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Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder

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Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder is a compact mineral makeup powder that helps control shine for hours and reduces the appearance of pores. Dermatologically tested. 

Available in four shades.


Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder


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This is my go to face power. I think I have been wearing it for about 5 years. It must be pretty popular to because it was be hard to pick up. I usually stock up! Its goes on very nicely. its smooth and light. It stays on all day without looks super matte and heavy.
This is a great drugstore powder for those of us blessed with oily skin! Its a great compact powder for touch ups through out the day but also great for initially setting your makeup when you first apply. I don't find it to change the colour of my foundation and it doesn't settle into any fine lines. Great product and even better price point for what it is.
I have gone through so many of these, it is my go to powder and I use it every single time I do my makeup and refuse to use any other powder. Not only is it a more cost effective option, it’s an option that actually works. It sits perfectly on top of various foundations and is super easy to apply. No flashback either.
My favourite powder! This powder is the only powder I use and I will swear by it. I have really oily and acne prone skin and I need products that will stay put. This powder is great for me, as its fine mill allows for it to sink without it looking cakey. I also use it for under the eyes and it makes them really smooth and eliminates creasing. I will use this product for as long as I live as it is just amazing!
This is good for touching up my makeup temporarily, it stops a little bit of shine but doesn't keep the shine away. It applies to the brush well but multiple coats are required. It doesn't have a scent and doesn't irritate. For the price point the product lasts quite a while.
This is one of those products that I keep purchasing time and time again. It is just that good. I have it in the 001 Transparent shade as I find it works best as a finishing powder shade over my foundation and concealer. It is super easily to apply with a good powder brush and it gives my skin a gorgeous matte look that will last for hours. It prevents my skin from looking oily and minimises the look of my pores as well. I particularly love using it on my T-zone which does tend to get extra oily and shiny through the day and this powder will mattify that shine right away. It makes my skin look absolutely flawless! Pros: - Super affordable - Great shine control - Leaves my skin looking flawless - Great as a setting powder - Lasts for hours Cons: - The packaging is very basic and can be easy to break
I just hit pan on this powder even though I’ve been using it for quite some time. It’s the perfect powder to set my T zone with especially during the day when it’s so hot and all the oils build up and I look shiny. I do have combination skin so the rest of my face is quite dry but the powder doesn’t bring out the dry patches on my skin. If you are on the drier side I would still use this powder but use a dewy setting spray over it so it sinks into the skin and you don’t look overly matte. Over than that it’s pretty much perfect.
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is one of my beauty bag staples. There are some fancy looking powders on the market and this one looks relatively budget, it does not have an applicator and it does not have a mirror, though this is how they make a quality product affordable. Get rid of everything you already have. The range has some really good fair and light colours. I have a pale complexion with pink pigmentation, so there are a lot of products on the market which make my skin look too yellow/orange or too white. So I use a liquid foundation and use the Rimmel Stay pressed Powder final finishing power. It just gives me a flawless and natural look, which lasts all day.  I would certainly recommend this budget powder, because it offers value for money.
This is my absolute no-fail powder. I have been using it for many years and it never lets me down. I use the shade 001-Transparent on top of my foundation to set my look. I have VERY oily skin and this is hands down the best powder I've used to help combat my shiny t-zone. Every now and then, I stray to a different, flashier-looking compact, but I always come running back to Rimmel Stay matte because it really does outdo the rest. The powder does contain some silicone's but my break out prone skin has not been affected by this, so if you have skin similar to mine I would say definitely give this powder a go. It is so cheap and available at most department stores/pharmacies and it is a product which actually lives up to its claims. Its a winner in my books.
The translucent shade of this powder is my holy grail!! Ever since I picked up this powder I haven't felt the need or want for another powder! I have quite combination skin and this powder makes the oil stay at bay in my problem areas. Almost everyday I haven't felt an oily feeling for many an hour. I'm so glad I found this powder and would highly recommend this to anyone, with any type of skin, who is in need of a new powder!
