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Rimmel Wonder’Full Brow is a waterproof volumising fibre brow gel with a long-lasting 24-hour wear formula. The brow gel fills, colours and tames brows in a few strokes to build a full-looking brow.

Available in three shades.


Rimmel Wonder’Full Brow


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This tinted brow gel from Rimmel is great value for money. I always use a brow gel to add color and definition as I have very fair brows (and dark hair).  This product both tames my brows and adds nice natural looking colour (I use the lightest shade). I like the tiny brush as it allows for more precise application however i did need to clean off some product before use so it didn't get too clumpy. The waterproof formula means colour lasts all day but I didn't find it difficult to remove.
The super-duper small brush makes this product kind of difficult to apply. I understand this is supposed to give you precision, but it ended up making all the product clump and gave me chunks of colour in my eyebrows. It's difficult to get a subtle look with this product, unless the product is running out. Saying this, it does what it says it does and does give you some nice bold brows from afar.
I recently purchased this tinted brow gel to help fill-in my sparse areas and to give my eyebrows a bit more volume and definition. I purchased the shade Dark Brown, which matches my natural eyebrows pretty well. The product comes in a medium sized tube and has a small applicator brush head. The tint/colour is relatively pigmented, and the product does contain tiny fibres which are supposed to attach to your own brows to add colour and volume. I found this product is a bit tricky to apply as the fibres can clump together. On the plus side, it does last well well during the day and doesn't smudge or fade. I'm not sure I will repurchase this product, as I have tried more effective tinted brow gels in the past that add more definition, yet still look natural.
I really liked this rimmel brow gel as it was super easy to use. It gave my brows definition with just a few strokes. that looked natural and the effect lasted all day without smudging. The brush design makes it great for filling in sparse brows for a fuller look and to tame unruly hairs. The pigment is really nice and I love that its waterproof, yet I didnt have any trouble removing it when I needed to. At under $16.00 its excellent value for money and it lasts for ages. I loved this product and I would happily purchase it again and also would recommend it.
I usually love all Rimmel products however I found this one did not work for me! The product it self was not bad however the colour options are a disappointing. The darkest shade available is not dark enough and very very warm. I also found that the brush wasn't great either. As mentioned the product itself was not bad at all, just wish Rimmel would make a few colour options to suit everyone!