-sticky and feels super soft on the lips. Provides a healthy wash of colour while the oils work to condition your lips. It's the perfect lip product for the cold winter time! Doesn't have a bad taste, though as it is an oil type gloss it won't last long, but I don't mind reapplying frequently as it's such a pleasure to use. Highly recommend!