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Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat

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Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat is a matte top coat. It transforms shiny nail colour to a matte finish. The fast-drying formula features UV filters that stop colour fading.


Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat


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Although I love glossy nails, there are times when I want to change things up and have a matte finish instead. The Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat offers the ability to change any nail polish into a matte polish. This is very convenient for me because I don't want to have to purchase individual matte polishes. This product is packaged in a squared frosted glass bottle. The top coat has a narrow, yet wide brush. It is wide enough to cover my nail with just one stroke of the brush. The matte top coat is completely clear, so doesn't change the colour of the nail polish that you are using. It is a thin consistence making it easy to apply. Not only does this product give any nail polish a matte finish in one coat, it is also adds a protective layer working well as a top coat, too. It helps prevent chipping so that the manicure lasts longer. Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat is a handy product for any lover of nail polish. It's just nice to have that option of changing the finish of any nail polish that you have in your collection.
This matte polish is great!  Not only does it mattify and change the appearance of your nail polish but it’s also the solution to getting a streak-free and even coating out of those patchy and thin nude shades AND it stops your glasses from rubbing off your foundation! To mattify your polish simply wait until your polish is fully dry and add a single coat.  Voila. To fix patchy nude/pale polishes and improve their coverage: - thoroughly clean your nails - Apply one coat of colour polish and wait to dry - Apply one coat of Matte and wait to dry - Add another coat of colour polish and wait to dry. You will find the second coat of coloured polish will apply perfectly and you will have a beautiful, even coverage and finish. To stop your glasses from removing your makeup on your nose: - clean the bridge/nose pads of your glasses with soapy water to remove all dirt and makeup - paint a couple of coats of matte to the bridge/nose pad of your glasses and let dry.  You will find they will now sit on your nose without sticking or removing your foundation. It’s a really great product for nails with some other added bonus uses!
I've enjoyed using this unique top coat on my shiny polishes and seeing the dramatic change come to life on my nails. It delivers exactly as per what Sally Hansen states the product will do -used instead of my usual Top Coat, a swipe over my freshly coloured nails will turn any polish with a shiny finish into one that looks so different. The matte in the top coat instantly makes the colour look different, and it's almost as if I have 2 polishes in one with my coloured polishes - without the expense of buying 2 separate bottles. Win,win.  I love experimenting with my existing polish collection to see how the change will unfold. The product is also a very generous size, affordable, and dries quickly. Great product if you're looking to change up your polishes & how they look
Love this handy little bottle! It's a staple in my nail polish collection as a top coat that not only protects your nail polish from chipping, but also turns your nail colour matte. You simply apply one or two coats of your desired colour, wait for your nails to dry completely, then apply the Sally Hansen top coat. It is easy to apply and dries very quickly. The effect is instantaneous, you can watch it work in seconds as the top coat dries and your nails turn a lovely pearly matte in the colour of your choice. It works with all nail polish, not just Sally Hansen, and is a slightly cheaper alternative to the OPI Matte Top Coat. I absolutely love the matte effect on my nails, and I feel like it changes the colour of the polish to a more muted and sophisticated shade, gorgeous for everyday wear. My only issue with this product is that the mattifying process can reveal imperfections in your initial application, unlike most gel top coats that help to fill in and smooth out any streaks. But this shouldn't be too much of a problem if you use a good formula nail polish like Essie with self-smoothing qualities. Definitely recommend as something all nail polish collectors should own!
I can't believe how fast this works! It's instantaneous! One layer of this polish and I am left with lovely, matte nails. It really is that easy! This product dries quickly and is so quick and easy to use. I find it helps with the longevity of my polish as well. I love the bigger than usual bottle and the cute label. I think this is a must for anyone's nail polish collection.
This has become a staple in my Nail Polish collection. You can use it over the top of any shade for an instantly matte finish! Turning your nails from shiny to matte can completely change the look of them. I love how quickly it dries and how it can stay matte for weeks! It also protects your nail colour from chipping, which is always a plus!