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Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Extreme Wear Waterproof Eyeliner

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Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Extreme Wear Waterproof Eyeliner is a long-wearing liquid eyeliner with an ultra-black, ultra-matte formula. The liner is waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and fade-proof. The felt tip pen applicator helps make application easy.

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Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Extreme Wear Waterproof Eyeliner


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Fantastic Eyeliner

Absolutely loved this eyeliner! I will definitely keep using this eyeliner and for the price point I will probably repurchase too. I loved that the pen was quite moist which allowed for a really easy and smooth application. And the point of the pen was beautiful and sharp enabling a crisp line to be made quite easily (thankfully as eyeliner is definitely not my strength). Found that this really was smudge proof, budge proof , maybe not 100% waterproof. But overall super impressed with this product and would recommend for anyone looking for an easily accessible eyeliner.
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Underwhelming eyeliner

I was lucky enough to be apart of the trial team for this item. First impressions good and practical packaging. When first apply the eyeliner on my eyes, I had noticed that you need to be very careful with the pressure you apply as the width of the eyeliner size will differ. The colour of the eyeliner is a true dark black which I love. Unfortunately I did not find the eyeliner waterproof as described. I was able to get about 2 hours of solid wear then the eyeliner would start to smudge and lose all colour. At the end of my workday I would come home with panda like eyes, not a good look. If Rimmel were re-work their waterproof side of the eyeliner, it would be a go-to for many people. This has a lot of potential with more improvements back in their labs. For my personally, I wouldn't recommend this product for someone that has oily eyelids.
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Lasting power!

I received this eyeliner thanks to the beauty crew team. The liner is jet black and has a felt tipped end. It is very dark and easy to use. I found that it allowed me to a winged liner look very easily. It did not smudge and lasted a whole day of wear. In the past I've noticed that felt tipped pens don't last as long as brush tipped pens (product duration of use) so it would be interesting to see how this fairs and how long it takes before it has to be replaced.
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Unexpected gem

I was very happy to have an opportunity to try this eye liner as a part of Beatycrew as I normally buy premium brand eyeliners that I have tried before and confident that I will use them. I have tried few cheaper brands but ended up throwing them away so since then I stick to my favourite eyeliners. I actually quite like Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Extreme Wear Waterproof Eyeliner and totally will add it on my favourite list. The brush is nice and easy to use, very thin which is great to make a thin line. It lasted for almost the whole day but as my eyelids get quite oily it smudged slightly through the day. Since my skin is very sensitive it is very important to me that eyeliners should be easy to remove with eye make up removers to avoid any irritation which I had no problems with Rimmel eyeliner. Will definitely consider to purchase this product in future.
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Pretty average

The eyeliner was nice to have on for a couple hours, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing the product all day. The product came off and took a while to dry after the application. I prefer to stick to my Stilla and Kat Von D eyeliner that I know is going to last all day. The application was the best thing about the product. It was smooth and glided easily. I would recommend the product for beginners who can’t splurge on high end makeup
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Super black

I really like this eyeliner, it is super black and the brush is nice and thin so it’s very easy to get a very thin line, but I’ve also been able to build it up for a more dramatic look. It doesn’t flake or fade and stays put for the 12 hours. It is a felt tip pen though which is not my favourite type of eyeliner and feels a bit rough in comparison to my usual brush tip eyeliner.
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Wing it!

This eyeliner was ultra black. Usually with drugstore eyeliners they are not that pigmented, however, this eyeliner is! It dries down to a matte finish and is super easy to use. I found that on top of glitter eyeshadow it was visible and still very black. It did not smudge the whole day despite the heat. I liked this product and for the price you pay it is definitely worth trying. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a pigmented, dark black eyeliner that wont budge all day.
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An absolute MUST HAVE

I really enjoyed using this product, the eyeliner was soft to use, quick to dry and created a very clear and lean line. I have to admit, i dont often wear a cat eye look ( i much prefer a pencil smudge), but this product has converted me. The eyeliner holds all day and doesn't bleed at all! Making it the perfect long wear eyeliner every girl needs. My only issue was that i did have to scrub a bit to make sure it came off at the end of the day. But i will concede that its a small price to pay for perfect eyeliner all day. Great price, great product, will absolutley be buying this little gem again!
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Love It!

Love this Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Extreme Wear Waterproof Eyeliner! I love how easy it is to use, the staying power, no rub off or smudging and perfect bold colour. Although I've used liquid eyeliner for many, many years, i still sometimes struggle in getting symmetrical, clean lines and takes me ages to achieve my desired look however i was so very impressed by this eyeliner. It literally took me 60 seconds and I had the perfect result. I usually go for thin less dramatic cat eye look for day time and more bold look for partying and I love how you can achieve that with this one nifty pen. Definitely my new favorite eyeliner and will definitely be purchasing once this ones finished. Thank BeautyCrew and Rimmel.
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Great eyeliner

Easy to apply, super black, long wearing and easy to remove. Would recommend and wear again.

