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Runway Room Peach Punch Mineral Cream Blush Stick

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Runway Room Peach Punch Mineral Cream Blush Stick is a blush stick made by popular demand. Mineral Cream was developed due to the love of Peach Punch pressed powder and it is now available in a stick. This unique shade is suitable for anyone wanting a soft tint of colour to the cheeks or lips. The creamy texture allows a more dewy finish for skin and lips. Carnauba wax adds to its creamy texture making it super easy to apply. Pro Tip:  Apply to apples of cheeks, directly over Face Base Foundation using fingers. Press into lips using minimal product for a stained effect.


Runway Room Peach Punch Mineral Cream Blush Stick


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Lovely Multi-use Blush and Lip Tint!

Out of all the “multi-use” make-up products I’ve tried, the Runway Room Peach Punch Mineral Cream Blush Stick is one of the few that actually works and works well! It manages to be both a buildable cream blush and a subtle lip tint. It's a lovely shade that’s in between red and orange that I think will work as a blush or lip tint for a wide variety of different skin tones/undertones. I’ve been seeing a lot of Japanese and Korean make-up techniques online at the moment where the artists use blush across the tops of the cheeks and nose to create a “gone drinking” flushed look and the Runway Room Blush Stick’s shade and creamy texture makes me think it’d really lend itself to that make-up style of a soft, noticeable but natural flushed lips and cheeks.
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Peachy perfect

LOVE!! I live for a rose red cheek. This blush is the perfect peachy shade. Pack it on or blend it out on the apples of your cheeks, cheek bones and temples. Blush is a big trend right now so I had a lot of fun playing with this peachy stick! I use my ring finger to gently pat the colour onto my cheeks and then a brush to blend it out. Also a good shade to use on your lip. The pigment is great! And it’s super easy to apply and stays in the skin really well. Would recommend to anyone wanting to playing with blush and brighten up their makeup look
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Lovely Blush with Multi Use.

Love this Runway Room Peach Punch Mineral Cream Blush Stick a lot s it is such a lovely peach color and look no natural on my skin. So happy to be able to trial this product. This is the first time I've heard of this brand and use their product and have already fall in love with it and already purchase more product from Runway Room to try. I love that it is an Australian Made product , uses natural ingredients and it is also not tested on animals. It is so easy to use this product. The cream itself it's light and blend able. It always give me a natural lovely healthy touch to my cheek. On lazy days I've also use a bit of it on my lips and eyelid and use it as a lip stain and eye shadow. The packaging makes it easy for me to just pop into my handbags and use it whenever I need it or go on a holiday. If you're after a natural healthy glow blush stick. I would 100% recommend this. :)
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Peach perfect summer glow

I received this product to trial as part of the Beautycrew Autumn VIP box. I thought it was really interesting to try, I haven’t tried a cream blush before, I’ve always used a powder blush before this. Peach punch is a really nice colour, which was perfect for a soft, dewy glow over those warm summer days. I definitely felt it was more suited to a day with less makeup for that soft natural look, as opposed to a full face. And I found it glided easier onto fresh skin. Also a little goes a long way, so I had to remind myself to slowly build up to the colour that I wanted as it would probably be pretty easy to overdo it. I really do recommend for that perfect summer glow.
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Love this!

I am hooked. This blush has been a fantastic addition to my make up routine! I have been using this as an everyday blush. I apply the blush directly with a small swipe down my cheek bones and then blend it in with a small to medium fluffy brush. It blends so nicely and is a great colour for my skin tone. I've even worn it as an eyeshadow which worked really well for a day to day work make up look. It was low effort to apply, is a great colour and even has a little shimmer to it which I really liked, because it was subtle, but there. I had not previously heard of Runway room before receiving this product as part of a VIP box, but I will definitely be looking into what else they have on offer!
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Peachy keen!

This Runway Room Peach Punch Mineral Cream is a creamy peach blush that is just adorable to use. I’m such a fan. I personally much prefer cream blushes over powder as I have dry skin and I found the application much better than if I were applying powder blush. I really loved using this product and it was such a gorgeous shade of peach, it gave me a subtle hint of colour that made me look super healthy and glowy. It was moisturising too and has nourishing ingredients in it. This is a mineral cream blush which is great for those who love natural beauty. This windup stick can also be used on the lips for a pop of colour. A lovely product to use and I would recommend it.
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Peachy Cream

I have loved every second playing with this beauty of a blush stick! The Runway Room Peach Punch Mineral Cream Blush Stick is just so versatile and creamy simply take off the lid and gently wind up the stick to reveal the nicest peach blush with a golden shimmer through it. I have used it on the apples of my cheeks and have experimented applying it with brushes, sponges and my fingertips, it has applied great for me using any of those application methods. As the formula is super creamy a little goes a long way the colour is a beautiful soft peach which is fantastic but it also means it’s hydrating enough to lightly apply on my lips and eyelids and it looks fantastic on each of those areas for a dewy stained finish. I also think it’s great that this product is Australian made, not tested on animals, vegan and has a shelf life that lasts 24 months which is fantastic. I would highly recommend this versatile blush stick to everyone.
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My new favourite makeup item

This blush is going to last me ages because it's so pigmented. And it's bright! You only need to dab the tiniest amount onto your cheek and then buff/blend it in with your fingertips. I'm a big fan of the colour too. It's like a pinky coral and has a fine shimmer throughout it. It doesn't have any fragrance either. The blush has a creamy blendable formula that lasts on my skin all day and gives the nicest pop of colour to my make-up looks. You can also apply the blush with a brush or beauty blender too but I think it works best when using your fingers. The packaging is very expensive looking and it's great quality too. I really appreciate how much thought and effort has gone into making this product. It really shows. My favourite features of the blush are how bendable it is and how pigment it is. When you first apply it it's like omg wow this is too bright but once you blend it out it's the prettiest blush I have ever used. Great job Runway Room!
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Gorgeous Creamy Blush

My new favourite blush! This cream blush stick is creamy and highly pigmented. Application is simple and the colour lasts all day. This shade is perfect for my skin tone and it gives just the right amount of colour with a very subtle sheen. I have the shade "Runway Room Peach Punch" and I'm convinced it would be a fairly universal shade match for a huge variety of skin tones. It has buildable colour which gives the user control of the depth of shade but a little goes a long way. The tub has a very generous amount of product and will last you for ages! As a huge added bonus, I have also been using this as a lip tint too and it works perfectly on both lips and cheeks. The shade is so pretty. What a fabulous product.
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Such a nice colour

I LOVE this Runway Room Peach Ping Mineral Cream Blush Stick! I have not heard of this brand until now and I am happy I did. I would love to try some of their other products after using this blush. I found it so easy to apply with it being in stick form. The colour is really nice and is really pigmented. The blush glides on really easily. It has a slight shimmer to it. You don’t need much of this blush so it is going to last me a while, which makes it more affordable. I would be happy to buy this again.