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Sally Hansen Brows That Wow!

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Sally Hansen Brows That Wow! are brow tweezers that feature a diamond coated slant tip that is effective at grasping fine hairs without slipping. The tweezers feature stainless steel with a contoured grip.


Sally Hansen Brows That Wow!


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Grabs even the shortest hairs!

If you are after a reliable set of tweezers that make hair removal easy Sally Hansen's Brows that Wow are great. I don't use them for precision shaping as I wax but they come in handy for a stray hair here or there. I feel more comfortable with slant tweezers because never let me down and feels less chunky and I have more control. Such a reliable brand and remove stray hairs first go!
I really love how these tweezers securely capture and pull out my hairs on the first go with such ease. So many of the tweezers I owned before have rusted at the ends and don't grip all my eyebrow hairs properly.  Then I found the "Sally Hansen Brows That Wow" and these great tweezers grab my hair without pulling my skin away. I completely love the design of these tweezers, they are great for getting at those stubborn hairs out and also the hairs that are growing in. I never leave on my holidays without them. They have a quality that seems to last forever without wearing out or getting too flimsy.  The well designed tip is amazing for getting all hose really annoying hairs which are also growing in. I love them  for travel and the other members of the family. The Sally Hansen Brows That Wow is a product that I must have to remove my little unwanted hairs and beautifully shape my eyebrows.