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Rimmel London Scandal’Eyes Volume On Demand

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Rimmel London Scandal’Eyes Volume On Demand is a volumising mascara with a buildable formula that allows you to create customisable volume while keeping lashes soft and flexible. The conditioning formula helps maintain smooth, clump-free lashes, while the separating brush grabs, coats and separates each lash.

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Rimmel London Scandal’Eyes Volume On Demand


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Makes my eyelashes seem longer and thicker

I have found most other primers to do the same thing. THhs Rimmel London one does actually make my eyelashes seem longer and thicker. I am pretty lucky they are naturally long but not as thick as my brother's thick lashes!!! Batting those things has got him a few things in life. I only need one coat of the Volume on Demand Mascara and my eyelashes are done for the evening, sometimes I will use this mascara duing the day. I do remove with a Micellar Water and a reusable wipe. Of course I wash my reusable wipes and dry in the hot sun.
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Great product

I loved this mascara. It definitely delivers on its promise, I had beautiful volume and length with one coat and an almost false lash effect with two coats. Great product at a great price.
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Good in a pinch

I don't usually use mascara, but I was pleasantly surprised with the huge brush and it applied product fantastically on my short lashes. The separation on the lashes wasn't great, but I do have very short lashes and the formula clumped a little. It lasted well through the day and it was easy to clean off. I didn't like the red bulky packaging personally but I do think it would easy to find in your bag! Overall not a bad product for the price point, and I think Rimmel often have great buys for >$20 range.
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Awesome volumising mascara

I'm a big fan of Rimmel's ever growing Scandal'eyes range and this mascara didn't disappoint. It provided great lash coverage and great volume to my lashes without going clumpy, no one likes clumpy lashes. The mascara itself lasted really well on my lashes and was easy to remove at the end of the day.
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Just okay.

Just okay. As an everyday mascara I found this to be suitable. However, as someone who looks for volume and length in my lashes I found it was a bit of a let down for me. The formula is quite dry and as a result I can see it becoming quite clumpy after being open for a week. The packaging felt really cheap and flimsy. The brush is okay, but I expected fluffier lashes given it’s size. I probably wouldn’t repurchase again - especially for $18+ AUD.
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Not a fan

I recently received this product and trialled it out but was not that impressed by it, I found that you needed multiple coats to actually get any volume and once you put on multiple coats it made your lashes weird like spider legs. I would not purchase this as it was not the right mascara for my lashes
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Ok, but not a favourite

Whilst not the worst mascara i have ever tried, it wasn't anything to write home about, either. It went on easily, was a nice black, and it defined my eyelashes nicely. I found it a bit wet, so it smudged before drying, and it didn't give any extra volume. I'll use what i have, but i would repurchase.
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Solid mascara but not a holy grail product

Despite being advertised as a voluminous mascara, I found it to have a more natural effect (note: I like a rather dramatic lash). It is reasonably buildable but ultimately more lengthening than voluminous. It was however, very long lasting and did not smudge or transfer throughout the day. My regular cleansing routine (for non-waterproof mascara) did not take it off properly. I had to use an additional eye makeup remover. I don't think this is an issue but just a heads up. Overall, I didn't hate it but I didn't love it. Solid mascara but not a holy grail product.
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Amazing product!

I loved how nicely this mascara applied to my lashes. The brush shape and texture leaves them looking full and long. The only thing I didn’t love was how difficult the mascara was to remove. Even with makeup remover, soap and water. Overall though a great long lasting mascara that gives you a full lash look.
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Good quality affordable mascara for every day use

I’m always in search of a good mascara and was very happy for the opportunity to try Rimmel London Scandal’eyes Volume on Demand Mascara. As my natural eyelashes are very weak, short and fair colour I generally prefer to try to layer mascara for fuller longer lash effect and it didn’t quite work out with this mascara. It is quite clumpy and smudged a bit as I have quite oily skin which affects my eye area as well so I always use water proof products . Also by the end of the day it rubs off onto my under eye make up which is not a great look if you don’t fix it straight away. In general , I would recommend it to people with naturally strong average length eyelashes who are not looking for water proof formula . It is a good quality product In comparison to other products on the mass market And the price is quite affordable .
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Rimmel mascara