Great eyeliner at an affordable price

Fantastic price point for those who want a liquid eyeliner that's a strong black - which is great as I've come across some liquid eyeliner where the colour isn't as strong. The tip was easy to use and I could create my cat eyeliner look with ease. While you could create a thinner line, I found it easier creating thicker lines. The packaging is simple, but at times, that's what you need. Overall, if you're looking for a liquid eyeliner that doesn't break the budget, I highly recommend this.
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Great texture, glides on smooth

I really liked the texture of this eyeliner. It glides on smoothly with no skips or bumps along the lid line. It wasnt' as budge proof as I would like on my hooded lids, but a bit of primer and setting powder fixed that.
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Great bang-for-buck

I loved this product. I am a liquid liner queen, and a devotee of a pot-and-paintbrush style, and I've never been able to find a felt-tip liner that gave me the same effect or result - until now. The product goes on easily, doesn't drag, and is thin enough to build up to your desired result. The colour payoff is great, and it stays all day - I could get through a full work day and dinner after with it still on. There was no transference to my upperlid. The packaging is neat and easy to slip into a makeup bag. I'm hopeful the felt-tip doesn't dry out over time - so far so good. I would definitely repurchase when this runs out.
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Pretty good liner

I must preface this by saying that I don't normally wear liquid liner, so I can't really compare it to other products that are currently on the market. However, it was a really easy product to use. The colour was a nice, intense, solid black that applied smoothly and created a wing with ease. I can not comment on how many applications you can get as I have only used it a few times. I have very oily eyelids and the product lasted pretty well. There was some smudging at the outer eye where I had rubbed it, but I'm not sure that any liner would survive that. There was no transfer onto the hooded part of my lid which was a bonus. I have quite sensitive eyes and there is a possibility that this was causing slight irritation and watering but it was bearable. The price makes this product an easy recommendation to friends and family.
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Can't go wrong

Seriously? Great price point, good applicator, great colour pay off, good staying power. Considering I tend to have my liquid eyeliners dry out on me as I don't wear them that often, having an affordable, reliable eyeliner is always a nice to have. Didn't have too many issues with my hooded eyes and smudging, so happy there too.
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Must Have!

If you're looking for a precision eyeliner, look no further! I have tried/used multiple eyeliner before to achieve a certain look on my eyes and have finally found a product that's makes it EASY to do eyeliner. My previous experiences with other brands were not always terrible, but I could find something to complain about. Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Extreme Wear Waterproof Eyeliner is my perfect match. Quick dry which is perfect if you have a steady hand. The fine point on the pen means that you rarely make a mistake and if you do, it's so easy to correct. Since it has been so humid lately it was the perfect time to trial this product and the best part NO SMUDGING!!! I have sensitive skin (unfortunately) and in the past have reacted to eyeliner. Not Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Extreme Wear Waterproof Eyeliner. I couldn't agree more with the price. And would highly recommend this eyeliner to anyone who is on the lookout for a new brand! Thank you Beauty Crew & Rimmel.
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Wonder’Ink Extreme Wear Waterproof Eyeliner Review

Was really looking forward to trying this eyeliner and I was jot disappointed! The Rimmel London Wonder’Ink Extreme Wear Waterproof Eyeliner was easy to apply with a nice thin tip making it easy to be exact and the colour... Great!! I have often found it hard to get a liner like this to be properly dark black without having to go over and over it. Plus after the seeing the price of this... What a steal! I would definitely recommend!
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Wonder’Ink - Eyeliner for beginners

Wonder’Ink Eyeliner by Rimmel is a great budget eyeliner for beginners! Having hooded eyes it’s tricky to find eyeliners that work for my eye shape, however the fine felt tip applicator made the application process flawless! I used the side of the eyeliner to make a “stamp” to map out my wings. The eyeliner has a matte finish however I felt like the black was not as opaque as other eyeliners in the market. Wear test: I noticed this eyeliner fades during the day and definitely isn’t as “black” after my 8 hour shift, I also find that the eyeliner smudges and transfers which is not ideal. I would recommend this eyeliner for beginners.
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So easy to use!

This eyeliner is so easy to use! Application is made easy by the shape of the pointed tip. It basically glides on without effort. It is a rich, bold black colour and because of the thin pointed tip you can either have a thin line or press a little harder for thicker lines. The shape of the tip also makes a wing so easy. It does not run or smudge throughout the day and is easily removed with make up remover at night. Definitely recommend
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Rimmel London Wonder‘Ink Waterproof Eyeliner

Love this eyeliner! I have hooded eyes and the precision on this is great. It lasted all day for me with no transfer or smudges- no more looking like I’ve been crying! Yay! The pigment is great...a solid black. Semi matte ink. I found this to be very easy to apply with next to no mistakes being made. And so easy to remove, I used coconut oil to remove all my make up. I would definitely recommend this eyeliner.