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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion

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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion is a crème self-tanner enriched with palmaria extract, for coverage of freckles, veins and imperfections on legs. The formula is lightweight to help create a natural looking tan, and water and transfer resistant. 

Available in four shades.


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion


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I find this so much better than the spray version of this product (which can get messy). You can control the depth of colour by applying a small squeeze (for a daytime healthy glow) or more for night time or a special event. Great alternative to fake tan and without the smell !
I haven't had much experience with body makeup so I was super excited to try this lotion by Sally Hansen. I did however try the spray version of the product once a few years back but I don't remember it too well. The product comes in a tube which sits bottom-down, so it will be easy to get the product out when it's nearly finished. I received the product in Light shade and at first when I saw the colour, it looked very dark and for a light shade, but when as soon as I applied the lotion to my legs, it gave me a gorgeous golden shade, similar to a tan colour. So I am stoked with the result! It's extremely easy to use and it's very blendable. I applied the lotion with a tanning mitt so I wouldn't get my hands and nails dirty. It was easy peasy and my legs looked a million dollars! I had no streaks or patches - just even and flawless looking legs with a great colour to them. Lucky for me, I don't have many imperfections that need covering up except for some light scars on my knee. I could hardly notice the scars once the lotion was applied! I just love how great my legs look and I wouldn't even need to wear fake tan! The smell of the lotion is unoffensive and I don't notice much smell once applied either. The product sets pretty quickly and I got changed after 15 mins and didn't get any transfer onto my clothing. It's very easy to wash off. I just used body wash and a cloth in the shower and it came off easily. I love this product! I love the idea of body makeup. We all use foundation for our faces, and to me, this is like foundation for our bodies!
Let's face it....who wouldn't want legs like a Victoria's Secret model? Well unfortunately this product won't give you the long, lean pins of a supermodel, BUT it will give you bronzed, glowing, sun-kissed legs (and arms) in a matter of seconds!  I was first introduced to this product when I was heading to a concert and decided to wear a short skirt last minute, and being winter I couldn't bear to let the general public see my pasty white legs that looked as if they hadn't seen daylight in a decade. My friend came to the rescue with this Sally Hansen leg makeup, and within a few minutes my pins were transformed. Since then, I bought a tube in the lighter shade and have used it several times, whenever I have a tanning emergency and need that golden glow instantly. That's the best thing about this get the effect of a fake tan instantly, without any developing time or the yucky smell of self-tanner. It is literally like a foundation for your body. I find that it goes on smoothly and blends quite easily with just my hand. If blended properly, it doesn't leave any streaks at all. For me personally, this gives my skin quite a natural looking tan (because nobody wants to look like an oompa loompa!).  Packaging is simple, and I find the tube holds quite a lot of product even though it isn't big or bulky. I like this particular version of the product (the cream) versus the alternative which is  a spray can. Personally I find the cream much easier to apply and I have more control over how it goes on and blends in. There is only one drawback with this rubs off really bad if you go to bed with it on! You can imagine the horror of waking up the next morning, only to find my crisp white sheets covered in orange/brown residue! It's like accidentaly falling asleep with your makeup on and waking up to a dirty pillow...times a hundred! I learned this lesson the first time I used it, and since then I make sure to have a quick rinse off before I go to bed, but let's be honest...after stumbling home from a big night out, having to shower and scrub off your "body makeup" is sometimes the last thing you want to do. So it's something to be mindful of and if you do go to bed with this stuff on, be prepared for an orange wonderland the next morning :) Other than that, I do love this product and it is honestly a life saver when you need an instant tan. Even though it is marketed for use on legs, I also use it on my arms and shoulders and it looks great.  Great product, great price!
This is the first 'body makeup' product I've ever used so I did not know what to expect. I was really excited to try out this product, as I suffer from genetic spider veins around my thighs and have scarring from past cycling accidents. I was really hopeful for this product in covering those imperfections. Packaging: The product comes in a squeeze tube with the characteristic Sally Hansen airbrush legs logo. It is a lotion formula of their popular airbrush legs spray can previously sold. Unfortunately, it can get quite messy applying the product with the squeeze tube, maybe a pump bottle would have been preferable. Colour: The colour of the product which came out of the tube was unbelievably too orange at first and I was really shocked with how orange it was that I was hesitant to use it on my legs. However, I did find that once I worked really hard to blend in the product, it set to a more natural looking colour on my legs and I was relieved. Application: I found it hard to blend in the product into my legs to achieve a natural, even finish. Furthermore, the product sets really quickly so you had to work quickly to blend it out. As I've said above, to remove the orange tones of the product I worked the product in hard to blend it out, but in doing so, I was gradually removing the high coverage it gave over my veins and scars. The product also looked quite patchy on my skin, I would say that's because of the quick drying formula and difficulty to blend properly. I would suggest applying this product in small areas and blending them out as you go instead of doing your whole leg area in one go. I'm wondering whether a sponge or mitt would help with the application and finish. Or whether I need to prep my skin beforehand as if I was applying fake tan. Wear/longevity: I let the product sink in and settle into my skin before going out for the day, and I started to notice it made my skin look matte but it felt 'papery'. When I returned home after a few hours, I decided to try a spray on moisturiser to hydrate my skin. When I did so, the product went a crazy orange colour! I definitely won't be trying that again. The product did transfer onto my shorts, although it was only a little amount, I still noticed this and found this another negative of the product, considering it's one of the products' claims. The lasting power of the product was really impressive though, and found it lasted all day and probably would have stayed on all night. The product washed off amazingly easy in the shower for its lasting power. Just a quick body wash over my legs removed all traces of the body makeup. Overall, I would probably use it more if maybe I chose a lighter colour, it may have been more suitable for me. I thought with my skin tone I would be a Medium shade but maybe I should have opted for the light. Hopefully as I start to really deepen my skin tone in the Summer this product will be more useable.
When you want your legs (and arms) to look amazing, match the make-up on your face and give your an overall tanned look - this is the product for you! The coverage is great. The colour choices are good and it goes on really easily, just like a lotion. Great price and great results !