I have short and straight lashes so I’m always on a hunt for a mascara that works for me. I applied two layers on my lashes and found it gave me darker lashes, made it look longer but it didn’t curl for me. It did stay on for a few hours but I did get panda eyes from wearing it.
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Affordable mascara for medium to long lashes

The mascara is good for thin lashes. My lashes are longer and look amazing. It is however difficult to apply for short lashes as the brush wand is bit thick and therefore, it is hard to cover and apply to lashes. However the mascara doesn't smudge which is a great as that was the top thing that I'm looking for. I would recommended my friends to try it as for a drugstore mascara it does a good job and is affordable. The shaker does make a difference to how the mascara gets applied. The mascara liquid does not clump up which made me give it an extra star for that as usually with short lashes it tends to do that a lot.
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Good if you have curled lashes

I was fortunate to get to trail this mascara. I have short straight downward point lashes. I found this mascara didn’t hold my curl very well, after an hour I found my lashes kept dropping down. It did however add volume to my lashes. I ended up giving this to my sister who is blessed in the lash department of natural curled lashes, on her this mascara stayed in place didn’t smudge, definitely lengthened her lashes and looked so nice. If you have natural curled lashes and need a your lashes to look bigger than this mascara is for you especially for its price point.
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Good price, average results

It’s a decent size for the price and I found the mascara applied very smoothly, however I didn’t get any dramatic increase in length for my lashes unfortunately. It also took a while to dry which cases me to smear it a couple of times by accident. Overall it is all right but it’s not that dramatic.
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Great product!

I'm always up for trying anything that has the potential to volumise my thin, white lashes and this product did not disappoint. The formula is brilliant, absolutely no smudging and I did not find it clumpy at all. The brush was a little hard for me to use, I found the thicker end quite difficult when using my non dominant hand so had to apply a little slower. This product definitely came through with volume, and for that I would definitely repurchase.
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Did the job but not more

I was sent this mascara to trial and found whilst it did a good job of separating the eyelashes, it wasn’t good at holding my eyelash curl and didn’t give it significantly more volume which are the two factors that I seek in a good mascara.
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I took part of a trial of this product and was really surprised at how it made my lases boost with volume. I have really thing sparse lashes so am very particular in the mascara that I use and how I apply it otherwise it looks clumpy. The product came in a normal size mascara tube, but the brush was a different shape which assisted when applying to my lashes. It didn't overload product onto my lashes and worked well due to my thinness. I applied one coat and then applied a second coat. Whilst I can't apply too many coats, I am sure otherwise who prefer more layers, could do so if they wished. The product didn't react to my sensitive eyes and it also lasted throughout a hot and sweaty day. It was easy to remove and didn't leave any residue on my lace or lashes. As mentioned above I am fussy with mascara so will continue to use this going forward. Highly recommend.
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Did not love! Was really clumpy and every time I used it, my eyelashes would stick together in sections giving me a really spikey look. Personally wouldn’t purchase or use.
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Very Impressed

I was really happy with the results of this mascara. It provided length and volume without clumping and I was able to use multiple coats without any flaking. The shape of the brush made it easy to coat every last, even the tiny ones near the inner corners. I didn't have any sensitivity to the formula and I often am sensitive to mascara. Overall, I was highly pleased with this product. I would recommend that others try it too, especially if they like a bold lash with minimal effort. I will definately consider using this product again. Well done Rimmel London.
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Day Long Volume

Rimmel London you done it again with Scandal'Eyes Volume On Demand, with one coat, it gives the lashes colour and lift. A second give loads of volume and doesn't flake and last all day at work. This has been added to my makeup shopping list, thanks Beauty Crew.