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Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour

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Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour is a highly pigmented velvet matte liquid lipstick formulated to last for up to 12 hours without drying the lips.

Available in 15 shades.


Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour


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I love this liquid lipstick so much and own pretty much all of the darker shade range of them because I've loved them so much. They are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks that lasts and looks great all day. It is such a great price for a good quality product, I really enjoyed this product from Rimmel and I highly recommend!
Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour is a liquid lipstick that comes in 15 shades and claims to last 12 hours while delivering a velvety matte finish that is comfortable. The shades range from bright pinks to the darker reds as well as some wilder colours including blue. The stay matte colours come with a sharp doe foot applicator which applies a moussey creamy formula that is easy to blend and work with. I found the applicator applied the formula very easily & smoothly and doesnt dry down straight away. In fact I felt like this gives me quite a few minutes to work with before it dries down to a matte feel. The mousey creamy feel gives a smooth matte finish that looks soft and indeed velvety on the lips. One of the first things I notice each time I applied this to my lips is that it has a strong smell- very chemically & reminds me of burnt plastic. I have to be honest and say I dont like it and to me I can smell it at times throughtout the day on my lips. I find the lighter shades need a second coat to really coat the lips fully & the darker shades can apply patchy initally but because of the formula and not instant dry down you can really work with them. The pink shades in this range are perfect- in terms of colour and application. In terms of wear, they wear reasonably comfortable. By about four hours I personally find them a little bit drying and start to peel on my lips slightly but the colour is still there with a gentle fading. I do notice that they have started to sink into my fine lines in my lips and I need to put lip gloss on to help hydrate them. In terms of the lasting ability I find that at about six hours there is still a wash of colour but of course its not as vibrant as it initally was- which is to be expected. I personally find that these do dry my lips out a little bit but like most matte long wearing lipsticks- I recommend scrubing lips and applying primer and lip balms. Overall these are a good more affordable matte long wearing lipstick. They do apply smoothly and softly, and the colours are vibrant & fun.  A good cheaper alternative that does last on lips.
When I applied the product on my lips, it looked patchy and the lip colour does not spread out evenly. After 1 minute of application, it became matte but it is a bit too dry for my lips as I did not feel too comfortable wearing it. Having said that, it is super long wearing and easy to remove. I wouldn't recommend this product to people with dry lips.
I bought the  RImmel Stay Matte liquid lip because I the bold colours immediately caught my eye whilst browsing the makeup aisle.  A frosted packaging will grab my attention as it always looks so luxe. I checked out a few colours and settled on the shade 'Pink bliss' Pros: *Highly pigmented colour *Application goes on smooth and easy *Pleasant scent *Lasts for ages! *Affordable *Soft applicator Cons *Did dry out my lips Tip: After removing the lip colour with some micellar water, I like to apply vaseline to my lips to help them heel faster.  Overall: While this colour does go on great, and look fantastic for hours after, I do find that it dries out my lips. Finding a matte colour which does not crumble or fade over the course of the day is hard enough so I do still wear this lippie. I've since purchased the shade 'fire starter' for a vibrant red as well which looks fantastic. If I wear this colour I just need to remember to moisturise my lips before, and then after removing the product. It does last hours with eating and drinking and even on a night out with the girls. I am a longtime Rimmel devotee so I will continue to use this lip colour, but am still on the search for a matte colour without the dryness.
I bough this lippy on a whim because I overheard a lady at Priceline raving about it. So I grabbed colour 110, "Blush"and took it home, super excited to try it for myself. It smells very pleasant, the consistency is mousse like, which I quite enjoy. The colour is build-able as opposed to bold, I find that I need to apply a few coats to really get the look I'm going for.  It feels very comfortable and soft on the lips, it's not drying like some matte lip sticks can be. I also like that it looks very natural, it's almost got a velvet-like finish. However after a few hours it does go a bit odd and kind of balls up on the lips, I use a tissue to remove it and re-apply when that happens. It's not transfer proof, I found that it doesn't take much for it to disappear when I'm eating or drinking. But it's in such a cute little applicator, so I don't mind carrying it with me for re-application.  My favourite part is that the colour is the most perfect pinky-nude for my skin tone, if I didn't have to re-apply it I'd probably wear it every day. In summation: Looks great, feels comfortable, build-able colour, but requires re-application throughout the day, 4/5 stars.
Love Rimmel, love this liquid lip. Olour. Great quality, it's high in pigment so gives a lovely colour that lasts really well, even after eating and drinking. Easy to use the applicator delivers product beautifully and the container is designed for ease of use. This plumps lips and is really hydrating and moisturising, it won't dry lips and it doesn't feel tacky to wear, a huge bonus for me as I hate that feeling. Available in 15 gorgeous shades I love them all, it's hard to choose and at $15.00 this lip colour is great value. A lovely Matt that has a sheen , no gloss so it looks pretty and natural. I adore this and see no negatives, I highly recommend it.