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Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Colour

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Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Colour is a long-lasting liquid lipstick that delivers transfer-proof highly pigmented colour. The formula includes a base colour and a topcoat to seal in the product and add shine, whilst leaving lips feeling smooth and hydrated.

Available in eight shades.


Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Colour


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One of the best two step long wear lipsticks I have come across. I have used the Provocalips since it first came onto the Market but very disappointing to learn two of my favourite shades have been discontinued Dare to Pink and Make Your Move. If you allow the first step to dry complately you will get a good result and your lipstick will last well. If you put it on too thick the colour will break down and separate. I'm tempted to use a balmy gloss instead of the gloss which may alleviate this but all in all a really good product.
If you are looking for a striking lipstick that stays put no matter what - then look no further. Rimmel's Kissproof Lip Colour really does stay put all day and unlike similar formulas does not flake off. It come is a range of great striking shades and the gloss side is great for touch ups and stops your lips from getting dry. Its also not too difficult to remove with a bit of micellar water at the end of an evening.
If you need a lipstick that stays put, this is the one for you. I am a performer and when I am getting ready to perform, I need a lip that will not move for long periods of time. This lip is great for that and is very pigmented. It takes a bit of getting used to to apply part 1, but after applying the part 2 gloss, it does not budge. I love that it does not dry down fully matte and crusty, but gives a nice glossy satin finish.
I've used a similar product from another brand, but they didn't have the right colour. I tried this one. And it's amazing, the colour is so vibrant, it lasts all night (into the next morning), rarely have to touch up. It also doesn't make my lips dry, like the other one
Love the variety of colours, they are all quite rich and deep and keep their colour a long time. Definitely food, drink and kiss-proof! Very easy to apply and the brush is nice and soft. I find I don't really need a lip liner as the brush is tapered and is good for outlining.  You do need a good lip scrub or remover to get it off fully, and if your lips are smooth and hydrated before putting it on, the little cracks and dry ridges appear quickly! However I love the topcoat, works a lot better than a topcoat balm which some other lip stains come with. The topcoat is a smooth clear gel and adds a lovely shine and protects the lips so well.
I was so annoyed with having to constantly check and reapply my usual lipstick that I decided to buy one of the cheapest 2 step long lasting lipsticks just to test its staying power. Rimmel Provocalips had some nice colours and the price was just right too so I bought 730 Make You Move as it gave me some colour without being too bright in case it started to disappear during my working day. I could not be more impressed with the staying power! I have combination skin and lipstick never last long on my lips but Provocalips did the trick and I'm going back to buy a bold red now that I have faith in the product.
The shade "730 Make Your Move" is genuinely one of my favourite nudes out in the market today. This creamy formula settles to a matte finish but feels very sticky once it has settled. Applying the clear gloss on top eradicates this awkward sticky-lip feeling completely, locks the pigment in place and gives a lovely subtle sheen to the lips! This lip product can surpass everything, from constant coffee drinking (common for an addict like myself) and snacking on all types of food. After about 6 hours of wear I noticed that my lips started to appear a bit cracked as the product had settled deeply into all the little crevices on my lips. I therefore definitely recommend that you make sure you have hydrated your lips before applying to make sure this doesn't happen sooner! To remove the product I always use an oil-based makeup remover and it slides right off. Otherwise, try some coconut oil to prevent pulling and tearing up your lips!
Matte liquid lipsticks are notorious for making your lips feel and look like the Sahara Desert, but I have to say that these are some of the best ones on the market. These are dual-ended lip colours, with one side being the colour and the other side the clear top coat. You apply the colour, I usually apply mine in two thin layers, and then wait one minute for it to dry - it will be quite sticky. Then you go over that with the top coat, which makes it smooth and glossy looking. These lasted quite well throughout the day, maybe needing a slight touch up after heavy duty meal, but I found reapplying too much caused it to flake and look rough. I would reapply the top coat towards the end of the day when my lips would be feeling dry and this would make them much more comfortable.  To make this easier to remove use something oil based or even put a chapstick over the top first. I can wear these a few days in a row, but I have to make sure to show my lips some good ol TLC. My most reached for shades in the range are Kiss Me You Fool which is a bright red, and I'll Call You, a beautiful dusty pink.