This is my holy grail face powder. It is more of a translucent powder but its perfect for baking my concealer under my eyes and also as an all over setting powder. I have finally hit pan on this and I will definitely be repurchasing soon. The one downside is the flimsy packaging. The lid of mine has broken and I have never liked that the lid doesnt stay on very well.
I've been using this product for almost a year now and I must say it is the best drug store powder that I've used to date! It is fantastic for setting the whole face and achieving a matte and uncakey finish. I had a few issues with the shade range at first - I found that the transparent shade was not not truly transparent. It still had a white cast for my light to medium yellow undertone skin - but then I discovered silky beige and have been using it since!  The powder itself is beautifully milled and brushes on the face seamlessly setting my foundation - It works a dream with the Nude by Nature Finishing Brush. I will use this over my bare face or concealer on lazier days, and it will do an amazing job at hiding my oily t-zone. However, the coverage is light to medium so don't expect to look airbrushed. Let's say foundation does 70% of the work and the Stay Matte powder does the rest for your flawless makeup base. While the packaging is made of cheap plastic, it is super light and portable perfect for on-the-go touch ups. Would recommend this powder to anyone! 
I have been using this for the last 6 years and I love it. It gives a lovely light coverage and mattifies any shiny spots, however after a few hours you will need to touch up as the shininess does creep back.
A trusty powder that I think I will always have in my collection. This is a great powder that works well over all foundations that I have used. At the moment I use this on days where I am not wearing foundation and need something to keep my skin from being oily while providing light coverage. I love how this feels on my skin and I have never had any issues with this product.
This powder is AMAZING!! I'm used to buying high end makeup brands and I was sick of spending so much money on products that weren't working, nothing seems to work to help control my oily t-zone until I found this bad boy! I use the lightest translucent shade 001 over the top of my makeup to set it, and it lasts all day! Seriously wouldn't buy a different setting powder ever again!
I use this product regularly in the colour 001 Transparent to lightly set my makeup and as an oil control in my T-zone in summer, So light weight, doesn't cake so i would recommend for all ages including mature skin. There is a slight moisturizer scent that you don't really notice unless you put your nose in it. Reducing the appearance of pores? I cant say i notice much of a difference but i buy it for oil control one of the affordable pressed powders, makeup kit must haves!
As a person who loves makeup, it can be hard to find the perfect foundation for your face. However, since I found this product I have never stopped using it! It has an amazing matte finish which hides any oils and while it still provides some coverage it doesn't leave your face looking 'caked' with foundation. It is small and compact, perfect for travel! I also find many products are just so expensive but I was amazed at the price of this powder and it is an understatement to say it is value for money This is by far my favourite foundation product!
i have been using this powder everyday since I got it its so lightweight but great setting powder I use it all over my face lasts ages dosent dry my skin out I will repurches again
This is a fantastic powder for those who are looking for something fresh, simple and not too heavy. The compressed compact design ensures  you don't get too much on your brush at one time, a problem I often have with loose powders. It's quite light in coverage and is great to use throughout the day to dust over and freshen up your face before office drinks, a big meeting or a night on the town. On days when I don't have to wear a full face of makeup I love to apply this just over concealer alone, and it is fantastic in taking away that shiny mask whilst making you look naturally pretty. As quite a thin layer is enough to do the job personally, this is incredibly light on your skin and, when used in moderation, doesn't settle into fine lines or pores. My only problem with this compact is the packaging, as the plastic lid easily cracks and slides off, leaving the powder quite unprotected. Overall, however, this is a great (and pretty inexpensive) drugstore pressed powder that stands head and shoulders with the big name brands, and it's definitely a must add to your handbag for quick, effortless looking touch-ups. It's stocked at most supermarkets and big retail stores (target, Kmart, etc...) and is roughly $11.00 Aus.
Love this powder.  It works really well to set your foundation or for touch ups to get rid of any shine.  I love that it's pressed which makes it so easy to carry around in my purse and not messy like loose powders.