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Rimmel London ScandalEyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara

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Rimmel London ScandalEyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara is a mascara that features a broken heart-shaped brush that twists and curves to help coat the entire lash in an anti-clump volumising formula. The brush has a thin tip to help grab hard to reach inner lashes while the wider base plumps lashes with volume and curve.


Rimmel London ScandalEyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara


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I have tried a number of Rimmel mascaras over the years and overall have been impressed with their price, formulas and brush designs. This rather unique mascara ticks 2 of those 3 boxes.for me, but I feel falls short in the brush design area. Price.wise, this mascara is excellent value for money, and availability is great too. Rimmel can be found in nearly every department store and most major pharmacy stores. Often Rimmel is often at a 50% off sale at the.bigger retailers too, so it is relatively easy to find this for under $10. I really like the formula on this mascara.  It is a rich, dense shade of Black that makes my eyes pop. I naturally have long, dark lashes, but am quite short-sighted and wear glasses or sunnies around the clock. So rich, noticeable colour is essential for me.  I have had mascaras in the past irritate my eyes, but found this one never irritated my eyes in the slightest. It is also very easy to remove with Micellar Water.or a good eye makeup remover. So price is great, and so is Rimmels's formula.  What a shame then that the brush design ruins the product. I feel it is just too large for the average eye, making application without also getting it on my nose or eyelid near impossible. The innovative curled brush design would be ideal if it were a more compact size.  However it is the opposite, it's probably the largest brush I have ever used.  Or I should say tried to use.   I found it frustrating trying to coat my lashes evenly and without smudging mascara onto the bridge of my nose too. I  usually apply mascara to my bottom lashes but this large brush makes that impossible, leaving me with lashes that were not as defined as I'd like.  Shame that the brush design let's down what could have been a great mascara.  It isn't a mascara I would recommend.
This mascara works really great for me. I use it whenever I want some dramatic curvy lashes. The wand is large and curved in shape. The wand is really handy to use for people who love to twist and twirl mascara around their lashes. It took a bit of time for me to get used to the wand simply because I have a small eye shape and the wand is large but as soon as I worked out that the easiest way to use it is to twist the brush around my lashes as if I am trying to curl them with a wand then it works perfectly. I can use this mascara in several layers to give extra oomph and I find that it does not flake or get clumpy. I love the way my lashes look after using this mascara, they look flirtatious and very curvy. I also love that the curl lasts throughout out the day. The formula of this mascara is perfect , not dry and not wet something in between which makes it very easy to work with.
I use this mascara when I want extra volume, can be clumpy and the brush isn't my favorite shape as its sort of an S shape so you can only use one side of the brush.
How cute is the wand and packaging? Ahh, I wanted to love this mascara! However... it's not great The formula is what you expect from Rimmel, so if you want something that doesn't smudge, you may want to look elsewhere. The best thing about mascaras, is that they're easily judged on the performance of the wand. This one is quite innovative, and the tip is great for bottom lashes. Too much, and you end up with spider lashes (unless...that's what you want?). It doesn't quite give much plumping, and it did clump up a little on my lashes. If I used it with falsies, it does work to keep them together. Volume wise, it's what you would expect from a thicker wand. All in all, not bad for the price.