I love Rimmel London Provocalips 16hr Kissproof Lip Colour because they do last the distance.  They are very easy to apply and the top coat gloss does last nearly all day.  They come in a great range of colours that are quite true to the colours depicted on the packaging.  I find that if you want a really dramatic and lasting look to apply to coats of the base before applying the gloss.   The only downside is that as they are wearing off they can feel a little chunky and they are not as easy to remove as other liquid lipsticks so you will need a proper lipstick remover. But for the price you can't be too picky, they do the job and look great.  Definitely a product I would recommend.
Really good pigment but tends to get a bit cracky over time.. especially if you reapply... good tip is to apply only a very thin layer onto the lips!
Great lip colour, long lasting and very pigmented, can be difficult to apply due to its very liquidy texture, and can be a bit drying.. It is pretty good! Definitely recommend!
With all the beautiful products that are currently clamouring for your attention on the market, it can be hard to tell what's right for you. Thankfully, that's what I enjoy doing - test driving the best and the brightest that are available! How do they work? It's pretty easy - first, apply the colour, let it dry down, then put a coat of the sealant over the top and hey presto! I said it was easy! Skinny Dipping is a nude brown shade that does blend with my skin colour a little, which is a little too nude, if you know what I mean. On the upside, my lips look HUGE with this on! A mix between a brick brown and red, Make Your Move is more my kind of nude! A hugely wearable colour, I love the way this adds a little something to a daily look. Dare To Pink is a light pink that is great for the bright Summer days when you want some colour on that isn't dark.  I'll Call You is a nice girly, non-cotton candy pink. Again, another shade that I've worn on a couple of occasions and really liked. Little Minx might be the one shade that hasn't quite translated across as well, but it's a hot pink shade that brings a lot of attention to your lips, so prepare to pucker up! Kiss Me You Fool is a bit of a fire engine red, so it's a bit cool for me, but very attention grabbing. Play With Fire is without a doubt, my most commonly reached for colour. This is a great deep red that is wearable at all times of the day!  Kiss Fatal is an almost purple shade, a dark wine colour, but without the 90's vibe. Great for going out at night! This ends with a glossy finish and they claim that it lasts for up to 16 hours on the lips. While I can drink and snack lightly with this on my lips, I can't get through a whole meal without having to reapply.  What is really great about them is that this can hold up on windy days, when you want some serious colour on your lips, but you don't want to be dragging strands of hair out of your mouth/lips, leaving streak marks on your cheeks. Also, wearing this means that you don't have to check your teeth for colour after an application - a bonus on a date! I also love that I can wear them and kiss the man, and it doesn't come off on him - oddly enough, he loves that too! While it is a little disappointing that this doesn't last past a meal, I can honestly say that this is one heck of a lippie to scrub off your lips when you're done with it - you can't give it the kiss off easily!
This product really is kiss-proof and food-proof! Many times I have worn this on dates, to weddings and out on girls nights. I love the range of bright pigments as it brought my face to life for every occasion and it has never once failed me on a kiss! I would love to see the already large range widened to take on some nudes as some days I would prefer a long lasting natural look. I wouldn't say it lasts entirely for 16hrs, as I find small specks finding their way onto my tissues, napkins, food and fingers if they brush past it after a long day of wear. Overall, I am extremely happy with this product! I recommend this product for those, like myself, who don't like having to miss out on a good time by making endless trips to the bathroom to re-do their lippy. Although, when you do want to take it off, I suggest using a make up wipe with some drops of micellar cleansing water and putting chapstick on immediately after to avoid dry lips.
I have been using the Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Colourssince they came onto the market. You may heard all the hype about these lippies, and its true, they really do last all day long on your lips.  The packaging is compact and cute. One end of the packaging has plastic colour  that will match the lipstick shade. Applying the lipstick is a two step process. First you apply the lip colour (I like to apply two coats) and then once that has started to dry you apply the gloss. Once applied you can look forward to lipstick that seriously does stay on all day.  Generally, these lipsticks feel really comfortable to wear all day. However, I have noticed that if I wear Provocalips for a few days in a row, then I find my lips can start to feel a bit dry. I would recommend exfoliating your lips once a week if you will be wearing Provocalips everyday.  Pros:  - they really are longlasting lipsticks. I actually have to use an oil cleanser at the end of the day to remove the lipstick.  - transfer proof, so its safe to have a bite to eat, a cup of coffee or give your a partner a kiss without having to worry that your lipstick will transfer.  Cons:  - if I wear Provocalips for a few days in a row, then I find my lips can start to feel a bit dry.  -  It would be great if the shade range has a few more colours, but I already have three shades that are my faves and I alternate between.  I would recommend these lipsticks to anyone looking for long lasting lip colour all day. 
These are awesome liquid lipsticks that dry matte but are still comfortable on the lips. The colour selection is quite wide, but I would love to see more nude options. You need to take your time when applying and I personally recommend using a lip liner first. These are a great drugstore liquid lipsticks.