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Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara is a volumising mascara that works to separate and add volume to lashes. The innovative formula features a shaker system designed to refresh the mascara formula every time it is shaken, enabling the product to last two times longer than normal mascara.


Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara


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I enjoy most Rimmel mascaras that I have tried, however unfortunately this one was a bit of a disappointment. The concept behind the product is good, however I do not feel like it was achieved. The brush is massive, which i didn't enjoy as I like to be able to get the wand right down into the roots of my lashes. When you pull the brush out, there is way too much product on the brush which clumps your lashes. Then if you wipe some off, the product is very thin and doesn't do much for volumising my lashes. It is too time consuming to get a good result from this mascara, I would not recommend this product.
This was the first mascara that I purchased, and for the price, it was worth it! The brush makes my lashes look full, evenly applying the mascara to each lash, while spreading them out. The mascara doesn't clump my eyelashes, and for a drugstore makeup product, Rimmel has exceeded my expectations yet again. For anyone looking for a cheaper mascara product, I highly recommended Rimmel London volume Shake Mascara!
I was looking forward to trying this, as I am sick of mascaras only lasting a short time before they get too dry to use. I must say this new Rimmel wand is big and the coverage of the actual mascara on the wand  is too much, It did not wipe itself off when pulled out of the tube and I found I had to lighten the load using another mascara wand to make it even capable of putting on my eyelashes. It made my eyelashes clumpy and unattractive. I have gone back to it several times giving it another go, but no change. I am not sure if maybe I got a faulty product because this has got nothing going for it. I find it easier just to wipe of the excess liquid on another wand and use it that way. Not impressed, thank goodness I didn't pay full price.
I have used (and loved) almost every Rimmell mascara I've purchased and I was so happy when I found this on sale but I have to say i am underwhelmed. When I applied it to my lashes they clumped together. I loved the theory of the shake bottle but I honestly found no difference between this and their other mascaras. It did coat evenly and lengthen slightly but I can get that from every other mascara on the market. I've tried it a few times and I cant say that it impresses me. I'm Happy that I did not pay full price for this item. I'll keep trying it but this is definitely my least fave Rimmell product and I wont re-purchase. I had high hopes for this mascara but it just didn't do it for me.
I really love rimmel products and am always on a quest for the perfect mascara so was interested to try this. I absolutely love the results for this, especially for the price. The black pigment in this mascara is dark, sultry and gorgeous, really high quality. I love the shaker system where every time I use it I just shake to refresh the product. It does not go clumpy or flake and smudge. My lashes look long, lush and thick every time I wear this, it lengthens and separates really well and adds heaps of volume. The medium size brush is easy to use, a great design and distributes the product well coating lashes evenly. I love that this water gel mascara does not dry out, a great product I would buy again
Absolutely love this product! You never think that drugstore mascaras even come close to high end mascaras but this one does! It is truely amazing, never ever clumpy you shake it every use and it coats all your lashes and lengthens them. Cannot fault this product! Love love love it!
I'm going to talk about my latest go-to mascara now, and I need you guys to hang on tight, because Rimmel has done it again! The first of it's kind, this has a patented shaker system that refreshes the volumising formula whenever it's needed. How cool does that sound? This is a water-gel mascara that is a combination of water and waxes, going from dry to creamy when the cylindrical agitator is is activated by shaking. Just pick up the mascara, shake it at least times, then use it as per usual. I really like that this mascara isn't smudgy on me, and that it does give me a volume boost. This comes in a big tube green tube, and the brush is medium-sized and works well at spreading the mascara over the lashes. This baby retails for $18.95, and to me, it's worth every penny! I love this mascara!
Weirdly I really didn't much like this product. It isn't terrible but I didn't find it did much for my lashes and I felt like the shaker thing was a bit gimmicky. Plus, I actually tend to like a slightly drier formula because it allows you to build up mascara. This didn't build effectively and I don't feel like it gave me much separation and volume.
If I could give this more stars I would. In the past I have found some of their mascaras hit and miss but this,this is a keeper. You need to shake the product before you apply. Helps keep the product fresh. Avoid dry out and the mascara clumping. I have found that I only need to apply one coat of this to my upper and lower lashes for more volume than some others give in 20 coats. I only purchased one recently but already have a backup ready to go. Fantastic price point for a great drugstore item.