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Rodan + Fields REVERSE Targeted Dark Spot Corrector

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Rodan + Fields REVERSE Targeted Dark Spot Corrector is a clinically tested dark spot minimiser that precisely targets stubborn discoloration for a brighter, even-looking skin tone. The corrector precisely targets the look of stubborn dark marks and patches to visibly minimise the size and intensity of uneven pigmentation. It can be added to any Rodan + Fields Regimen to minimise the appearance of skin discolouration, including brown spots, dark spots, patches, post-acne dark marks, and age spots. Key ingredients include ToneRF Technology, RP3 Antioxidant Complex and niacinamide.


Rodan + Fields REVERSE Targeted Dark Spot Corrector


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Visible reduces age spots

I have tried several skin products to try to remove age spots and this is one of the best I have used. I feel it’s well worth the price for the results. The nozzle applicator makes it super easy to use and it spreads easily over skin. I used it on my age spots and darker pigmentation both morning and night and did see a visible difference. It lightened my age spots after a couple of weeks so they were much less visible. It made my skin look brighter and fresher and a lot more luminous. Signs of ageing were visibly lessened and I felt more confident, after applying makeup my skin looked amazing. I will definitely buy this again, it’s a great product
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Rodan+Fields Dark Spot Corrector slight difference

This Rodan+Fields Dark Spot Corrector Cream comes in a 15ML tube with a nozzle applicator. The solution spread easily and was quickly absorbed into the skin. I applied it all over, not just on areas with spots. I know you are meant to concentrate on areas with dark spots however I tried to apply all over my face where I felt I had darker spots coming through. For two weeks I applied twice a day as instructed. After two weeks of regular use, I can’t say for sure that the spots have gotten any lighter. It seems as though my whole face may have gotten a bit lighter, slightly luminous even. That may mean that the spots have actually gotten lighter, but it’s hard to tell because everything has lightened up all around. It could also be that I am not using enough of the serum. The serum hasn't made a drastic difference. However, it has perhaps evened out my skin tone. Overall, I would buy this if it came in a bigger size as the 15ml didn’t last as long as wanted.
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Real impact of beauty correcting products!

Having not ever purchased products for my age spots, I didn’t believe this would make any improvements. I had always thought the dark spots would never be lifted and so I better accept them as is. I was surprisingly impressed and after using it twice a day (as per the instructions), I noticed the dark pigmentation lift after only 3 days of use. I will definitely be purchasing it and it has given me more belief in the impact of beauty correcting products! If you’re a sceptic like me, give it a go and then prepare yourself for your beauty product revolution.
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Gentle and effective

This Rodan+Fields Dark Spot Corrector Cream comes in a 15ML tube with a nozzle applicator. It is a white tube with a plastic see through cap. There is a shiny gold accent, which is the connector for the nozzle applicator to the tube. It is an unscented cream that is on the thicker side. As it is a bit thicker it doesn’t absorb super fast into the skin, so I had to wait a bit before applying moisturiser. It starts off white until you begin to work it in, then it goes clear. A little went a long way, so the 15ML tube should last a long time. This was the first time using a dark spot corrector, so before this I was unsure what was considered a ‘dark spot’. After doing some research, I found that it could help the discolouration on skin from pimples. I have a few noticeable spots on my chin where there had been pimples, so I decided to focus on those areas. The first week of use I did not notice much difference, but using it continuously in the morning and night, I started to notice it working. It was a slow and subtle change, but you could notice it without being close up. I will continue to use this to see if the dark spots will even out completely. So far I am happy with the results, so curious to see if I will receive the desired result
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Rodan and Fields Dark Spot Corrector

I've never tried anything from Rodan + Fields in the past, but am willing to try just about anything that promises to reduce pigmentation. The Targeted Dark Spot Corrector from the Reverse line is formulated with the proprietary ingredients ToneRF and RF3 Antioxidant Complex to reduce dark spots caused by factors such as age, blemishes, sun exposure and hormonal imbalance. The spot corrector comes in a small white plastic tube with 15 ml of product. Under the clear plastic lid is a slanted edge with a small hole for the delivery of product. It has a creamy serum consistency and I have not detected a specific scent. As instructed, I have been applying after cleansing my skin, morning and night. Although I have plenty of pigmentation caused by age, sun and a cystic acne breakout I had years ago, I decided to target two of the most noticeable age spots I have. I squeeze a little of the serum then use the applicator head to apply the product directly onto my skin. Within a couple of minutes the serum is absorbed into my skin and I can finish my skincare routine. I have not experienced any issue when using other products in conjunction with this serum, nor have I had any adverse reactions. After a month of use I have noticed a slight reduction in the darkness of the age spots. The serum hasn't made a huge difference but I don't expect a lot when it comes to pigmentation reduction, I know it's a slow process. The Rodan + Fields Dark Spot Corrector has not disappointed me like some products that promise to target pigmentation. It's not a miracle worker, but a reduction shows that it is effective and hopefully with continued use I'll notice even more results.
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Effective but takes time for me to use

To be honest, I've never heard of this brand before but got very curious on how it will work on my skin because of its name, Targeted Dark Spot Corrector. I have dark spots from pimple breakout so I tested it on them. It is a cream without any fragrance. When I applied it, it felt thick and it took some time to be absorbed my my skin. I had to wait longer than usual between application of my skincare products because this one doesn't dry up or get absorbed quickly. I've been using this for few weeks now and I can see improvements. It's not as quick as I hoped for but it's doing its job to fade away my dark spots. It comes in a nice small bottle where you can squeeze the product out.
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Minimal change

This was my first time trying anything from the brand and I was keen to try out the dark spot corrector. I have some on my face that I've been wanting to get rid of but other products haven't really worked. The dark spot corrector comes in a small tube and you squeeze it to get the product out. I applied the cream to different areas on my face where I have dark spots. Some of the ingredients in the product include niacinamide which is supposed to help even out skin tone. It also contains willow bark extract and licorice root extract as well as an antioxidant to help reduce the appearance of the dark spots. I have been applying this at night after washing my face for several weeks now and have been keeping track of any changes. I must admit that there were no noticeable changes within the first week. After the second I did some slight changes but nothing really drastic. It does take a lot of time for any noticeable progress and I was hoping for something that would work a lot quicker. My dark spots are still apparent but ever so slightly lighter.
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Nice and effective

The Rodan + Fields REVERSE Targeted Dark Spot Corrector come in a beautiful and generous size 15ml tube. I found a noticeable difference, it minimised the size and intensity of uneven pigmentation and I found it very easy to apply every AM + PM after cleansing and toning. My complexion is much clearer and I feel more confident and happy in myself. It didn’t cause any irritation and was so gentle on my sensitive skin which I really loved. It is a product I would recommend to others, wonderful and a little goes a long way.