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Rimmel London Royal Blush

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Rimmel London Royal Blush is a weightless blush that applies as a cream and blends into a powder upon contact with the skin. The buildable formula adds a natural flush to the cheeks without leaving a greasy finish.


Rimmel London Royal Blush


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I adore these cheap and cheerful cream blushes. They are quite a firm cream, easy to apply and blend. They give a lovely, natural flush to the cheeks, and are easy to build up for more pigment. They have very little scent and don't feel heavy or clogging. Each colour is great, and a rose, peach and pink is all you'd really ever need. I tend to get 3-5 hours wear out of them, depending on what other makeup I'm wearing (Primer helps) and what I'm doing, which is a con as it isn't as long as a powder or liquid blush. That said, the effect you get from them is quite different - it's a more natural flush of colour.  The best thing about these is the packaging. It's simple and small, and clasps firm, so they're easy to just throw into a handbag or clutch for touchups. They're also perfect for travel, and you can fit all three shades in the space of one normal sized powder blush. I use them a lot for overnight or make-up on the go just for this reason. I don't know why I ever used to cart around heavy blush compacts or palettes when one of these little babies does the same job.  I've yet to repurchase them because they seem to last for ages - you don't need a lot, and there's quite a generous amount in each compact. I'd recommend these to anyone looking for a cheap and cheerful product that works well and is great for travel.
I'll be the first to admit that cream blushes aren't my daily go to - I prefer to use brushes for everything, if at all possible, as my margin for time for error is very low in the mornings, given that I only have 30 minutes to get ready for work. However, when I heard that Rimmel was coming out with some new goodies, I knew that I had to find out what they were like, because Rimmel has really impressed me with a number of their innovative products! The Royal Cream Blush comes in three different shades, and they retail for $11.95. Peach Jewel 001 is exactly like it sounds -  it's a bright, peachy shade that is perfect for the current season that we're having in Australia. This is great for if you'd just like to have a bit of a flush on the skin, like you've just been spending time in the sun. Coral Queen 003 is more typical of my go to colour - a coral pink shade that I could wear all the time, and looks quite natural on my skin. I love this, and I've already worn this out on a number of occasions.  These are easy to apply, and I prefer using my fingers for this - one swipe on and across the skin with a bit of blending is all you need! This has a cream to powder texture, and it's easy to blended without causing streaks. You can also build on it a little bit, but in this sunny weather, I find I don't need much of it. I've started carrying Coral Queen around in my handbag, so that I can touch up on the fly, and it's been absolutely perfect!
I am very heavy handed with blushers so powder blushes sometimes make me look like I am drunk when I applied too much. Cream blushers give me a more natural finish and this Rimmel Royal Blush is no exception. I got it in Peach Jewel, because I was looking for a peachy coral blush and I am so happy with it. It is a cream blush that is easy for me to apply on my cheeks with my fingers and it melts nicely into the skin giving me a lovely, natural blush look. It also feels silky on the cheeks. The plastic packaging is not that great for me, because I found it hard to open and a lot of times, it break off easily. Cream blushes also gets dirty more easily especially if I try to use a brush to apply it. However, for the price, the quality is rather good. It gives me a sheer, natural and glowy peachy color on my cheeks. It  is also buildable to get a more vivid color. Thankfully, because it is not too pigmented, it works well for me. I would rather go back a few times to apply the blush and build up its pigmentation rather than applying too much and having to tone it down afterwards.
I am a huge, long time fan of rimmel London. I've used many of their products, I love the ads with Kate moss and now Georgia may jagger, they are brilliant and witty, and the products themselves work, I always have their primers in my makeup bag and if I need a cheap but very good lipstick, I know where to go. I've not used many cream blushers, as I'm still quite faithful to the powder versions, but when I saw these adorable coloured compacts in big w one day, well how could I resist? The next day, after applying primer and liquid foundation, I swiped some of this on both apples of my cheeks, in the shade peach jewel, even the name is cute, and thoroughly blended, misted on some makeup setting spray and I was done. The results were quite impressive, as they usually are with rimmel, my cheeks were gorgeously flushed and peachy pink and it really brightened up my whole face, my whole look even. I applied the excess to my lips so they were gorgeously peachy pink and flushed too. Even though I give it only four stars, as it doesn't last all that long and requires regular touch ups, I really loved this product and would still use it again. A little goes a long way and if you are feeling less than great, it goes a long way to make your whole face so sweetly flushed and bright, and really lifts your whole mood. All that from a tiny compact of cream blush. The power of makeup is really amazing sometimes, and rimmel really gives you not just the London look but a beautifully empowering look and feeling.
Rimmel has been around for decades...i remember,as a young kid,seeing Rimmel lipsticks and thinking them to be very,very lux and grown up.I wanted to wear it and couldn't wait to be old enough to buy (an wear) something from them myself ("Coral in Gold" lipstick anyone ? I WANTED THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING.) Fast forward a decade (or three),and Kate (Moss),has me into the brand again (lipsticks...Rimmel can do no wrong as far as i'm concerned in that field),and as i am also on a blush phase right now, when i saw the Rimmel "Royal Blush Cream To Powder Blush" i had to give it a whirl. The shade i chose " 001 Peach Jewel", has a lovely melting texture that instantly warms on contact and then softly blends out to a velvety finish. The texture is similar to the many other cream blushes that came out before it,but I don’t think that this quite hits the mark...It seems to be missing a certain "feel" and wear-ability about it,and quite frankly,whilst the Rimmel Royal Blush is really easy to apply with fingertips (or it works well with a small buffing brush),it just didn't blend as easily or as precisely as you would want (plus,yes,i know this is a mass brand,cheaper than many alternatives,BUT this just looks and feels "cheapish" If you’re looking for a really fresh,skin like finish in a soft flush of colour, then these certainly do that job,but if you want a pro result with long wearabilty,perhaps look at other options (cream blush is amazing for drier skins,or when you want a water resistant way to give a flush to your cheeks). The blush labels itself as a "cream to powder" formula, but I didn't really notice that (i would have liked to...a cream to powder version would have perhaps "upped" the game of this to a mush higher level),and it was gorgeous in hue,that's where my love affair stopped. It gave such a nice healthy glow,but was time consuming to apply and didn't have the wear payoff that a cream blush should have.It comes in at just under $13,and as the saying goes..."you get what you pay for" (i still declare my love for their lipsticks though). I won't be rushing back to re-purchase. Tip:I recommend giving this (and any other) cream blush,a going over with powder to elevate the longevity,and to soften an overly bright shade.Also,try as a lip shade and cream eyecolour for beach proof beauty.
I love cream to powder blushes, I seem to make less mistakes with them. The texture is creamy silky smooth and doesn't set too fast so you have a bit of time to work with it. I find them a little greasy, but not overly. I have Peach Jewel is slightly patchy, you need to work slightly hard with it, for an even finish.  I do like the finish, glowing yet satin, sheer yet buildable.