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Rimmel London Wonder’Full Mascara With Argan Oil

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Rimmel London Wonder’Full Mascara With Argan Oil is a mascara that helps condition lashes while adding volume and definition. Enriched with argan oil, the mascara coats lashes without clumping while the ultra-flex brush hugs lashes from root to tip.


Rimmel London Wonder’Full Mascara With Argan Oil


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Argan oil has made it's way into EVERYTHING beauty as of late....hair / skin / nails,it's all been touched by this wonder oil.So it's no surprise that cosmetics wern't to be far off. I have used Rimmel for many years on and off,as i find that they are a bit "hit and miss" with some things,and this mascara was a bit of a "miss" for me....BUT WHY ? Well,yes,it was a lovely dark black,yes,it did feel soft and nourishing to apply to the lashes,yes,the packaging was pretty (a lovely bronzey gold),and yes,the brush was a half decent one (big enough to apply to longer outer lashes,yet small enough to be able to manage the tiny lower ones with reduced chance of smudging),BUT....the fact that it took at least 2 coats to get any real definition,the fact that it dried and "dropped" within a couple of hours of wear (leaving some serious cleaning up trips to the loo to do) meant that this was just not what i want from my mascara. As someone who is super busy (aren't we all ?),i just think that a mascara should be a little more "wearer friendly" than this,and i REEEALLY wished that a shade (other than standard black) was available (i am an ivory skinned,natural blonde...with really fair lashes,and black just looks,well,wrong),as well as able to withstand more than just a little "rubbing" (this did not hold up to just that).I also expect a little more in the way of curl and "volume" to my lashes....i found that yes,thickness was increased,and yes,length was visibly improved,but those effects were short lived (3 hours later the bathroom trips started). All in all,for the almost $18 you are paying for this,i would perhaps throw a few more $ in,and get something a little more worth your coin. TIP:Apply two coats and then CAREFULLY use your eyelash curler...it helps a lot with definition and added curl.
I love the idea of this mascara, the argan oil to nourish the lashes so I couldn't wait to try this one.  I like the sleek coppery tube.  The brush head takes a little getting used to, its very chunky but the actual brush head is very rubbery and flexible.  I guess I am used to a smaller bush head, it is easier for me to get into the smaller inner and outer lashes but I can't seem to do this with a thicker brush head.  The formula itself I like and I don't like.  It is a nice dark black, it is a very light formula and you can really build layers without it going dry later and making your lashed feel clumpy.  I don't like it because you have to do so many coats to get any effect.  If you do only one-two coats you will get a barely-there natural look, if you want lashes that pop you need to do several coats and honestly I don't have the time to do layer upon layer and wait for each coat to dry.  I do like to wear it for a natural day time look, but prefer other brands when I want more dramatic length and volume.
I wanted to love this mascara so much, and I did, for about 10 minutes. The packaging and addition of Argan oil was what prompted my to buy, the lovely bronzey tube, and sleek shape caught my eye, and the thought that it might enrich my lashes clinched the deal. I was impressed the first time I removed the wand from the tube, no blobs on the brush bristles, a good start. On application, the formula went on so smoothly, with no lash clumping, great pigmentation and coverage on my lashes. I was able to coat all of my lashes with the brush, with ease. The handle is a great shape, and gives great control with the wand, allowing you to push, lift and curl your lashes. That's where the good start ended for me. Once the product had dried, and I'd moved onto the rest of my makeup application, small black specks of mascara started dotting my face, and lots of them. The mascara was crumbling before my eyes, literally. Very disappointed, and would not recommend. Overpriced for the lack of quality.
I don't usually wear mascara because it transfers under my eyes due to my oily skin, and I have very watery and sensitive eyes. BUT I have had great luck with this one.  1) I don't find that this makes my eyes watery and it doesn't sting my eyes as the day wears on, even when I am in the sun (the usual culprit for watery eyes) 2) This doesn't transfer under my eyes during the day, which is a HUGE bonus for me 3) Gives a nice amount of volume and length for a natural day look 4) Flexible and large plastic brush that is easy to use and able to coat the small inner corner lashes without stabbing or transferring onto the lid 5) Easy to remove with micellar water or makeup remover and no panda eyes in the morning. Note: I always prefer a tubing mascara as they don't run and are easy to remove, so I'm really happy that this formula has many of the benefits I like in a tubing mascara.