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Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara

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Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara is a mascara that contains vitamins and cucumber extract to help lashes feel conditioned during wear. The mascara includes a precision brush that adds volume and definition without clumping.


Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara


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The cucumber scent is really nice and it does wake you up. The brush is so big and a weird shape, making it hard to get the smaller lashes and the bottom lash line. The formula is nice, but I found mine clumping because of the wand. Really it's not a bad mascara and it makes your lashes look really big and voluminous. I would recommend it to anyone who has the patience to master the wand.
This is one of my preferred mascaras.  I love the bright green tube, which is easy to spot at the bottom of my makeup bag and it's a great width so it's easy to grip.  I absolutely love the smell and the natural looking definition this gives to my lashes.  At a modest price point, it's a real winner!
I love the slightly cucumber scent of this mascara and itseems to have a lot of product: the formula is a thick creamy one that doesn’t seem to smudge once dry. Even the slightly angled brush, though it took me time to appreciate, makes a lot of sense. However, I do not understand the brush shape: it’s sort of like an elongated pear shape, and it’s quite big, with a rather big round tip. The mascara formula is a very thick black cream and I find it hard to get the right amount of product on the various sections of the brush, with the result a somewhat uneven application. It is really difficult to get a thin even coating on finer lashes like at your inner corners and the bottom lashes, particularly because the tip seems to leave thick blobs right there. It does take the prize for being the number one eye-stabbing mascara in my collection. I would definitely love to try the formula again, but that brush needs to go.
This product is really good if your want your lashes to look natural and full as opposed to really dramatic. It certainly is a very voluminous formula, and it coats each individual lash well and is quite even in coverage. The brush will take some time get used to because of the size of the wand (it has a strange hourglass shape that is quite big and a little hard to manage at first) but when you master using the brush- I suggest using the tip of the bat from the outer lashes in, and then using the bulk of the wand to comb through and remove clumps- it becomes easy to apply and fuss free. It also has cucumber extract that is supposed to make your lashes a bit healthier, and although this worked over time it certainly is a gradual effect. I would recommend this as a starting makeup essential to anyone new to makeup who is looking to start out on the more natural side and doesn't have a big budget :)