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Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat

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Remove difficult nail polishes easily with Sally Hansen’s Big Peel Off Base Coat. Apply the base coat under glitter or special effects polishes then peel off in one fluid movement when it comes time to remove.


Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat


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Any lover of glitter nail polish will understand the struggle of removing glitter from the nails. Oh, the right glitter polish is so stunning and eye catching on the nail, but I've often been reluctant to apply it in the past because of the time it takes to remove. Not only that, but the amount of polish remover I have to use with each application. When I became aware that Sally Hansen had a Peel-off Base available, I had to try it. Anything to make my fave type of nail polish more convenient to use. The product comes in a square nail polish bottle, with a decent sized brush for application. The product itself is a milky white shade. I apply this product the same as I do nail polish, one generous application with a stroke of product. I like that you know it's dry when the milky hue changes to a transparent finish. A couple of coats of glitter polish and some top coat and my manicure was complete. Of course, the part I was looking forward to was removal. Was this going to be the easy process that was promised? Oh yes, I found removal easy. It kind of reminds me of peeling away dried glue, but easier. The mani can be removed mostly in one piece, but not always, however even in pieces, it is so easy and hassle free. For me, I have not had to use a drop of remover when using the peel-off base. I have seen a video where a cuticle stick was used at the base of the nail to lift the base, but I've found that I can simply do it with my nails. The only issue I seem to be having is my obsessive need to peel off too quickly, just knowing how easy it is. It's getting addictive, so I just know I will be needing a back-up just in case I run out! I highly recommend the Sally Hansen Peel-off Base to any glitter polish junkie. I have been impressed with just how easy this product has made removal! 
This Peel-Off Base coat it fantastic for use underneath heavy glitter nail designs. This Sally Hansen product is quite thick and glue like however it was quite easy to paint onto the nail and took only a couple of minutes to dry. The colour paints on thick white but turns transparent after it dries. When you want to remove simply use a cuticle stick at pick at the edges and simply peel right off in one go. Do beware that your mani may be a little more fragile using this base coat so try to avoid using your hands in water for extended periods of time.
Love glitter nail polishes but never wear them because they're an absolute pain to remove? Yeah, me too. But I wear them all the time now since I bought this peel off base coat. It's a game changer! Make sure to apply a thin layer to clean nails. It applies in a thick white coat and dries down clear, and then you can apply your manicure as normal. When you are ready to remove it use a cuticle stick or even a fingernail to lift the edges up and peel away. Just make sure to apply an even thick layer so the base coat peels off in one go. It doesn't damage my nails when I use it right. I've even used this successfully with the Sally Hansen Dry & Go Drops to make my manicure even quicker. I can get a good 4 - 7 days out of this, depending on the brand of polish I use, and I'm really enjoying bringing some fun back into my nails! Tip: The bottle says to avoid hot water for 3 hours after application.