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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry + Go Drops

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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry + Go Drops are applied on top of nail polish to dry it in 60 seconds. Enriched with vitamin E and jojoba, the quick-drying formula helps hydrate and nourish dry cuticles.


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry + Go Drops


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My manicure routine generally goes - turn on the telly, start with the base coat, blog a little, add a layer of colour, blog some more, add another layer, write a review for Beautyheaven, put on the top coat, read some blogs, put some quick dry drops on, wait a minute, wash hands, then start snacking, because let's face it, not eating for about 45 minutes can be very taxing! Joking aside, I generally leave quite a bit of time in between the layers, which means that the nails are dry by the time I start on another layer. As a person who doesn't like to sit around for longer than is necessary, while doing the nails, I really like the concept of quick dry drops for how handy they could be. This comes in a cute glass vial with a little dropper so that you could aim better. I found with this one that while the nails appeared to dry quickly with it (about 2 to 3 minutes, rather than 1), my nails were a little finger-printy when I woke up the following morning. While it can help, it certainly doesn't work as well as I'd like it to, which is a shame, as I thought it had so much promise!
I'm always on the go and there is nothing worse than ruining a fresh mani or pedi as you are running out the door, so having a product like 'dry and go drops' is awesome!!! I love to use the Sally Hansen miracle gel nail polish and this product is the perfect way to finish off a mani or pedi. It dries the nail polish enough to avoid knocks however I find my nails still need time is 'set' completely. I gently wash and pat dry my hands afterwards to remove some oils left behind from the drops and my nail polish stays intact. I've found this to be a great investment, and a little product goes a long way so I'm getting a lot of use from it.