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Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream

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Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream is a cuticle cream for rough, ragged cuticles. The rich, emollient formula deeply moisturises and contains apricot extract to help soothe painful hangnails and prevent cuticles from tearing. Massaging the cuticle cream every night helps improve circulation and stimulate healthy nail growth.


Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream


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I love this product for beautiful cuticles and healthy nails. This is a thick, luxurious, rich cream that is so easy to apply, just rub into nails and cuticles for healthy smooth, moisturised and nourished cuticles. I adore sally hansen nail products, so effective, this lovely cream smells nice, lasts for ages so is great value. The apricot extract not only nourishes, it smells amazing. Massaging this cream into nails every night will give strong healthy nails and cuticles that are not ragged or dry, this improves circulation and when used over time will give you gorgeous nails and cuticles. A great product I highly recommend
I was put off at first by the weird consistency- a creamy jelly spongey material! However this works so well on dry nails and cuticles, hydrates the skin around the nail, and takes away that painful redness around cuticles. Smells nice, and lasts longer than expected. So easy to apply and really works on cuticles! 
A nourishing massage for your cuticles. Before using this cuticle cream my cuticles were dry, quite damaged and occasionally sore. It's fantastic how well this cream has worked for me. The texture is really nice. Thick and rich, deeply moisturising into cuticles. Instantly my cuticles felt softer and smoother. I'm glad I bought this product. Overtime it has helped repair my cuticles. They are no longer tearing and in pain. Yay! It also works a treat for nails. My nails have been growing strong, breaking a lot less. The apricot scent of this cream is great too. The handy tub is ideal to carry around for application whenever, but my preference is to apply this massage cream at night. I highly recommend this to those whose cuticles are feeling dry or damaged. You only need to use a small amount at one time to get excellent results. A great quality product.
This is the only product that you will need for your cuticles.  Easy to use.  A little bit goes a long way.  Best to apply just before you go to sleep and wake up with perfectly moisturised cuticles.  If feels and smells luscious.  One small pot will last you years.
This product is perfect for dry winter cuticles. The scent is divine, and my cuticles felt smoother as soon as I applied the product. I recommend it!