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Rimmel London ScandalEyes Extreme Black

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Rimmel London ScandalEyes Extreme Black is a mascara that helps create bold, voluminous lashes with a supersizing formula enriched with collagen, keratin and extreme black pigments. It also features a MaxDensity extra large brush to capture and plump each lash for a dramatic eye look.


Rimmel London ScandalEyes Extreme Black


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I really loved this mascara, my lashes didn't clump and I was able to get good length from my shortish eyelashes. The packaging was nice and bright and easy to see, although a little too close in colour to the Reloaded which is a more orange packaging. Now, why Rimmel discontinued this one I'll never know!
Rimmel London Scandal’ Eyes Reloaded Mascara has a perfectly curved brush to really develop a long extension and provide volume to your lashes. I have the Extreme Black mascara, it is a little darker than the usual black and it really makes my blue eyes pop.  I tend to like hold the brush and press my lashes like you would with a lash beauty tool.  It's the perfect product for a night out and truly lasts without smudging, just ensure you get this stuff off after you're done, otherwise you will end up with a bad case of panda eyes. 
I'm a fan of the Rimmel mascaras and this one didn't disappoint. Great price point, attractive presentation, and available at a variety of stores. If you're after an every day reliable, this is it. It doesn't clump, has a good size brush which fits nicely in your hand and is easy to manouvre. If I'm stepping out the door and not in the mood for a face full of makeup, a brush of this and a swash of lipgloss has me feeling pretty :)
The first brand of mascara to make any difference to my straight, middle of the road length/density lashes, was Rimmel, and since then I've been quite fond of their mascaras. While they haven't all worked for me, I'm happy to report that this particular one has been excellent! I use the side with the long bristles to comb it through the lashes, so that I can get it all the way through the entire length of hair, and the short side to get the mascara on all the lashes. I don't really know how much that helps, but I think it seems to a little. Certainly, the long bristles seem to comb the mascara through the lashes quite well. While I don't think it holds the curl any better than other mascaras I've tried, I do think that it seems to help with the illusion of length and density, which I'm quite happy about. I also like that while it's not a waterproof mascara, this doesn't end up giving me crazy panda eyes (which is, sadly, not something that all of the Rimmel mascaras do) by the end of the day, nor does it flake everywhere - definitely winning!