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Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Serum

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Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Serum is a nourishing growth serum for lashes that can help to increase the length of lashes with continued use. The serum contains a GROWLASH complex that also helps to strengthen lashes over time.


Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Serum


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Th erimmel lash growth serum comes in a yellow tube. Unscrewing the cap you pull out the wand and there is a small brush on the end. I found you have to use quite a bit of force to pull the brush end out of the tube. It catches on the entry point of the tube. However the brush is quite coated with the serum this way and gives you a far amount of product. It would be better with a mascara wand to coat for lashes. On the brush there is enough serum to apply to your lashes easily coating them. I found this serum quite thin and heavy but the brush is easy to use coating the lashes & get into the precise lashline. Due to the heavy feeling it's best to use this at night. I used this serum once a day for a month. At night. In the mornings of using this I also found my lashes were still a bit sticky and heavy but it washes off easy. This product won't work well with mascara application. Although thin it still felt heavy and noticeable on my lashes. Using this for a month daily I noticed a slight difference in my eyelashes.The most noticeable effect was in the first week. My eyelashes did appear to be slightly longer and stronger. They didn't fall out as much. Lashes were slightly longer. After the first week I didn't really notice much more effect. Lashes were longer but didn't grow anymore but they did appear to stay the same.For me my lashes didn't appear to be thicker but I definitely noticed them being longer. Overall this is a decent serum that did help to make my lashes longer. I didn't notice a huge effect but it did help to stop fall out and damage from daily eye makeup. I would recommend it if you have really short lashes that don't grow or fall out. It's quite affordable.
I was sceptical that this was going to work and after 6 weeks I definitely cannot see any difference in the length of my lashes. It was easy to apply (like liquid eyeliner)  but I still think a wand would do a better job. I will not be buying this product again as it didn't work and it is a waste of money.
I tried this and applied as per the instructions. Unfortunately I did not notice any differences in my lashes after a month of using this. The applicator is easy to use and I like the packaging. I do have sensitive eyes and did not notice any sensitivity using this product. I wouldn't repurchase this product and unfortunately it did not work for me.
I would describe my lashes as being full with normal length but I had been wanting to try a product to help increase their length.  The Rimmel London lash accelerator is a growth serum to help keep your lashes healthy while also helping them grow longer.  It's a big claim and for only being $20 I was quite skeptical at how well it would live up to its claims.  The product is a clear liquid and the brush is thin, almost like a lip brush that you can apply to the root of your lashes.  You can also use the ridges at the front of the brush and brush it through your lashes like mascara but I would've preferred a mascara wand for that.  I would use it every night before bed and I found that in the morning it would leave a white residue on my lashes so I had to thoroughly cleanse my face to wash it off.  I had used it for over a month and unfortunately saw no difference.  My eyelashes looked exactly the same.