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Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment

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Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment is a nail treatment that helps restore dry and brittle nails, leaving them stronger and healthier. The formula combines avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate extract and calcium to protect and nourish nails, creating the perfect base for any manicure.


Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment


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Us ladies love to have our nails looking gorgeous, but with hectic day to day life/work/and everything else in between we tend to neglect that part of our body. We moisturize our skin, get hair masks at the salon but what are we doing to help the condition of our nails? Sally Hansen has an absolute cult following and for good reason. I have personally chosen their products over others for many years and the 7 in one complete care will be no exception. I work as a retail assistant as well as a cleaner and to say my nails are normally in a poor condition would be an understatement. I decided to try the complete care treatment two weeks ago and can already see a vast improvement. I apply every couple nights and have noticed my nails are stronger, splitting a lot less and are actually growing for the first time in too long. On the weekends my nails are prepped and ready to go all I need to do is apply some colour and I'm good to go. I am very pleased with this product and will continue to be a loyal Sally Hansen customer.
My nails can sometimes decide to grow and other days, decide to weaken and break.  I've used many products to help my nails and finally this product has made my day. Firstly the brush is wider and easier to paint on your nails. I love how it gives my nails a shine.  It's like wearing clear nail polish but behind the scenes it's making my nails stronger (even while busy doing housework). It has great staying power for a few days before I take it off and reapply.  Just after two days, I can feel my nails are stronger and healthier.  I'ts my favourite clear polish because it nourishes, strengthens, and at the same time, gives my nails a beautiful shine.  I've been using this product since it hit the shelves and will continue to do so because it gives me the results on my nails that  I want to feel and see.
This product appealed to me as I am quite time restricted as a mum of two young boys yet I want to have strong and healthy looking nails and this treatment sounded like a quick,uncomplicated way to achieve this. The ingredients list is amazing :pomegranate , sea salt and avocado oil to name a few and the packaging is very pretty with its clear pink glass. The polish itself is clear and the brush is fantastic  -application  is simple,easy and not messy even for a novice like myself. I found in less than four days this product  definitely had improved my nails.There were a lot less breakages and my nails (which were pretty bendable before ),were quite a lot thicker and stronger. I would have given this five stars had it not been for the fact that it starts chipping  off after a day or two for me. I am quite busy to be fair but still expected a little more lasting power. I found this does last longer when applied as a top  coat rather than just by itself however. I will definitely  continue to use though  as it really does work! Id recommend this to anyone wanting healthier,stronger nails in very little time!
This nail treatment from a reputable brand is miraculous. I love that the formula contains avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate and calcium. I previously never knew a nail treatment could incorporate such wonderful ingredients. I think this is what makes it so successful as a nail treatment. I use it as a base coat and I continue to be impressed at the results it delivers. The formula glides on easily and dries quickly. My nails aren't breaking anywhere near as much as they used to. I recommend this product to anyone who wants stronger, healthier nails and a flawless base for their mani. It is a completely caring nail treatment.
This is a good nail treatment, dries fast, can be used on its own as a treatment proper, or as a base and a topcoat. I use it as a base, it makes my nails harder and stronger and it prevents stains. What I noticed, it makes my nails grow really fast.
It's no secret that Sally Hansen has dominated the field of nail products for a long time, and they continue to do so by churning out some gorgeous new products on a regular basis! Given that I'm a pretty big fan of a number of their goodies, I was pretty excited to try out their new nail treatment! This is said to contain avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate extract and calcium to protect and nourish the nails. It is meant to help restore dry and brittle nails, and it's supposed to only take 3 days to get from a sad point A to a happy point B - sounds too good to be true?  Well, let me tell you, it's not - I've been using this regularly for a week, and it's definitely made an improvement to my nails! One of my nails will intermittently split a little right at the tip, meaning it's a little weak, and this also means that painting over it results inevitably in a chip shortly after as well, not to mention that it also looks a little ragged.  The Complete Care 7-in-1 has been fabulous for treating that particular pesky issue, and this is now something I'm going to keep on hand for when it crops back up.  You can use this as a top coat, a base coat or just on it's own as a treatment. While we've established that this works really well as a base coat (and treatment!), as a top coat, it is adequate, but doesn't provide the sort of shine that I seek when I'm doing my nails. Overall, it's what I've been reaching for as my base coat, and from what I've written, it's not hard to see why! 
I use this product as a base coat every time I do my nails (I'm a nail blogger so that's around four times a week !). It really does prevent staining and my nails are definitely less yellow. It goes on well and isn't too thick. I sometimes use it as a top coat and it extends the life of my manicure out a couple of days. The brush is a great length and width and you don't need much product per nail. If you're looking for a great base coat and top coat in one at an affordable price, this is it.
I love this product! I use this as a base coat and it is the best one I have EVER used. I use to love the Sally Hansen Nail Strength base coat, but this one is far better. I wouldn't recommend this one as a top coat though, base coat only. It helped make my nails healthier and stronger, I can not recommend it enough. The whole 7 in 1 thing is a bit of a joke and just marketing, but this is a top product.