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Rimmel London Wonder Wing Liner

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Rimmel London Wonder Wing Liner is a felt-tip liquid eyeliner with a stamp applicator for creating a precise and even winged eyeliner look. The long-lasting formula has an intense black pigment. 


Rimmel London Wonder Wing Liner


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I was pretty disappointed with this product as I usually love Rimmel products. I thought I would struggle with figuring out how to use the stamp applicator but it was actually pretty easy to figure out and use but the eyeliner just didn't last during the day as it smudges and doesn't look nice with wear. I wouldn't recommend this product.
I'm used to using pen type eyeliners, with a pointed tip, whereas this products applicator is a unique shape. This product is super easy to use, and the design is innovative and creative. However, a major disappointment, is that this product is not very long lasting, and comes off if you touch it, and smudges easily. I especially do not recommend this to people with oiler skin.
I was so excited when I saw this product! I specifically went to the store to purchase it because I SUCK at winged liner. I have tried every trick to get that perfect flick to no avail so I thought this product was a brilliant idea. When I first tried it I was a little confused so I watched the quick video's showing how to use it and which way to hold the liner. No matter how many times I tried to emulate what the ad's showed my wing never seemed to look right... I tried the flick then joining it up with a line but the flicks were either still not even or went out too far etc. I tried it a few more times and still could never get two perfect winged eyes. After 3 weeks of purchase my liner had completely dried up and didnt work at all. I have tried even using the same liner and dipping it into a gel liner, but alas the sponge tip had started to crumble anyway. Needless to say I threw it out.  Pretty disappointing purchase, I really wanted to love this. I give 3 stars because I think its a great idea and so innovative but I think the design just isnt there yet.